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Time for your Friday Puppy Fix, no April Fool!

America has locked up so many black people it has warped our sense of reality

By Jeff Guo February 26

For as long as the government has kept track, the economic statistics have shown a troubling racial gap. Black people are twice as likely as white people to be out of work and looking for a job. This fact was as true in 1954 as it is today.

The most recent report puts the white unemployment rate at around 4.5 percent. The black unemployment rate? About 8.8 percent.

But the economic picture for black Americans is far worse than those statistics indicate. The unemployment rate only measures people who are both living at home and actively looking for a job.

The hitch: A lot of black men aren't living at home and can’t look for jobs — because they’re behind bars.

Though there are nearly 1.6 million Americans in state or federal prison, their absence is not accounted for in the figures that politicians and policymakers use to make decisions. As a result, we operate under a distorted picture of the nation's economic health.



Founder Matt Joseph Reveals the Racial Biases People of Color Face in Silicon Valley

By Jack Smith IV March 22, 2016

Matt Joseph has the kind of resume investors normally throw money at. His undergraduate degree is from Princeton University, he has a J.D. and an MBA, and his company was borne out of Y Combinator, the most prestigious tech accelerator in the world.

But lately, in the 40 to 50 meetings Joseph has had with investors for his company Locent — a tech startup he pitches as MailChimp for texts — he's been told he's not the right "technical fit" or that they "can't see [him] building this kind of business."

Matt Joseph is a black man in Silicon Valley, and for founders of color, the standards are set much higher than people who fit the classic (read: white, male) techie mold.

In the run-up to a new round of pitches to profit-driven venture capitalists, Joseph wanted to clear the air and talk about the ways he and other people of color face both unconscious bias and outright racism when speaking to potential investors.

"I didn't want to jeopardize our fundraising process by raising the alarm, but after more conversations with colleagues and other people of color, I knew we had an opportunity to shine a light on this," Joseph said in a phone interview.

With a new round of onstage demos only two days away, Joseph told his story Saturday night in a format that's classic Silicon Valley: a 30-part tweet storm.


Some days, you shoot the target...

Other days, the target shoots back.

Nothing like getting fresh and clean to start out the day

How do you think the unthinkable?

With an itheberg, of courth.


About something that a person with normal sized hands is holding...


"Dude, I'm from Michigan."

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