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There's a rebroadcast of my show on right now. Have fun!


Don't get your hopes up…

Just don't.

It'll do you no good.

Republicans move to dump ‘fascist’ Donald Trump

27 NOV 2015 AT 08:27 ET

Many say the populist crazy talk is typical of the White House primaries, but Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s increasingly incendiary remarks are leading some conservatives to brand him a “fascist” and party rivals to ramp up attacks against him.

Most spectacularly, the real estate tycoon recently said he would support registering Muslims in a database, and insisted — despite lacking any evidence — he saw Arabs in New Jersey cheer when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11.

His stance has become so belligerent that voices are asking, even inside his party, whether he is committed to democratic values.


“Trump is a fascist. And that’s not a term I use loosely or often. But he’s earned it,” Max Boot, a military historian and foreign policy advisor to Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, posted on Twitter.


If anyone believes that fascism can never come to America...

They should take a closer look at Donald Trump.

Other than missing the visually symbolic icons of fascism at this point, what about him that isn't fascist?

He tried the militarization of himself as a military school student, which didn't catch on, of course. But if it did, I don't doubt that he'd be running around in jodhpurs, jackboots and khaki shirts with epaulets and fake medals for his rambling speeches by now.

He appeals to naked nationalism, decrying minorities as an internal enemy to be expunged, calling for military solutions abroad, encouraging thugs to attack his detractors, all on a virulently right-wing platform. His own egotism is promoted as "leadership" and his own narcissism runs amuck, while basking in the adornment of his angry and disaffected mob rallies.

Trump is a pure fascist of the classical sense and the only people who can stop him are Americans who refuse to fall in line with his fascist beliefs.

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

Fifteen things that Skippy is no longer allowed to do as an apartment tenant…

From the good old days:


I hate it when the milk goes bad…

What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving?

I'm thankful for my health and the health of my family and the fact that we're able to be clothed, fed and sheltered in such a cruel, cruel world.

I'm also very thankful that I also won't have to deal with any crazy right wing nut job family members on Thanksgiving, because I DON'T HAVE ANY!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody and GO LIONS!

Only People Who Have Had Cruesli Will Get This Video

If you've never had Cruesli, your life has been sad and pathetic.

In America, we're being advised to treat the police as if they're dangerous predators…

Don't attract their attention, don't make them nervous, do everything they tell us to do, if you won't stick out then they won't have a reason to pounce on you.

By that extension, then the rest of us are nothing more than prey.

Talked to my cuz, ChiTownKev, yesterday…

He's all good.

He's both seen and appreciates the thread for him and he mentioned to me that he's just fine with the vacay time.

He did say that that he's planning concentrating more of his time on Kos, so check him out as he publishes.

He'll be back and will be his bad-mama-jamma self as ever.

Keep the faith!
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