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A Love Of Your Own

It's Wednesday again, everybody! You know what that means...

It's time for Boogie Down Wednesday!

Average White Band - Queen Of My Soul (1976)

MARION - I Go To Sleep

Smith - Baby Its You

When The Levee Breaks by Zepparella

Led Zeppelin - Bring it on Home Live

Shocking Blue - Venus

Love - My Little Red Book

My, my, my. It's been a bad couple weeks to be a right wing Republican...

But then again, it's never a good time to be one either.

With everything being wrong with the world, in their minds, what's the point? While blaming everyone else except themselves for the Ozymandias-like failures of many of their own icons at any given time, not to mention the tragic aftermath of their own faulty policies, incompetence and corruption, it makes you wonder what makes these people tick.

Bad news always seems to be the only news for the right wing. Even when they win, it's only a matter of time before they lose and usually with tragic consequences for everyone else.

Frankly, it seems fruitless to wait for everyone else to get the message that supporting the right wing and their policies is nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen.

You can always trust the right wing to promote ignorance and incompentence. With the right wing, not knowing anything at all puts their politicians at an advantage, just as long as they're able to appeal to the ignorances and prejudices of their own constituents. Sort of like believing that one has a god-given right to be an ill-tempered nincompoop and that nincompoopery has its rightful place in government administration.

The world is an experiment to these people, where their own proven to be faulty theories will always have a chance to succeed. All they have to do is expunge themselves of as much common sense and basic human decency as necessary to make their own fucked up ideas work. Cognitive dissonance and the willingness to be as obtuse as possible are must haves. After all, reality can be reshaped with nothing more than the blind and stupid belief they have in themselves, right?

Wingers claim to hate government, but always try to take it over, if only to rule rather than to govern. They claim to trust the American people, but work to disenfranchise as many as possible. They tout themselves as the side that does the right thing, as if being ignorant and prejudiced is ever right.

Yet, when the tables invariably turn, they're quick to abandon the hard lessons that they always seem to want to inflict on others, as they cry mightily for a bailout. The cruelty of their own words seem to lose all meaning whenever they get the shitty end of the stick. Blame never seems to fall at their doorstep.

You can always depend on right wingers to be utter hypocrites, completely unaware of their own hypocrisy and fervent in their own self-righteousness that the rules they set for others should never apply to themselves.

What sad and scary world it has to be for our wingers friends. One with an endless supply of complaints and enemies and without any responsibility to own their own failures.

After all, the people on the left that they claim to hate will be always willing to extend a hand to rescue them from the rising waters. A hand that they will never hesitate to bite as soon as they're dry and safe.

Is it just me, or is Venus freakishly bright right now?

It's just hovering in the western sky like a stationary airliner.
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