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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 67,660

Journal Archives

Today is Ben Gazzi's last chance to make a meal of the Prez

He's like an arthritic, toothless old lion chasing after a young and fleet footed gazelle.

If he doesn't get that meal today, he's pretty much gonna die right there in the savanna.

Ben Gazzi's roar is way worse than his bite.

Michigan is delivered!

I just voted, people.

All that's left is but the counting!

See you all at the victory celebration tonight.

Did you get the call? It's time to initiate PLAN Omicron - Action code is imminent…

You may now open your sealed coded envelope.

The code word is as follows: "Climacteric"

The code number is as follows: "783-8-345211-000"

Proceed to your action stations.

Action word is "GO".

Find your fucking polling place right here


Famous Republicans tell everyone why they SHOULDN'T vote for Mitt Romney

"Hello, my name is Neil…"

Tweetshots from last night's Romney debacle

Coming to a SYFY Channel broadcasting TV near you…

How certain substances affect the aging process…

Koch Brothers ad spending by state

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