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Eagles - Hotel California

I'm bad at moth, could someone help me out?

Do The Recurring Highway Shots From ‘True Detective’ Contain A Shocking Secret?

One of the recurring elements in the second season of True Detective is aerial shots of the pretzel-like California highway system. Why are the shots there? What is the purpose of having so many of them? Are they telling us something? As part of the search for answers, Vulture caught up with creator Nic Pizzolatto, who provided this explanation: “With the freeways, you’re free to choose a direction, but not free to choose your choices. But if that’s all nonsense, and it might be, I think they’re just interesting transitional shots.”

Yes, okay. But I think there might be something more there. Something deeper. Something we have to search for. Follow me down the path.

Notice how the intersecting highways have been carved into the mountains, representing man’s dominance over nature and the world around him. What does this tell us about the murder of Caspere? Perhaps that his attempts to “dominate” the world around him via corruption and perversion resulted in his downfall. Our country’s infrastructure is crumbling, both literally and figuratively. Our downfall is coming, as well.

The ocean. A massive, immovable force. If the highway built into the mountains is our attempt to demand nature’s submission, the slow erosion caused by centuries upon centuries of rolling waves are nature reminding us of our insignificance. How little we matter. How impotent man is against the force of the universe. Even the strongest men.

An obvious reference to Frank’s inability to conceive.

The highways interweave, bulging out at the sides in a way that is clearly meant to invoke images of the female reproductive organs. Cars travel through them, carrying men to their destinations. Cars. Sperm. Asphalt. What does this tell us about Woodrugh’s sexuality?

Also, notice the black car. Where is it going? Who is taking it to its destination? Or is the black car taking its occupant somewhere? The first clue.

The rest: http://uproxx.com/tv/2015/07/true-detective-aerial-highway-callbackz-theoriez/5/

Predictive policing, like 'Minority Report,' comes to New York City ... for real

This is not science fiction. The NYPD and the Miami police department have now contracted out a company named HunchLab to help them institute what they call "predictive policing intelligence." On the HunchLab website, they describe their service like this:

HunchLab is a web-based predictive policing system. Advanced statistical models automatically include concepts such as aoristic temporal analysis, seasonality, risk terrain modeling, near repeats, and collective efficacy to best forecast when and where crimes are likely to emerge. This all lets you focus on one thing: responding.

In other words, using their pre-existing data on arrests and crime, the technology is going to predict new locations for crime so that police can be there to respond before it happens.

I only have one question, and of course it's rhetorical, and we all know the answer: does this system account for widespread racism in policing? If the data that HunchLab is given by the NYPD and the Miami police department to predict future crimes is skewed by wrongful arrests and illegal detentions, which, accounting for the reality that racism in policing has never been properly detailed on any massive scale, then we can reasonably ensure that the predictive policing technology will simply predict more racist police interventions. This is wrong and unethical on a hundred different levels.

How will it account for the reality that this NYPD detective testified under oath that he and others fabricated charges against innocent people to meet quotas? Will it account for the racist reality than in some places far more white people that are pulled over by police are found with drugs and contraband, but a higher percentage of African Americans end up arrested by those same police? If the data the system uses is based on arrests, which it likely does, and not the presence of drugs that should in fact warrant an arrest, we can already determine that this system will do nothing but advance more racist policing.


Vive La France!

Finally found his ass...

You have to give him some credit, he's an amazing storyteller…

What could go wrong?

Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free

Miles Davis 5tet - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down

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