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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 67,659

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Their Plan...

Cliven Bundy should get more media exposure.

A video montage would go nicely...

Along with added video content from every single motherfucker who backed his racist ass up.

Time to pay the piper, assholes!

I need a ride...

…And that's how they sell Subarus in Russia!

Tea Party Heroes

Child Predator...

We're standing on a precipice, looking down into an economic abyss, being drawn in by inequality...

"Jump," it's telling us, luring us into the void, like a siren luring doomed sailors onto cragged shores.

The momentum is cast, reversing course seems too monumental a task. Those who can do something lack the will and even the wherewithal that tarries them to stand back and correct the course of impending disaster. Others are obtuse to the prospects of where the road of inequality will take us. After all, things as still humming along, as the rich grow even richer, rewarded for their endeavors, a confirmation of dogma which praises the virtues of greed and avarice.

Poor are punished by becoming even more poorer. No pity for them and no quarter given… Simply shun them and believe that the poverty which curses them is appropriate and true.

And the once Middle Class, or the shrinking collection of embarrassed oligarchs, what of them? Surely, as they lose their shrinking wealth, not even considering that the system to which they've always owed fealty was nothing more than a fairy tale. Simply blame the victims who were the first to succumb to the terrible predations of the financial wizards who have orchestrated this sad tableau.

Those hallowed few, controlling the wind and reaping the whirlwind of financial terror have all bought their immunity in this country, both legally and viscerally. They are all too crucial an institution to resist. They are the mortar that holds together the brick wall of our economy. Never mind that that wall is crumbling. The cycle of finance and wealth is too unbalanced to sustain. The machine's gears are worn and spools and sprockets are being rejected en masse. As it's still running, why complain?

There's always something else to used to distract everyone from the bricks raining down on our heads like springtime hail.

Once the cries of the mighty becomes the clarion call for all to behold, perhaps then will the rest of us harken back to the anecdotal incidents of self-immolating financial denizens from the past few months.

They saw the coming fall, and became harbingers, knowing that the rest of us will eventually follow suit unless we seek better priorities.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.


Try to take care of the only home we've got, OK?

Used to be a time when we'd catch this guy with a butterfly net and shoot him full of Thorazine...

Now we simply elect them to Congress.

You know what today is, right?

Who wants to answer?

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