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GMO Foods: Myth vs. Fact:

#BlackLivesMatter More Than the Hurt Feelings of White Progressives™

by Imani Gandy, Senior Legal Analyst, RH Reality Check
August 11, 2015 - 6:09 pm

Yesterday morning, I tweeted something that now seems irrational.

I tweeted that there was no way I would vote for Bernie Sanders, and that is entirely due to the relentless campaign of harassment to which some of his more overzealous supporters have subjected me and other Black people on Twitter and Facebook. I even mentioned, as I have in the past, that I would vote for Hillary Clinton out of spite even though I have not yet forgiven her for the racist campaign that she ran in 2008 against President Obama.

As soon as I tweeted it, I knew it was irrational. Why would I refuse to vote for a person whose political positions are most aligned with mine simply because his followers have treated me with overwhelming disrespect, condescension, and flat-out ugliness? It’s irrational. I admit it.

But do you know what else is irrational? The behavior of Sanders’ fanatical supporters in response to the disruption of #BlackLivesMatter activists at Netroots Nation and the Sanders rally in Seattle led by Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford this past weekend.

The last few weeks have exposed some real ugliness in the progressive movement, ugliness that has been simmering just below the surface for a long time, but which, due to Black women’s increasing recognition of our political power coupled with leadership in the #BlackLivesMatter movement and unapologetic commitment to dismantling white supremacy, has erupted into a fountain of White Progressive™ racism.

The rest: http://rhrealitycheck.org/ablc/2015/08/11/blacklivesmatter-hurt-feelings-white-progressives/

Allan Johnson: Privilege, Power and Difference 2nd Interview

If you'd enjoyed the first interview, I think you'll enjoy this one as well:

It's quite clear the DU isn't ready for Black Liberation...

The reactions to the OP/video interview of Marissa Janae Johnson says it all.


Her words are not resonating, even if they're perfectly clear and reasoned.

Hey, look who stopped by...

Allan G Johnson on The Gender Knot + Privilege, Power, and Difference (2003)

This is the kind of discussion about race and privilege that DU should be having, but is incapable of doing so:

Frankly, I'm glad that BLM is confronting Bernie's campaign, and Bernie should be glad as well...

Earlier today, I was reading a roundtable article in Manrepeller.com on the subject of race and one of the participants had this to say:

" One is you need to be able to separate the difference between when someone is calling you out on an action versus when someone is calling you something and making a comment on your character. Two different conversations. And you need to be able to tell the difference.

"Two, you need to know the difference between being an ally and allying, which are two different things. Being an ally does not mean you are above criticism. As a matter of fact, being an ally means you should welcome criticism. You should welcome to opportunity to do and be better."

Ashley C. Ford


Now I understand that many here believe wholeheartedly that Bernie is fully committed to improving the conditions by which the Black Lives Matter movement arose. However, all of you should take note of the dichotomy that separates Bernie's campaign from the activists who are engaging it. And that's the divide between politics and social activism. The art of politics invariably entails a certain amount of lip service being doled out at times which are most opportune to the politician rather than to the audience. Those are the rules of the game and no one is above them, including Bernie. This is the position that the BLM movement has staked in regards to all of the Democrats running.

Those of you who are wondering why BLM apparently does not care to disrupt GOP political rallies, well the answer to that is quite simple: BLM activists are well aware that the GOP is not an ally to black people. Democrats have apparently declared their alliance, but it's not fully realized one. After all, we have Democrats dismissing the BLM message by blurting out "All lives matter," which of course is the right wing, racist rejoinder to "Black lives matter."

It's doesn't look good when Democratic candidates, or "allies" do such a thing, especially when more black lives are being snuffed out on a daily basis. Hence we have the divide between the urgency of activism and the need for politicians to have adoring audiences at rallies.

Confronting Bernie is an demand that he own up to his own potential. You want BLM activists to continue to do this. Much is expected from him and as long as he is getting these activists in his audience, it's a sure sign that they expect him to make the situation better.

What you should be worried about is if ever BLM activists were to stop disrupting Democratic rallies. Were these incidents to cease, then it should be apparent that BLM activists will expect as little action from Democrats as they do from Republicans.

Lip service in the face of dead bodies lying out in our streets only gets you so far.

America in a nutshell...

Peanuts, get it?

Shout out to Ted Rall!

Few people are aware of this, but Donald Trump in his youth had a career as an ad model...

With these psychos doing their best to out nut-job each other...

I'm quite sure that we have nothing to worry about.

The election is a Democrat's to lose.
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