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"Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Mister Ed?"

Let's get something straight with our RWNJ friends....

Just Be Honest And Say You Want Black People To Suffer In Silence

4 hours ago - By daviddtss

Thereís been a media-wide push in the last year or so to try to understand the perspective of the Trump supporter. Publications have gone to every middle America county in America to try to get into the heads of the people who voted for Donald Trump. Meanwhile every political talking head show has invited Trump supporters to defend things like building walls to keep Mexicans out, explain why white supremacists arenít so bad and why people donít deserve healthcare. All under the guise that thereís a need to understand how people can be lead to hatred.

Remember when Trevor Noah was unilaterally praised for having a supposedly productive dialogue with anti-black scam artist Tomi Lahren? Remember when we were exposed to articles about Richard Spencerís dapper brand of racism? Or Miloís appearance on Bill Maherís show? Have you seen all the free dinners racists have gotten while sitting in front of cameras spouting white nationalist rhetoric while pretending to be open to dialogue? Itís all been a widespread normalization of racism that only magnifies hatred.

Well, what about us? What about the people actually affected by the election of Donald Trump? For every article about a black person trapped in a Trump county that doesnít want him or her around, there are 15 about people who voted for whiteness and now regret their decision. Because, letís be clear, by every discernible metric, study or survey available, whiteness determined that Donald Trump would be president.

Yet thereís a futile search for a deeper reasoning as to why Trump won the election. That search comes from a desire to ascribe some other reason besides racism to the white nationalism thatís been visible across the country for centuries. Itís the same desire that makes so many white Americans rush to say ďthis isnít usĒ or ďthis isnít AmericaĒ whenever racists swarm Charlottesville with Tiki torches to assert white power.

The rest: https://bossip.com/1585990/just-be-honest-and-say-you-want-black-people-to-suffer-in-silence/

It's only Wednesday

"This is the homeless man Katie Quackenbush shot x2"


Don't worry. That's just the economic insecurity talking...


"To be honest, thought you were Reince."


For all of our friends out there in Trumpansistan:


It's pretty much self-evident that Hillary haters are either Russian trolls...

Or DUPES of Russians trolls who can't help having Hillary live in their heads rent free.

This post is just to help any wingers reading this who have had thoughts about anything other than hating her lately.

Make sure to wave!

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