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Trump, a son & grandson of immigrants, married immigrant women, probably has many employed for him

If it wasn't for immigrants, he wouldn't be where he is today… America wouldn't be America without immigrants either.


BUt then, of course, he'll never be president. Because, America is a nation of immigrants, a nation that stands by its immigrant roots and a nation that will always be a home to new Americans.

If anything, Trump is anti-American. He's a clueless fool that can't figure that out.

Is this legit?

Well, that's the LAST time I taking Spock to the arcade. Too much drama to deal with…

Listening to the GOPers, they're all talking as if Farook's radicalization is like some alien curse

Some infection that has to be eradicated with a healthy dose of semantics and foreign intervention.

And the guns. Oh, the guns, those precious innocents were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. For shame... But let's leave them out of the discussion, shall we?

The problem with that narrative is that we have the constant implementation of one particular equation; radicalization plus tons of easily obtainable firearms equals mass shootings. So, does one kind of armed radical, who's hellbent on killing lots of people, really matter versus another kind? The end result is pretty much the same, right?

One armed radical, with very little regard for other people's rights and humanity pretty much acts the same as another. Ignoring these incidents as being part of the fabric of our great society and using a particular kind rhetoric against certain people that will never be used for others is nothing more than furthering one's own political agenda. An agenda, such as engendering support for bombing brown people into smithereens in some far off dirt pile, this is nothing more than disingenuous Neocon cheer leading.

And let's not forget that the NRA's checks have cleared for those who are completely unwilling to do anything about the deluge of firearms in this country. The guns themselves are both sacrosanct and innocent. As a matter of fact, some of them are saying that everyone should been armed, that there would have been so many gunshot victims had they been strapped themselves.

You know, I've never been in a gun fight before, but I would hazard a guess that a roomful of armed civilians, all shooting at each other might have created more chaos and dead bodies than the alternative. That teachers shooting over the heads of their pupils might great more carnage. That using the 2nd Amendment as a ready excuse to carry around firearms for any old reason whatsoever would create more and more scenarios where anyone can get shot for any reason under the sun.

Armed radicals shoot people, that's what they do. They really don't need any justification other than their own radicalization to do that, so cherry-picking one kind of armed, murderous, radical thug from another only demonstrates how far one will go to be intellectually dishonest.

Face the facts, this country has a sick society, where people can get radicalized at the drop of a hat and also we're a society that's infested with firearms. Mix the two and we have a recipe for carnage.

I have a theory why this country is so willing to drench itself in bloodshed. I'll have to do a little more thinking about it before I write it.

Otherwise, have a safe Friday everyone.

Our NRA whore Republican lawmakers would rather do nothing to stop the carnage

So, they can take their impotent "thoughts and prayers" and stick 'em where the Sun don't shine.

Our shameful national body count abides.
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