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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 67,881

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More Modern Parenting...

Modern Parenting...

The Five Stages of Imitation Butter Spread

If you're out and about during today's eclipse...

...Enjoying and admiring this rare celestial event and you happen to notice several people acting panicky as the moon passes before the sun, don't worry... They're just RWNJs.

Really fuck with them and mention to them that God has judged America harshly by electing Donald Trump and he's giving us all a warning to take him out of office, or else he'll steal the sun away permanently.

They'll love that.

Anyway, have fun, be safe and FDT.

I'm just going to leave this right here for future reference...

When the time comes, we can all start filling in the blanks.


Black People Cannot Be Racist - Dr. Claud Anderson

Interview with Jane Elliott:

It's Feeding Time...

Breitbart's cesspool is giving birth to a live cow right now... No anesthesia

The types of posts in the more than 8,200 comments (as of this moment) for the Bannon story are...

- Calls for open revolt.

- Apoplexy.

- Total despair.

- Rejection of Trump.

- Throwing Bannon under the bus... (The Trump-can-do-no-wrongers, obviously).

- Conspiracy theorizing that Bannon's resignation is nothing more than a ruse.

- Nazi uprising.

- Liberal troll schadenfreude.

Lots on this right here:

They're going to set a comment record with this puppy.

Pence is going to look so lonely from here on out...

Trump is toast...

Bannon leaving will be the last straw for the Breitbart scumbags.

He has very little support in the GOP Congress... He has few friends at all.

And he has no dog in Washington either.

Mueller is coming... Valor Margulis and FDT.
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