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The world used to be full of heroes, but sadly, very few are with us in the modern age.

The reason for the lack of heroes is quite simply because just about all of our institutions have been revealed as nothing more than corrupted husks of their former selves.

This is what happens when winning at any cost is considered the ONLY thing and integrity is considered to be for no one except suckers.

As time has gone by, we discover that many lies that have been taught to us, which stokes our distrust and makes us vulnerable to charlatans who only have their own self interests at heart. Religion, politics, the media, the business world are nothing more than predators, looking to turn the ordinary and powerless mass of individuals into a collection of disorganized chum.

The rich and the powerful have many ways to destroy those who stand up against them, even using the very people who are needed to be saved, as weapons against their own best interests.

Chaos and disorder are a business model, authority refuses to be questioned, and people feel utterly powerless to do anything about it. No amount of guns, religion, anger or animosity against people unlike themselves will solve this pressing dilemma.

Perhaps these corrupt institutions should all fail on their own and, in the aftermath, the people should come together to build a new, more suitable paradigm.

Why politics today can’t give us the heroes we need

16 MAR 2016 AT 03:23 ET

Churchill, Roosevelt (FDR and Eleanor), JFK and Thatcher – depending on your politics, they’re all political heroes.

We place them on a pedestal because their special qualities set them apart. Through far-sighted action, they persevered and succeeded (mostly) in the face of adversity and often ridicule.

It was American writer Joseph Campbell who first alerted us to the perpetual and profound influence of heroes in our daily lives. Campbell’s seminal book The Hero with a Thousand Faces – written more than five decades ago – highlighted how the “hero” story pervades every culture and creed.

While heroes come in various guises, the underlying themes that make their stories so compelling – daring, vision and strength – are largely the same. Heroes transcend the limitations of our world. In doing so, they give us a glimpse of our own potential and inspire us to achieve more.

For Campbell, such is the ubiquity of the “hero” story that it represents the central narrative of humanity. That’s why everyone – and every system – needs their heroes.

What has become of political heroes?

Much has been made of the depth of public disillusionment with our current democratic system. Campbell’s “hero” thesis may provide another guide to understanding this. It may also help us understand how and why we must address it.


Thanks goodness for the Lounge...

And all the Lizardry therein.

So, Rubio, the empty suited little twerp FINALLY got the message.

Losing your own state should do that.

So, until Kasich gets that eventual epiphany about the futility of appealing to the brain-dead Republican electorate, or until Cruz ends up on that sexual offenders database that's going to have his name on it, I'm going to refer to the three remainders as "The Three Stooges."

Drumpf and his brownshirts are all driving this Klown Kar now.

Chris Christie finally reveals the reason why he has endorsed Trump...


"Schrodinger can eat me."

I Love Pi!

Feeling the Bern for Trump: Sanders voters may turn their backs on Hillary

If this is true, it's really disappointing.

13 MAR 2016 AT 08:32 ET

In this most bizarre of presidential election cycles, every day seems to bring another jaw-dropping development. Donald Trump on the size of his genitals, Ben Carson and the Egyptian pyramids, Bernie Sanders’ socialist revolution, Hillary Clinton and the cloth she used to wipe her private email server clean.

But it’s not just the candidates who have raised eyebrows in 2016.

Related: It’s not over til it’s over: inside the Sanders campaign’s do-or-die moment

The latest startling phenomenon is the voter who is feeling the Bern, but also has eyes for the Donald.

This week the Guardian invited Sanders fans to come forward who are contemplating switching allegiance to Trump if Hillary Clinton secures the Democratic nomination.

Almost 700 people replied to the internet call-out, and some 500 of them

said they were thinking the unthinkable – a Sanders-Trump switch.

They explained their unconventional position by expressing a variety of passionately held views on their shared commitment for protecting workers and against new wars, on their zeal for an alternative to the establishment, and on their desire to support anyone-but-Hillary Clinton.

As one respondent, a 34-year-old male IT technician, put it: “Bernie and Trump agree a lot on healthcare, Iraq war, campaign finance and trade. I really want to move on to something new, new ideas from outside the box. Maybe Donald Trump can provide that.”

The Guardian call-out was not a poll, but controlled surveys by polling companies have identified this small but not insignificant slice of the Sanders crowd who would consider backing Trump.


Trolls, maybe?

Violence Begets Violence -- Just The Way They Like It

Watching the scenes unfold last night from Chicago and elsewhere, it became obvious that, largely as many of us have feared, Donald Trump is indeed leading the United States merrily down the path to an outbreak of not-kidding-honest-to-God-real thing fascism or proto-fascism, all without himself being a hardened fascist ideologue, but rather a right-wing populist demagogue. Then again, the two phenomena are only degrees apart, and that is what we are now seeing on the streets of the American political landscape.

Of course, while it was fairly clear that the protesters were peaceful until attacked by the Trump rally-goers, the reality also was that fighting eventually broke out on all sides and there was violence all around. Naturally, that meant that the media were already out there flogging their favorite "both sides do it" narrative.

Never mind that Trump has specifically encouraged the violence, telling reporters at a press conference that "we need a little bit more of that."

The story we'll be fed as at least "the other side" will be Trump's: that the leftist "thugs" were responsible for the violence. And we all can see where this is going: As justification for further and more intense violence.

There is a long history of this with the fascist and proto-fascist right. Indeed, martyrdom at the hands of the "violent left" was a cornerstone of early Nazi propaganda, of which the above poster is only a small sample. And a version of it helped fuel the post-Civil War Jim-Crow-and-Klan rule of the South.


Say, "When..."

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