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Huh? Did you say something?

Animal Facts, Part 4...

Animal Facts, Part 3...

Owls are also referred to by their common nickname,
"Nature's Gyroscopes."

Animal Facts, Part 2...

Four California golden retrievers became the first ever American
canines to graduate from high school in 2013.

Animal Facts...

Giraffes do not walk until they reach the age of maturity. Instead, they are
transported around by their caretakers on a mini hover board as shown above.

Can I keep him, Mom?

California drying up right before your eyes...


I heard that George R.R. Martin got most of his ideas for GoT while he was managing The Beatles...

Huh? What's that?

The manager of The Beatles was a DIFFERENT George Martin?

Oh… Never mind.

I believe that the best place for Senator Warren is in the Senate...

She, herself, doesn't feel as if the White House is where she can do the most good and I don't blame her.

Regaining a Democratic majority and reorienting the leadership to a more progressive stance is going to take a lot of work and will have to be done with a long range vision if it's going to be effective.

Personally, I think that, if she desires so, she can serve in the Senate for 20-plus years. She has the leadership qualities that fit well in the legislative body and skills enough for sure. Dare I mention temperament as well?

Frankly, I would love for her long term goal would be to achieve the rank of Senate Majority Leader.

Quite simply, I'm not too keen on seeing her leave Congress, which needs a lot of work in the long run, simply for the attempting to reach for the glory and thanklessness of trying to become a president. She's weighed those options, I'm quite sure, and doesn't believe that it's worth it. I serious doubt that drafting an unwilling Senator Warren is anything else other than a flight of fancy.

Congress is fucked up. What I would love to see is more people like Senator Warren elected to it in order to un-fuck it up.

I spent some time in DC years ago and I took it upon myself to achieve a politcal education. My focus isn't always on The White House. It's glitzy and glamourous and it distracts from the importance of the other two branches for most other people. Legislating is a dirty, thankless job that requires a lot of moral fibre. Senator Warren is one of those rare people who's up to the task. I wouldn't want to lose her.

The White House is also the place where bad decisions are all you're left with at any given time and that there's no way to avoid them. If you want to sacrifice someone's good name and political clout, for any ordinary person, there's no better place to send them than to the Oval Office. You may like the idea of a Warren presidency now. But trust me, it's guarnteed that a President Warren will do or say something that will piss you off. It's a hazard of being president.

The Senate is where she wants to be and where she has the most freedom to say what she means and do the most good. A President Warren would be hamstrung beyond belief and subject to more political whim by the electorate than what it's worth.

Now, would I'd like to see a larger Democratic field and a more progressive one as well? Yes, I would. At this point, I'm not concerned with who the nominee should be. That's another debate and it's much too early for that for my blood. But beside that point, regarding Senator Warren and her service in the Senate, that is the place where she can do the best for all by working with or against any president, Democrat or (hopefully not) otherwise, as a Senate leader.

I like her where she is and I hope that the Senate will eventually come around to her way of thinking. That could never happen if she's sitting in the Oval Office against her will and best judgement.

Sometimes ya gotta take a moment...

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