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Losing David Bowie today is like losing part of my soul...

Few other artists have meant as much to me and fewer still ever will.

When I bought my very first CD player 30 years ago, I made sure to buy a David Bowie CD. I got "Station To Station" because I wanted to play "Stay" really, really loud.

Before that, when my entire world seemed to be falling apart around me, I made sure to grab whatever Bowie released at the time because his music would take me away from my troubles.

Many years before that, when I lost my mom, Bowie's music was there as well.

He's been in my life for a good 40 plus years. Now he's gone.

This Friday I'm doing my show again, but according to the rules set up by Mixcloud, I'm only limited to three songs by any particular artist. I'm choosing one from his latest album and the other two from those times in my life when he was there for me.

It'll be my final farewell to someone that I can say that I've truly loved.

OK, I'm gonna win the Powerball Billion

And then I'll personally teach you all a lesson.

Just you wait and see.

Are you planning on making it to tomorrow?

But isn't it a little pointless to plan that far ahead?

Anyway, remember to always wear clean underwear every time you leave the house. You never know if you'll get into an accident.

And this will come in handy too:

You can never be too careful.

Have a safe Friday, errrbody!

Time once again for the "Should I keep posting music videos?" Poll

Just want to make sure that I'm not annoying you guys with them. I've noticed that A LOT of things are fuel to be annoyed about these days.

Thanks for your input.

Bob James - Nautilus


Machinedrum - Want Me

Tiny Hearts - Centerfold

FKA Twigs - How's That

Pyramid Vritra - Tea And Lemonade

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