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'Baby Killer' And Racist Epithet Deface Campaign Offices Of Wayne Powell, Eric Cantor's Opponent

Vandals spray-painted the words "Baby Killer" on the campaign headquarters of Wayne Powell, the Democrat challenging Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), and wrote "Nigger Lover" on a sign in front of another one of his offices, a Powell spokesman confirmed Saturday to The Huffington Post.

A tipster gave HuffPost a heads up on the incidents, and Powell campaign spokesman Brendan MacArthur confirmed the vandalism at the Midlothian and Henrico offices. MacArthur said the attacks happened Friday night and police departments in both counties have been alerted.

Campaign staffers discovered the attacks on Saturday morning. One staffer snapped a photo at the Midlothian office, where "Baby Killer" was painted on the exterior of the building. At the Henrico office, a Powell campaign sign was vandalized with the racist epithet.

Powell is hoping to unseat Cantor in Virginia's 7th District, which includes parts of Richmond and its suburbs in Henrico and Chesterfield Counties, along with Page and Rappahannock counties. The district is ranked safely Republican by Roll Call.


OBAMACARE - Fuck Yeah!

asensibleheartt submitted: “This was the receipt for my birth control today- the new year of coverage for my insurance started at the first of this month, so this is really exciting! Just thought it was really funny that this happened three days before the election. I mean, I was already voting for Obama, but I feel like this is a sign!


Mom always takes the best Sears portrait studio pictures.

Place your finger here

Rick Scott Ignores Fla. Early-Vote Mess to Stump With Romney in town where Travon Martin was shot

Mitt Romney's final pre-election visit to Florida Monday morning included a surprise guest: the state's Republican governor Rick Scott. "Tomorrow night, Florida is going to go big for Mitt Romney, and it'll be a precursor to what happens in the country," Scott told the crowd in his warm-up moments before Romney took the stage.

You might expect a presidential candidate to stump with a friendly swing-state governor on the eve of a tight election. But Scott's no ordinary governor, as we've written before. The political novice and former health care executive, who pumped $70 million of his own money into his successful 2010 campaign, has alienated conservatives and progressives alike with a failed costly legal challenge to Obamacare, a failed attempt to charge welfare recipients for their pee, and threatened cuts to disabled care, liberal arts education, rape counseling, and tuberculosis treatment during "the worst outbreak in 20 years."

A mid-October PPP poll, taken at the height of Republicans' post-Denver debate bounce, found 37 percent of respondents approving of Rick Scott and 46 disapproving. Incredibly, that was a near-all-time high in popularity for Scott. When asked if they'd vote for him or a generic Democrat in the next election, the no-name Dem won, 45-43. Numbers like those have led PPP to call Scott "the most toxic of the raft of Tea Party governors."


But Romney and Ryan's efforts to pull out all the stops Monday morning could potentially backfire. Romney's rally was held at the airport in Sanford, not far from where 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed last February—a tragedy that Scott bungled, and that brought national scrutiny to the state's draconian "stand your ground" deadly-force law. That law was sponsored by the same Republican legislator who helped shepherd Scott's bill to shorten voter-hours last year.

"We need every single vote in Florida," Romney told the Sanford crowd. "We can begin a better tomorrow, tomorrow." Scott's voting tactics may have assisted the ex-Massachusetts governor. But given the anti-Scott voter backlash in Florida, Romney may have just frittered away his advantage by standing with Scott in Sanford.


After voting, I'm taking my wife out for either a victory breakfast or a victory pizza

We intend to get to the polling place before it opens, but I have no idea what time we'll get through.

So, if we're out of there by 11AM, let's say, I'm taking her for a victory pizza across the street at the Irish bar.

So, what toppings should be on our victory pizza?

I'm open to sane choices.
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