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Maria Takeuchi 竹内 まりや Plastic Love


Congressional GFY Care along with everything else for the past few years...

Is further proof that GOPrism is only for assholes, racists and morons.

There really is no good reason to vote for these rat fucking politicians, and yet, the asshole, racist and moron faction of our electorate always seems to come up with excuses to do just that.

They're motivated into thinking that Democrats are worst people on the face of the Earth and that beating us at the polls in rigged elections is somehow seen as a moral victory, but at what cost? Millions thrown off of health care? The pointless targeting of non-straights, non-whites and non-Xtians? More global warming? Letting Russian interference in our elections go unpunished?

How moral is any of that?

WE'RE the ONLY ones trying to save THEIR collective asses, because we're all in this shit together, don't they know that?

Now they got me pining for the good old days of W., because at least he was decent SOMETIMES and wasn't always a complete prick while he was in office. I could literally feel my skin crawl from writing that.

There are no redeeming GOPrs at all now. None. Every single one of them is nothing more than the scum on the bottom of the shit bucket. Fuck them all and their death panels too.


(P.S., Can you tell that I'm a little pissed off?)

I will never, in a million years, understand why wing nuts are such heartless bastards...

They only care about themselves, and yet, I'm quite sure that after pointing out to them the fact that incompetent and corrupt GOPrs will throw people off of health care, off voting rolls and into a polluted and over-heated world, it will never occur to them why all of those are bad things.

They don't care. As a matter of fact, many of them delight in the suffering of others, so much so, that it's the only thing that a lot of them will ever care about. They laugh in the faces of people who are in obvious pain. People that they don't know, but for some reason, they choose to hold grudges against them, the vindictive bastards. It's mean and callous, that delighting in the suffering of others above all else. Only assholes would do something like that, so that's what I'll call them.

But yet, when it's time to pay the piper, because the very people that they've supported have stabbed THEM in the back... They expect someone to come to THEIR rescue... To care more about their pain than they've ever cared for anyone else's.

Do you know who acts like that? Children. Brats, specifically. Spoiled, rotten brats. Much like the spoiled, rotten brat that we currently have inhabiting the Oval Office. No wonder why he's their hero. Children only know what they think they know, and will not care about what they don't know. If it contradicts what their narrow minded beliefs and rationalization of their own assholism, you can be damned sure that their minds are closed. It's like telling them to eat their vegetables while they're screaming for two scoops of ice cream.

But these people are supposed to be adults, they're supposed to know better. But they don't. You can tell them, but they don't care. You can warn them, but they won't listen. You can offer them a hand when they're NOT in need, but they'll slap it away. You can ply them with facts and figures, but they will delude themselves into believing that all of it is 'fake news.' And once the tables are turned on them, as it will always happen, they will whine and moan and even blame the very people who tried their best to help and warn them in the first place for the very predicament that they themselves have worked so hard to fall into.

As progressives or liberals or whatever we call ourselves on the Left, we try to be kind, considerate and compassionate, even when we have to make sacrifices to do so. We choose to recognize the basic humanity of others, even when those others are not like ourselves. We choose to give others a helping hand and a leg up, because we all understand that we're actually connected to each other and it's best when we all can move up the ladder together, instead of a select few.

America is a nation of tremendous wealth, held in the hands of those select few... A select few who will always demand more wealth, no matter how much they have and always at the expense of those who are weaker and more powerless than they are. The select few looks at the rest of us and see people to be exploited without consequence. Wing nuts all look at them and see people to be admired, even when they're the ones being victimized with the rest of us, like a Colonel Sanders Fan Club whose membership is entirely made up of chickens.

And again, you can warn these wing nuts until you're blue in the face and they won't listen. So you know what I say? Fuck 'em. The rest of us have work to do and the last thing that we need to do is waste our precious time and energy of people who are hellbent on cutting off their own noses to spite their own faces.

Sure, they're going to whine when they finally realize that Trump and the GOPr Congress Critters have stabbed them in their collective backsides. And frankly, unless they change their ways and realize that they're not the only ones who are suffering and that they should have listened and worked to stop these tragedies from ever happening, I won't give a rat's ass how much they're complaining about it. These people have to stop thinking that everything is always about them... That's the sign. Once they stop believing that everything is always about them, and is actually about all of us, no matter who we are, then and only then will I stop not giving a rat's ass about those assholes.

So, until then, I'm gonna play this for them whenever they start blabbing:

The rest of us have work to do and won't have time to waste on spoiled, rotten adult children assholes who are too stupid, heartless, vindictive and bigoted for their own good...

Well, thanks for sticking with me through another one of my long-assed essays. I appreciated your time and patience while I blew off a little steam.

As always, take care, everyone and remember, FDT.

A quandary:

For the record, I never believed that Cheetolini had any tapes of his conversations with Comey in the first place.

After all, he could have leaked them to back up anything he's claimed. Nothing ever came out.

However, considering the fact that he lies about everything AND his new "admission" that he "did not make, and do not have, any such recordings," I can only note that that kind of wording fits one of the classic structures of a lie itself. https://www.resourcefulmanager.com/lying/

He's giving way too much detail there.

Perhaps, because he lies so much, he sounds like he's lying whenever he rarely tells the truth. Frankly, he's the first and only person that I've ever had to presume he's lying whenever he opens his pie hole.

Nothing changes that for me now.

So, in spite of saying what I expected him to say, I'm still all for a thorough investigation into whether or not he taped his conversations with Comey, and if such tapes do in fact exist, I want to see them subpoenaed

This isn't over yet.

And of course, everyone, FDT.

Frankly, we can do a lot of important work highlighting the scumbaggery of GOPrs...

Without shooting ourselves in the feet every time we come out of some situation without total and complete victory.

Fighting these motherfuckers is a gawd damned PROCESS. It has to be done increments, not in one fell swoop. And throwing out a smart, keen and effecting political operator like Nancy Pelosi while we're making definite progress, when the odds are so heavily stacked against us, is the height of utter stupidity.

We have advantages working for us, in spite of the gerrymandering, the vast amounts of right wing astroturf cash, the feckless media, Russian interference, proto-fascist propaganda and a sizable portion of the electorate that's too racist, paranoid and idiotic for it's own good.

One. There are more of us than there are of them. Unfortunately, gerrymandering has undermined representative government by giving the minority party GOPrs unfair electoral advantages.

That's not Pelosi's fault. Besides, the courts are addressing this issue right now. We just have to wait and see how that pans out.

Two. The GOPrs are overplaying their hand. They are creating the seeds for a backlash of epic proportions. The two things that Dems under Pelosi are doing are shining a light own all of the dick moves of the GOPrs and opposing them within the limits of a party out of power.

Resistance also needs to be maintained in the streets and against the GOPrs in office as well. They can only hide for so long.

Three. Not only are the GOPrs corrupt, they're incompetent. They're sowing the seeds of disaster with their malfeasance to the point where the margin of the electorate which seems to switch sides with the wind will have no other option than to choose to support Dems again, so we can clean shit up, as we've done many times before.

They're coming back our way, slowly but surely. We just need to give them a welcoming home to come to.

Four. At this point, the most steadfast GOPr supporters are showing themselves to be some of the biggest, stupidest assholes walking the face of the Earth. For a lot of the swing voters who don't necessarily identify with that kind of assholism, they're finding it to be a huge turnoff.

It doesn't help our case to go as negative as the GOPrs assholes are, despite whatever lies they tell about us. Which means that whenever those fuckers try to pin distortions of "liberal violence" on us, we push back with examples of alt-right, neo-nazi, racist Trump-humpers and their general stupidity. We have plenty examples of that shit to choose from, always keep some examples handy.

Lastly... Time. Time wounds all heels and the GOPrs these days, with their Asshole-in-Chief infesting the Oval Office are some of the biggest heels ever. There are several investigations in the works, evidence is being gathered AND Trump is his own worst enemy. He's an existential threat to the basic institutions of this country and THAT will definitely come back to bite him in his bloated ass.

It's not going to happen overnight, but it will happen. Have patience.

Look at the bigger picture. We haven't come to the end of this process yet. However, we came prepare ourselves to take the reins of governance and use them effectively once we get them back. Our job will be to undo the damages that are being inflicted on us all by GOPr dicks, and their big daddy dick, Donny Two-Scoops.

And frankly, I want Nancy to get that gavel back. She definitely knows how to wield it, unlike the Zombie-Eye Granny Starver who has it it now.

Have some gawd-dammed faith. This shit ain't over yet.

And as always, people, FDT!

Until we figure out a way to overcome GOPr gerrymandering...

This problem will continue.

My suggestion is for Democrats to start moving into red districts. We can start on the margins and move on from there.

I, myself, am less than one mile away from a Democratic district's line and represent a sure-fire Dem vote in a neighboring red district. This area is only red America on district map.

We have a current electoral system where the politicians get to pick their voters and not the other way around.

Until we change this process, GOPrs will continue to run the government without having the majority of voters voting for them.

If we want to stop Trump and the GOPrs from destroying the entire country, Dems who make up the majority, will have leave our enclaves and cross that line. That's how you beat them.

And as always, FDT.











Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da...


Fuck Donald Trump with a rusty coat hanger



New proposals announced by the Trump Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin should dispel any doubt about the administration’s intentions to privatize the Veterans Health Administration.

Although President Donald Trump and Shulkin have insisted they are opposed to privatization, the proposal the VA Secretary unveiled to the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs on June 7 – coupled with Trump’s Veterans Health Administration budget – will end up pushing more veterans to private doctors and hospitals, and ultimately dismantle the VHA system.

In his testimony to the Senate Committee about a replacement for the Veterans Choice Program that sunsets this August, Shulkin said he wants to create the Veterans Coordinated Access Rewarding Experience program.
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