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Mark Murphy - Bebop Lives

Mark Murphy - Stolen Moments

Rest in power Mark Murphy

I'm glad that Hillary made the GOPers look bad yesterday...

But then again, they usually never need any help in that department.

Next up: Ryan and his circus. Clearly he was negotiating when he publicly announced that he wasn't interested in the Speakership. He was interested all of the long, but was haggling for terms. He just announced his terms and everyone laughed accordingly.

He'll get the job, I'm sure. But little does he understand that he'll be the most leveraged Speaker of the House in recent memory by taking it. His authority will be managed by a small group of radical know-nothing serial arsonists, who are all sworn to bring the US Government down on all of our heads.

He announced as well that he'll adhere to the so-called "Hastert Rule," which means that he's painted himself in a small corner and limited his options when dealing with future manufactured crises imposed on us by the Teabaggeratti.

Politically, he's pretty much doomed any future prospect in getting elected as President in some far off campaign. He'll tie his hopes to the legacy of a chronically unpopular GOPer controlled Congress. He'll demonstrate his light-weightness and inability to lead... Probably running home for face time with the wife and kiddies during times of trouble and hoping that his tea-infused backers find solutions for him.

He has very few viable options in regards to building an effective leadership team. Really. Who's left?

Democrats aren't going to make it easy for him either... With discredited Benghazi hearings and future budget debacles on the table, Ryan will have way more troubles than the Weeping Boner had ever seen from through the bottom of his gin-soaked shot goggles.

When Ryan announced at first that he wasn't interested in the job, it was in his favor to look smart by staying away from the mess created by the tea-radicals. Now, it's quite clear that he's demonstrating the fact that he's not too clever by half. He's an ambitious, not too bright light-weight, who is completely unable to learn from experience. He thinks of himself as being one of the smart ones.


There's that old Chinese dual-edged admonition to those, wishing that they may live in interesting times. Well, it's about to get REALLY interesting for Eddie Munster. And no amount of canoodling with the wife and taking the kids to school recitals is going to help him.

Hmm, maybe he'll sponsor a bill for national paid family leave?

Excuse me while I laugh my ass off.

Gowdy: "She's being too consistent. I don't know how much of that we can take. It's appalling."

Howdy Gowdy is feeling victimized

Oh, boo-hoo.

If you don't agree with Republican delusions, that doesn't mean that you're lying.

The Benghazi hearings in a nutshell.

It's better to cross bridges than to burn them...

It's even better not to cross them, rather than burning them.

Crossing them is what they're there for and you'll always miss them when you need them the most.

It's usually best to never say never. In the end, you may find that only obstacle is yourself.

When you only look for the worst in someone, you shouldn't be surprised when you find it.

Take care.

Could there be a general consensus...

...That the world's best car mechanic or the world's smartest chess master could be a credible enough candidate for President of these United States, solely on the basis of their individual accomplishments and complete lack of government involvement?

If not, then why are a cartoonishly pandering retired brain surgeon, an egotistical real estate mogul with the vocabulary of a Dick and Jane book and a blatant example of failed modern business school philosophy regarded, in any way possible, as "legitimate" candidates?

It's like the most obvious question that no so-called credible media employee or serious politician wants to answer.

It's sheer madness.

The fucking emperor has no fucking clothes, everybody.


Oops, too late. Sorry.

Clean up on aisle five.
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