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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 67,399

Journal Archives

If I were a Carpenter (John Holt)

Maxi Priest - Wild World

What are you drinking?

I'm drinking everything

Happy Turkey and Football Day, Everybody

Hope you all get some holiday time with your families today.

Damn kids

This is your new God… All bow before it.

"This Shit In Gaza Is Out Of Control…"

Where was the Republican "poutrage" then?

The Prez was in full strut mode while getting on AF One… He jogged up the stairs like a BOSS

It was just shown on the Rev's show

I really hope that Righties got a gander of the Prez strutting his stuff… I'm running low right now on their delicious tears of unmitigated sadness.

I need a refill!

This Matt Kibbe guy on Tweety's show is part of the problem…

Sticking their heads into holes and denying the world around them.
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