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I really can not understand this winger "Trump can do no wrong" bullshit

It's just too much of an effort to put into lazy thinking. This fake ass Trump "winner" that lives rent free in their heads is more real to them than reality itself.

He could literally eat a live baby while sitting in the Oval Office and they'd defend that shit by claiming that Trump couldn't help himself because the infant looked so tasty and delicious.

I think that the only way that he can get away with anything to these people is that they've deluded themselves into thinking that he's selectively fucking over other people that they can't stand. As long as they believe that they're unaffected by his incompetence, malfeasance and corruption, what he does is just fine. They can't even pay attention to the fact that, as President, the hardest thing to do is to selectively fuck over certain people.

They're mentally blocking out any notion that they could be fucked over by his bullshit as well. It's like living with blinders on.

If these people are as stupid and callously indifferent to anyone else as I suspect, it's quite clear that they're utterly useless human beings. The worst motherfuckers on the planet, allowing evil things to happen because they couldn't care less.

Not just that, they're so enthusiastic about it.

Don't ever tell me that we need to reach out to them. They can burn in flames and you know the rest.


Alrighty, it's the day after

I partied. You partied? Of course, you did. Did anyone see any pissy tweets from Trump today? If not, that would mean one of two things, either he doesn't give a fuck that he just had his bloated ass handed to him (most likely), or he's scheming on the golf course for revenge.

The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive though.

Anyway, this shit ain't over. He clearly threatened to sabotage the ACA from within. Which, in any other case, is a (another) clear violation of his oath of office to uphold the law and the constitution. Two things need to happen, no, three.

First, he needs to be watched like a hawk. That's going to happen anyway.

Second, massive citizen response. Jam the phone lines, public protests and the rest. Basically, the protests can't end.

Third, he needs to be sued in Federal Court to petition an injunction be filed against policies that seek to undermine the ACA. The problem there though is that, under that scumbag, Price, the HHS won't do diddly.

Question: How can everyone get our point across? Through Congress?

Please discuss.

Chumpcare isn't dead...

It's just pining for the fjords.

I dare y'all to ask any trumpanzees you'll run into...

If America is great again yet.

I double dare ya!


Someone should give Cheetolini a gold star, he just learned something new



We just lost America's greatest spy, Chuck Barris

May he rest in power.

Anger Spice: "Paul Manawho? Never heard of the guy. No has ever proved the 'Russia' even exists"

You don't say...


I'm looking at Cheetolini as a test, whether or not we can preserve our own liberty...

Even our own system of government.

Republicans really want us to fail that test.

Right now, they're all working from in modes, between actively hostile and passively negligent, against America as a whole.

Trump, because he's so both incompetent and corrupt that he utterly has no concept of how incompetent and corrupt that he actually is, is a litmus test. People who support him are either doing because they don't know better or because they believe that they can get something out of him. Both ideas are folly, because he's only in it for himself.

Active resistance is the only proper response. We all know that. Sooner or later, more and more will as well.


‪Aides Wrestle Drill From Trumps Hands As He Tries To Remove Obama Listening Device From Skull‬

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