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From Tumblr...

White society: refuses to recognize, showcase, and celebrate black beauty.

Black women: points out the problem

White society: “stop bitching, if you want to see better representation than you have to do something about it yourselves”

Black women: *creates their own spaces to celebrate black beauty

White society: “that’s racist, you shouldn’t exclude people”

White society: limits mobility for black actors and entertainers, especially in film and television / caters media specifically to white audiences

Black people: points out the problem

White society: “stop bitching, make something yourself”

Black people: creates own networks, award shows, and films and television specifically catered to black audiences and with the express purpose of giving more jobs and better visibilitiy to black artists.

White society: “that’s racist, white people don’t have their own channels and award shows; also. . black films? Entertainment should be made for everybody.”

White society: continues to treat blacks as second class and unprotected citizens

Black people: CALMLY points out the problem

White society: “not our problem”

Black people: creates black movement to protest the problem, through which some results finally start showing

White society: “that’s divisive, ALL LIVES MATTER… also this is not how you achieve results, you need to be more calm and civil, like my bff MLK!”


Please everyone, welcome one of DU's newest members, Chitown Kev!

He's true family, my second cousin who's living in Chicago, and of course, he is another member of the Barrow Clan.


And if he messes up, just send that knucklehead to me!

Deleting because I'm late to the game.

I STILL detest dominionist, hypocritical, self-righteous sister-rapers.

Right wing racists and their dirty tricks trying to take Shawn King down...


Shaun King And Why We’re So Quick To Believe White Folks

As I write this, activist Shaun King’s name is trending on Twitter…nationwide. If you are unfamiliar, with all the incidents of police brutality plaguing our nation, King has been a voice within the Black Lives Matter movement. And he doesn’t just have swift Twitter fingers, he’s about that work in real life as well.

King was also set to launch a new organization called the Justice Coalition, which seeks to end police brutality in this country by forming policy teams and launching an additional website to tell the true stories of how police brutality effects its victims.

But he’s not trending because of these new initiatives. He’s trending because people want to know if he’s really Black like he claims to be. They want to know if he’s “the next Rachel Dolezal.” And we all know how she dominated the news cycle for a good two weeks.

Breitbart, a right-winged, conservative news aggregation site named after its founder, Andrew Breitbart, alleged that King, who has said he has a White mother and a Black father, not only lied about being bi-racial. They claim he lied about his ethnicity to get a scholarship to Morehouse from Oprah Winfrey. They also claim he lied about being in a car accident and being attacked by racists during his high school years in rural Kentucky.

Breitbart claims to have obtained a copy of his birth certificate that seems to list a White man as his father.

The story blew up from there. You know folks love to have the tea. And in their quest to join the hashtag or unearth a scandal, many never even took the time to consider the source.

As a journalism major we were taught to question everything. When I was interning for a copywriter at MSNBC, she told me, “If your mother tells you she loves you, get a second opinion.” That’s the mindset we were trained to adopt when attempting to process new information.

Today, when I heard that it was Breitbart that was trying to call Shaun King a liar, I immediately doubted the notion. Not so much because I question everything I hear and read. Admittedly, I’ve become more and more lax on that front, but because I know the recent history of the publication.

For those who were paying attention to the news during the summer of 2010, you may remember Breitbart was the same publication that infamously cost Shirley Sherrod her job with Department of Agriculture.

Breitbart obtained excerpts from a speech Sherrod gave at the at an NAACP event. The site chopped and screwed the video and painted Sherrod as a racist. When in actuality, her speech warned people not to let their personal prejudices stand in the way of helping someone and developing quality friendships.

But everyone trusted Breitbart. Instead of watching the whole video for themselves, the story spread like wildfire. FoxNews led the way and then a New York CBS affiliate picked it up and then the Atlanta Journal Constitution. By that afternoon, Sherrod received numerous emails from government officials asking her to submit her resignation. The NAACP stepped forward saying they condemned her remarks. And her superiors told her The White House requested that she resign immediately.

And it was all a lie, for nothing. A conservative, White publication said something was true, put up a few video clips and a Black woman, who wasn’t even given the opportunity to tell her side of the story, lost her job because of it.

In all honesty, the Shaun King receipts seem plausible, just like the Sherrod receipts did five years ago. A White man on your birth certificate is pretty convincing.

But Breitbart is something like a MediaTakeout for conservative White folks. The story looks good on the surface, but when you do your own investigation, it’s bullshit. And for whatever reason, their rumors don’t just stir up drama and kick up mess, they cause emotional and psychological damage. Sherrod lost her job and was publicly shamed by her people and the government. At the end of the day everybody looked like fools, had to issue apologies, including The White House, and Breitbart, the site and the man, likely revealed in the exposure and visits to their website.

Judging by the way the story about Shaun King took off, their credibility didn’t even suffer.

And that is the very problem King is fighting against. We talk about Black Lives mattering and having value. But when it’s our word against a White man’s we discover we’re still less credible, inferior. It’s devastating when people, particularly Black people, are so ready and willing to believe something just because a White man said it.

I know I’ve referenced this before, but the same thing happened when Barack Obama was running for President. Black folks wanted to vote for him but didn’t think he stood a chance of winning. But when he took Iowa, when they saw that White folks were cosigning him, then all of a sudden we felt comfortable to support our own.

Y’all we don’t need the White man’s cosign anymore.

And we need to question the coverage of Black people on all media platforms, particularly when the only time Black people are mentioned is when someone is attempting to discredit us.

By now you might be wondering did Shaun address his racial makeup. He did, via his Twitter page.

I'm trying out this new JPEG filter tonight. Tell me what you think about it...

I'm that close...

I'm just not looking forward to all of the time and effort it would take if I DID confront THAT particularly persistent attitude.

I have a lot of things on my plate this week and I really don't need the distraction.

But I'm really considering whether or not it's worth it to care or not.

8 stats that reveal just how badly the police state hurts black women

If Sandra Bland were white, there's a good chance she still would be with us

The outrageous shooting death of Sam Dubose by a Cincinnati cop is grabbing the headlines, but nearly two weeks after Sandra Bland died in a Texas jail after being stopped and brutally arrested for a minor traffic violation, her questionable detainment makes it clear that the criminal justice system is often as brutal to black women as it is to black men. As AlterNet recently reported, Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia overstepped his authority when he asked Bland to put out her cigarette, prolonging and escalating the stop.

Social media reactions to Bland’s stop, however, have been divided, in part along racial lines. Many white people have argued that Bland would have left the stop untouched had she simply not given Texas state trooper Brian Encinia an “attitude.” Black people, overwhelmingly, have pointed out that white women regularly engage police officers just as Bland did, yet don’t have to fear being abused for doing so.

Critics point to a New York Daily News photo of a white woman breast-to-chest with an NYPD officer and a video of a white woman defiantly challenging an officer during a traffic stop as offering sharp contrasts with Bland’s treatment, and anecdotal examples of how law enforcement treats white and black women differently.

Julia Jordan-Zachery, a professor of political science at Providence College whose research focuses on the treatment of black women in the criminal justice system, says Bland’s story and ultimate death is another example of the myth of the strong black woman, who somehow is impervious to pain.

“It wasn’t possible for anyone to understand that she could have been in pain,” Jordan-Zachery told AlterNet. “What we know from literature is that black women are somehow so strong that we can’t even experience physical pain or that our tolerance level for pain is so high that no one ever listens to black women when we say we are experiencing pain.”

The Rest: http://www.salon.com/2015/08/03/8_stats_that_reveal_just_how_badly_the_police_state_hurts_black_women_partner

GMO Foods: Myth vs. Fact:

#BlackLivesMatter More Than the Hurt Feelings of White Progressives™

by Imani Gandy, Senior Legal Analyst, RH Reality Check
August 11, 2015 - 6:09 pm

Yesterday morning, I tweeted something that now seems irrational.

I tweeted that there was no way I would vote for Bernie Sanders, and that is entirely due to the relentless campaign of harassment to which some of his more overzealous supporters have subjected me and other Black people on Twitter and Facebook. I even mentioned, as I have in the past, that I would vote for Hillary Clinton out of spite even though I have not yet forgiven her for the racist campaign that she ran in 2008 against President Obama.

As soon as I tweeted it, I knew it was irrational. Why would I refuse to vote for a person whose political positions are most aligned with mine simply because his followers have treated me with overwhelming disrespect, condescension, and flat-out ugliness? It’s irrational. I admit it.

But do you know what else is irrational? The behavior of Sanders’ fanatical supporters in response to the disruption of #BlackLivesMatter activists at Netroots Nation and the Sanders rally in Seattle led by Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford this past weekend.

The last few weeks have exposed some real ugliness in the progressive movement, ugliness that has been simmering just below the surface for a long time, but which, due to Black women’s increasing recognition of our political power coupled with leadership in the #BlackLivesMatter movement and unapologetic commitment to dismantling white supremacy, has erupted into a fountain of White Progressive™ racism.

The rest: http://rhrealitycheck.org/ablc/2015/08/11/blacklivesmatter-hurt-feelings-white-progressives/

Allan Johnson: Privilege, Power and Difference 2nd Interview

If you'd enjoyed the first interview, I think you'll enjoy this one as well:

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