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America Is More Religious Than Other Countries Due To Its Proximity To The Gates Of Hell

I have a feeling that future historians will label this period as "The Great Unraveling."

That is, if we survive this period. The future looks particularly bleak right now and there doesn't seem to be enough general consensus to stop what could be an insurmountable, self-created global crisis from happening.

Especially if Le Pen gets elected in France and then proceeds to help dismantle the EU. That will be one of the biggest nails in this coffin that we're all currently building for Western Civilization. What then, another European war? Why?

War on the Korean Peninsula? Whatever happened to maintaining the peace which allowed the freer nations of the East Asia to prosper? Are we going to throw that all away now?

Trump is going out of his way to withdraw from trade and defense agreements that have shaped our world of the last sixty years. What good will that do for everyone?

If anything, he's turning the United States into a weak, isolated giant that's dying from within, and so few people are willing to notice. The voices who are speaking out about this possibility are being ignored.

There's nothing "great" that he's done so far, except pad his own pockets with our tax dollars. Our greatness had always been based on both the strength of the Middle Class and our prominence as a economic, diplomatic and military superpower. What he's doing is cutting off two legs of that three legged chair in order to make the remaining leg the longest.

It's insanity.

We're turning into a failed state and the world is becoming more disarrayed. All because the corporatists, proto-fascists, nativists and those in the electorate with an authoritarian streak have taken over.

Given what's at stake: The global economy, the environment, nuclear weapons, general sanity... Who knows if we'll make it through to the other end.

I haven't been this concerned about anything before in my entire life.


There are so many memories that I have of posting with Pinboy3niner, here's my favorite one:


Rest in power!

I know that it's all speculation at this point...

But it seems to me that when Republicans take over most, if not all, of the government, that except for a very few, we're all much made worse from it. I can't be the only person who sees it that way.

I just don't see why anyone who's made worse from Republican policies would want to vote for them and then blind themselves to the situation. Perhaps we're just that self-destructive of an overall society. Maybe we just want to cut off our own noses just to spite our own faces. The idea that we have an inalienable right as American citizens to be assholes.

Yet, if everyone saw things differently, we wouldn't be in this pickle we're in right now. We'd have national healthcare, less clinical depression, less drug addiction, less gun violence, less income inequality, little if any wars overseas and an infrastructure that's not crumbling in on itself. We simply don't seem to be a society that even likes ourselves right now. We say that we're "The Greatest," but no one can tell you why we're better than, let's say, the Danish, for example. At least the Danes seem happy with their own lives.

Personally, I blame the fact that we're still a society that's based on unresolved institutional white supremacy. Why else would wanting to undo everything accomplished by the black guy get so much traction that some incompetent, unqualified, lying white dude get enough accommodations even be considered electable?

White folks, who didn't identify with that black guy with the funny sounding name and who was in the White House for eight years, had heard the white guy's spiel, identified with him and said to themselves, "That's the guy for me," of course. We had it too good before, so now let's just trash all of that and be assholes again. Thinking, being nice to people unlike themselves and being generally caring was just too much hard work and it really wasn't the American Way.

Things are deteriorating right before the very eyes of these people, but because the white guy from the white power party tells them otherwise, they're just going to refuse to see the deterioration. Such is the result of these voting for the white guy just because he's white.

I'm sure that most of us have come across someone who doesn't think that anything's wrong with it. Fuck those people, and...


By the way...

The "Trash This Thread" feature on DU is still up and running.

Also, today is a great day to tell someone that you love them.

Hey, you lazy pot heads! Get up, you're late for work

Being dank doesn't pay the bills.

Lunch time thoughts...


Bye, Bill. So long, Jason...

I hasn't been nice knowing y'all.

Tokyo Portal Outage Delays Millions Of Japanese Warp Commuters

TOKYO—Saying the outdated system needed to be upgraded or replaced to avoid similar problems going forward, millions of inconvenienced Japanese warp commuters expressed frustration Thursday following a Tokyo portal outage that caused delays of up to eight seconds. “I’m going to miss my transfer to the Green Portal—I was supposed to be in Osaka 2.2 seconds ago!” IT contractor Takashi Ikeda said, echoing other commuters who complained that the current portal system was over 30 years old and had become increasingly unreliable, at times incorrectly recombining two or more passengers. “It’s bad enough when the quantum matter compression runs 50 nanoseconds behind schedule, but this is totally unacceptable.” Although commuters were able to attempt alternate routes by taking wormholes back to before they had been delayed, many travelers told reporters that the inconvenience of having to kill and dispose of their past selves made the work-around unsustainable.



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