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Been busy lately...

Lots of stuff on the plate because of this time of year, as you could guess. So, I haven't had a lot of time to post around here for a while. Except for music posts. I've been deep into my collection and I shared that in the Lounge.

One thing that hasn't happened is that I haven't been having run ins. Not giving a shit has its benefits, it seems, and I haven't been giving one about the primary BIG TIME!

I figure it out this way: Picking the nominee is going to be a collective exercise for ALL party voters, not just the malcontents who inhabit the internet. Once we get the nominee, THEN we can get down to the business that I'm only interested in and that's KICKING GOP ASS in November.

This current silly season will not last. After the Convention is over, some folks on the Internet are going to have come face to face with all the ridiculous shit they've been saying all this time, because REALITY will have set in and they may or may not have gotten their sparkly, rainbow colored unicorn. Their arguments about why their candidates WILL have won the primary will have been proven either true or they will ring false.

All I'm doing right now is waiting and not giving a shit.

By the time November comes around, ALL of us, whether from one end or the other, will have needed to ban together to kick GOPer ass with whatever we all were handed. That's the way things are and we all signed up for this process, so we all need to deal with it, whether we get our way or not.

Childish tantrums are just that, childish. No time to deal with them.

However, as far as Black issues are concerned, whether they're involved in the primary process or not, they always matter and will always take precedent. Because even if we do put another Democrat into the White House, we will still be Black people living in a mostly white America that's ruled by the dictates of white supremacy. Something that no President, however well intended, can ever change.

For the abolition of white supremacy, the people are going need to lead on that issue, not the politicians.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays, y'all and see you around.

Merry Christmas, Y'all


THIS is your lucky day...

Or was it last Thursday?

Gee, I forgot.

Never mind.

Not weird at all…

On my reading list:

Batman vs. Darth Vader: Who Would Win?

Let's see, Black Forest Ham & Swiss cheese on Jewish rye bread with Dijon mustard…

Now THAT'S what I call and All-American sandwich!

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Woo-wee, I'm Star Trekkin' it, baby!

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