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Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

It's perfectly clear that the ass who wrote those horrible letters to Bravenak has lost...

I'm not totally convinced that the writer is right wing troll, because most of the time they couldn't a fuck about our internal conflicts, which occur all of the time and completely without their kindly assistance.

I truly believe that this is internal. Anyone can be a nasty ass, no matter which candidate they support. Is it a Bernie supporter or a Hillary supporter who wrote the letter? It really doesn't matter. Simply because one of our own has been attacked and most DUers, whether are Bernie or Hillary supporters are voicing their sympathy FOR Bravenak.

THAT is what matters. Not some convoluted, paranoid conspiracy theory, supposedly instituted by right wing stalkers.

As I've said, most of those assholes couldn't give a fuck.

I will say one thing though; if it was really a Bernie supporter, who according to the letter, has lot's of contempt for Black Lives Matter activists and the DUers who support them, they're really not doing their candidate any favors right about now.

The writer of the letter was very, very explicit about what they cared about and they cared about it so much that they even sent the exact same letter to her twice in order to reenforce their message. That should be noted.

A lot of people here are pissed off right now, especially me. Because some coward has attacked one of MY friends, and although I tolerate a lot of bullshit attacking me, it's worse to me when my friends are attacked. Something that I do no stand idly by and say nothing about.

At this point, as I've said, the letter writer has lost. Nobody is going to side with that asshole. No one. What would be best for them is to admit that they wrote the letter and take their lumps.

I've contacted Bravenak on Twitter and she has expressed much appreciation for the support that she's getting from her friends. The writer may think they they've hurt her, and if they do, they couldn't be more wrong. Bravenak is strong and she has loyal friends on HER side.

Since the word got out about those letters, she now has MORE friends and supporters on HER side.

So, yeah, the coward needs to confess. Because we don't need people like that around here at all.

One suggestion, it's pretty obvious whenever an opportunity to express sympathy and support for a fellow DUer is passed up, in order to promote CTs and BS. Don't think that that doesn't go unnoticed.

Thanks for your time…

And I Stand With Bravenak!

Poetry Corner…


I'm angry...

I could post something said in anger right now, but I usually take time to calm down, think about what I want to say and write it very, very carefully, simply because I don't want any misunderstandings about what I've just said.

Things have been going on, against members that I regard as friends and I feel that I haven't said enough about that.

Time for a change.

Check this out everybody.


Have to post this from my iPod. Hopefully it'll show up.

Time again for the Wednesday Git Down!

Greatest Caption Ever...

Retired US Army General who singled-handedly stopped another Korean war abused by NC police….

Retired 84-year-old U.S. Army General “Ashamed To Be An American” After Police Violently Handcuffed Him Over Chinese Food Delivery Dispute

William “Bill” Livsey, 84, of Fayetteville, Georgia is a retired four-star U.S. Army general and Silver Star recipient for heroism.

On August 15, Livsey ordered Chinese food delivery to his home and got into a dispute with the driver over the $80.60 order when the general’s debit card was declined. The restaurant refused to take a personal check. And here is where the details become hazy.

Delivery driver Ryan Irvin claims the 84-year-old Livsey put his left hand on the driver’s neck and pushed him against the refrigerator. The police were called, and neighbors then witnessed a brutal arrest.

When the police arrived, officers claimed Livsey refused to willingly sit in the back of a police car and had to be forced in by three officers, and also claim Livsey “constrict his muscles and refuse to put his hands behind his back while being placed under arrest for robbery.”

The Rest: http://photographyisnotacrime.com/2015/08/retired-84-year-old-u-s-army-general-ashamed-to-be-an-american-after-police-violently-handcuffed-him-over-chinese-food-delivery-dispute/

My Story:

He commanded all US Forces in South Korea when I was stationed at Osan AB back in the mid-eighties. Most people aren't aware of this, but he single-handedly prevented all-out war from breaking out on the Korean peninsula. While I was stationed there, right before the Asian Games in 1986, a bomb exploded at Seoul's Kimpo Airport, which killed five people and injured several others. http://articles.latimes.com/1986-09-15/news/mn-11820_1_north-korea

After the bombing, in which the South Koreans blamed North Korea, the ROK forces informed the General that they were going to INVADE North Korea. This was something which had the potential of starting another world war. Remember, that back during the Cold War there were a lot of itchy trigger fingers on this planet.

Anyway, General Livsey told the ROK military that there was no way that they were going to invade North Korea on his watch. After some tense moments, the General threatened to remove ALL US Forces from South Korea and told the ROKs that, if they were going to invade North Korea, they were going to do that without our help. The ROKs eventually got the message and backed down.

I only found out about this after reading an interview he gave to Stars And Stripes prior to his end of tour as Commanding General of US Forces in South Korea, when they asked him what was the most interesting thing that happened during his time. Needless to say, I was pretty much shocked to find out that we almost went to war. If you've ever been stationed in Korea, you'd know that a war there these days would kill just about everybody. Even in the time before the North had nukes.

Anyway, I own this man my life and the lives of just about everyone on the Korean Peninsula.

I'm appalled to find out that after he served this country to keep the peace, he's been treated so horribly by the police over a muffed up Chinese food delivery.

Where'd he go? Where'd he go?

Why Mom never lets Dad go shopping by himself...

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