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Just Like Republicans.

They're here! So long, suckers!

"Please take me with you!"

Good Job!

Rest in Power, Fish

Although I've stepped back from the primary circus

It's quite evident to me that the true test of this huge revival, some may say that's inspired by Bernie's candidacy, is by how much it also inspires more people to supplant Republicans with Democrats in Congress and in state and local races.

In spite of gerrymandering, the movement, if it's sufficient enough, should shift back to the left in swing states. Unless we see something like this we shouldn't be so cocky as to say that our nominee (whosoever that will be) will convince people who normal vote for Republicans to vote for a Democrat.

For one, in order to get these GOP voters and independents to vote for Democrats we'd have to have a candidate and an overall message that resonates with them. It's going to have to be done in a way that breaks through the negative, nativist ideological wall of right wing identical political messaging.

Also, it needs to counter much of this country's obsessive need to throw a wrench in the works. That will be the hardest part of all, because we're saddled with an overall political infrastructure that lends too much leverage to the side that says 'No!'

The sides that obstructs can shift the balance of power to itself. That's why it's easier to kill legislation than it is too pass it, yet once it is passed, it's even harder to kill it.

So, what kind of momentum are we building here and how far will it work to our favor? It's imperative that we shift the balance. The natural process would indicate that a shift leftward is due very soon. However, we all known that this imbalance of power is not very natural at all, due to the overwhelming influence of billionaires and millionaires.

If the nominee breaks this cycle by influencing more people to vote and to vote for our side, it has the consequence of taking power away from the other side as well. It's important that this happens in order to break the strong influence of the obstructionist right. Otherwise, we'll have another Democratic president hamstrung from the git-go.

Valentine's Day Is Coming!

Recursive Cursor Causes Cursing

Why Did The Salmon Cross The Road?

To spawn on the other side, of course.

My vacay pic from inside the Large Hadron Collider...

R2-Demon-2 is a false god!

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