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On Staying Alive Despite Being Black

On Staying Alive Despite Being Black

LeRon Barton on “The Talk”, and the sobering idea that murdering a black man is almost legal.

On April 7, 2015 the world witnessed the murder of Walter Scott by police officer Michael T. Slager. In the video, Slager is shown shooting Scott eight times in the back. He was unarmed, several feet away, and not presenting any threat of any kind. When it was over, I turned my head and thought to myself, “Another black man dead, another trending topic, just another day living in America. We are wild game out here and the main goal is to stay alive.”

Being a black man in America is to know a couple of things: America does not and has not ever cared about you in no shape or form unless you are dribbling a ball or making a music video. You are feared and you are despised. Every day I am reminded of this. From the glances of disgust, the clutching of purses, and being followed throughout department stores, I’m never allowed to forget what I am.

Malcolm X once said, “I live like a man who is dead already. I have no fear whatsoever of anybody or anything.” That’s how I think right now in today’s time. I have lived a good life. I joke with my girlfriend that my chances of survival have increased by 10% because I don’t drive, so I don’t have to worry about a cop pulling me over. What I do worry about however are the younger black boys. The ones that have yet to fulfill their promise. The ones that don’t know quite who they are or what they want to do. The fact these boys are seen as a threat worries me, because we know what happens then. They could be killed before they have even begin to live.

If you’re not black, I cannot describe to you what it is like to walk around like you have a bulls-eye on your back. The closet thing I can tell you is that you are living your life knowing that at any moment your number can be called. That’s it, time’s up. A cop sees you as an enemy, you’re dead, and he won’t even be charged unless someone is taping it. Being black means that killing you isn’t really a crime.

See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/ethics-values/brand-on-staying-alive-despite-being-black/#sthash.dEiEvrtM.dpuf

Since we're critiquing logos today...

I thought that I'd present mine to you guys, something that I slapped together a few months ago for my radio show:

The design idea was pretty straight forward, since the name of my show is "The House Fire" I chose to put a flame on a basic shape of a house. It features my signature colors of red and gold as well as variations of each.

The thing's done. This is what I'm using.

So tell me, you logo experts, what do you think? Good, bad, pretty or ugly, I'd love to hear it all.


One of my rules for discussing candidates...

Basically, when critiquing them, it's best to leave criticisms of their age, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation out of it.

Support or oppose them on their policies, language and behavior.

How a woman "looks" has no place in my debate points. Insulting someone based on their gender is just as bad as insulting them in either a racist or homophobic way, because that's sexist as well.

I'm not tolerating sexist language either, I'm calling it out. If others want to call the woman candidate that they despise an "asshole," so be it. But, if it's something that can't be said of a man, it shouldn't be said of a woman.

Sexism is a slippery slope into misogyny and misogyny has no place on the left. Leave THAT to the wingers.

Just making this point known.

Get him some bottled water, because Rubio just announced that he's running.

Big whoop.

Ponies Rock!

"Cheers, muthafukkas!"

Whever the anti-Islamic crowd would have one think, Islam isn't the main problem in the E.U.


‘It’s Racist As Hell': Inside St. Louis County’s Predatory Night Courts

by Erica Hellerstein Posted on April 10, 2015 at 9:01 am Updated: April 10, 2015 at 5:08 pm

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MISSOURI — In 2004, Sean Bailey recalls, he was driving through the streets of St. Louis County en route to a party, when he saw a familiar black-and-white car out of the corner of his eye. He reached for his phone to warn the friend he was following to slow down, but it was too late; the cop blared his siren and pulled up behind him. Bailey, who had a warrant stemming from a failure to appear in court for unpaid traffic tickets, felt a familiar pang of anxiety. He knew exactly what was going to happen next.

“I was like, I’m going to get into this little orange jumpsuit and sit in this cold cell for a couple of days here,” the bespectacled St. Louis, Missouri native recalls, lighting a cigarette and blowing out a thin ribbon of smoke.

The officer ran Bailey’s name and discovered he had a warrant. Bailey was arrested and sent to jail in Florissant, a municipality in northern St. Louis County bordering Ferguson. When Bailey stepped inside his cell, he was greeted with a gust of cold air. It was chilly outside — maybe 20 degrees, he speculates — “and they had the AC blasting.” The interior was grimy, and “there were a lot of guys in there, beating on the cells and calling for and nobody was coming.”

Bailey sits comfortably on the stoop of a red-brick apartment in North St. Louis County while his daughter, who is groggy with a cold, naps inside. The 35-year-old single father is homeless, and for the moment he’s staying in a relative’s place on a noisy street dotted with crumbling corner stores. Since 1995, Bailey estimates he’s been jailed upwards of 20 times throughout St. Louis County — tallying up to more than two months behind bars — for warrants stemming from traffic violations. At least once, he was subject to what some call “riding the circuit” — shuttled to jail in a handful of municipalities back-to-back after the officer who arrested him notified police in other municipalities where he had warrants. Bailey, diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and prone to regular panic attacks, says he once faked a heart attack in his cell just to get medical care.

“A lot of people were locked up with diabetes, high blood pressure, and they weren’t able to get their medicine. I had been locked up for days and I didn’t have my medication,” he pauses. “The paramedics got there and were like ‘he’s not having a heart attack but you might not want to keep him there anymore.’ It’s very stressful.”


Mall of America Security Catfished Black Lives Matter Activists, Documents Show

By Lee Fang @lhfang

Documents obtained by The Intercept indicate that security staff at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota used a fake Facebook account to monitor local Black Lives Matter organizers, befriend them, and obtain their personal information and photographs without their knowledge.

Evidence of the fake Facebook account was found in a cache of files provided by the Mall of America to Bloomington officials after a large Black Lives Matter event at the mall on December 20 protesting police brutality. The files included briefs on individual organizers, with screenshots that suggest that much of the information was captured using a Facebook account for a person named “Nikki Larson.”

Metadata from some of the documents lists the software that created them as belonging to “Sam Root” at the “Mall of America.” A Facebook account for a Sam Root lists his profession as “Intelligence Analyst at Mall of America.”

The fake Larson account featured a profile photo that a Google reverse image search shows is identical to a photo associated with a woman who is Facebook friends with Root.


For years I've been saying that the police in this country are ALL out of countrol...

It really disheartens me to point out that I told you so. I'm not in the mood for that "not all cops" bullshit. Because the so-call "good" cops, as we have all seen, do nothing more than to back up the bad ones while they rabbit punch submissive victims of police violence.

My Bad Cop, No Donut posts have all become redundant, which is why I haven't done as many lately as I've done in the past.

There's enough shit out there where I could, not only post several police misconduct articles EVERY FREAKING DAY, I could pick an actual theme for all of the posts.

Drug use and dealing, domestic violence, child abuse and molestation, use of force... You name it. It's at the point where I'm more wary about the cops than I am the criminals, for obvious reasons.

I don't have an answer for this, no solutions, only piecemeal suggestions, like putting every single LEO in the country under uninterrupted video and audio surveillance for every single moment that they're on duty.

Ordinary people, including previously uninvolved white people, are going to have to rise up and demand that cops are held accountable for their abuse. POCs have been telling everyone about how bad the police are for decades, we've had atrocity on video after atrocity on video for as long as cameras have been trained on the police and still much of the country couldn't be bothered to give a fuck.

The people have been very patient about this and will continue to show restraint against law enforcement. I doubt at this point that cops will be gunned down in the street for no good reason, as the cops have done to so many people. It just won't happen, no war on our streets.

But I do expect more people to take to the streets, organize online, address their municipal entities and advocate for change. There is just too much at stake than to just sit idly by and wait until the next unarmed person to be murdered by a cop.

More and more people are waking up. It's time to be on the right side of justice and history. It's time to make a change.

Hey, the cop who beat that man in Inkster, MI and planted drugs in his car was FIRED today. http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/28774423/inkster-officer-fired-after-beating-caught-on-camera

That's just a drop in the bucket, but a welcome one. Hopefully he won't get hired some place else.
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