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Warning: This is a video of a police officer murdering a human being.


The thing that I noticed about this cop is that he went out of his way to make a tense situation even more so. He intentionally set up Daniel Shaver to fail and then coldly took his life for that failure.

This killer cop was just acquitted by the way, affirming that the police can at times commit cold blooded murder and have that murder endorsed by the state.

Left a good boy hangin'

Something to share...

Kinda funny that he's excusing himself for this outcome...

What's the difference between Joe Walsh and a bucket of KFC extra crispy fried chicken?

The bucket is the only one that will feed a family of four.

I'm just going to leave this right here...

I tell ya what... Al Franken should run for that seat again in a special election

Let the voters of Minnesota decide.

Fuck this caving in shit.

"Alabama Values..."

December the seventh, in the year two thousand seventeen

America’s 320th day of living in infamy.

Wyden is floating a pending Franken resignation by tomorrow...

Frankly, I'm disappointed that Dems aren't fighting back and against any possible unsubstantiated smears against Franken in particular. As far as I'm concerned in his case, the proof against him is flimsy at best and, at the worst, a concerted right wing conspiracy.

We're seeing some unnecessary self-inflicted wounds happening this week. The Conyers drama is particularly disheartening for me. But it's time to move on and I'm glad to see that he has the integrity to step out of the arena. The voters in MI-13 need to take it away from here.

It's so clear that Democrats and Republicans each operate different levels. We hold ourselves to very high standards, even when doing so is politically inconvenient. We have the greater moral compass here. The GOPrs, on the other hand, are the unrepentant party of rape, sexism, racism and child molestation.

It's clear that we draw and thick and clearly definable line between our side and theirs.

Because if we're going to hang their own reprehensible behavior around their chinless necks like the albatross that it is, we need to do it with clean consciences.

I would be sad to see Al go tomorrow, but I would understand why he would choose to go. We can't play the same dirty game that the GOPrs are playing. Winning isn't everything when you cheat to do it. The only people who cheat are those who can't win fair and square.

Tainted victories are bound to be pyrrhic and temporary. I truly believe that.

Trump's motive to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capitol is the same for everything else he does

Since he's nothing more than an incompetent, Molotov cocktail hurling attention whore with delusions of grandeur, he simply chooses to do whatever the biggest dick in the world would do... The worst gawd-damned choice available.

He did this to piss people off. If anyone will unnecessarily die because he's inflaming global and regional tensions somewhere, he really couldn't give a flying fuck. He'd simply deny that he's had anything to do with whatever impending conflict would happen from his own actions, and then have the temerity to blame the victims of such a conflict and also whomever he has been on his roving shit list for the day.

He's a narcissistic asshole, compensating for his own lack of basic humanity by inflicting his own pain on everyone else in sight. He has no common decency or empathy. He's so fucking lazy that he can't even be bothered to consider how anything operates beyond his own Cheetos-tinged nose.

He's clearly the worst person ever to become President of the United States, and only other reprehensible assholes will ever support him. I've never cheered for arteriosclerosis before, but I find myself wishing the old blubbery fuck finds a chunk of Big Mac lodged is his aorta very, very soon.

That wasn't nice, I know... But go ahead and shoot me because I couldn't find a flying fuck to give of my own when it comes to this asshole. I really don't care.

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