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"No President Is Above the Law" From May 2019

When Special Counsel Robert Muellerís report was released on April 18, I sat down and read it. All 448 pages of it. I started reading it that afternoon, and I read all through the night and into the next morning. And when I got to page 448, three things were clear to me.

First, a hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election to help candidate Donald Trump get elected. Second, candidate Donald Trump welcomed that help. Third, when the federal government tried to investigate, now-President Donald Trump did everything he could to delay, distract, and otherwise obstruct that investigation.

Thatís a crime. If Donald Trump were anyone other than the President of the United States right now, he would be in handcuffs and indicted. Robert Mueller said as much in his report, and he said it again on Wednesday.

ďThe Special Counselís Office is part of the Department of Justice, and by regulation it was bound by that Department policy. Charging the President with a crime was, therefore, not an option we could consider.Ē

Muellerís statement made clear what those of us who have read his report already knew: Heís referring President Trump for impeachment, and itís up to Congress to act.

Thatís why I came out in favor of impeachment after reading all 448 pages of Muellerís report. This is not about politics ó itís our constitutional duty as members of Congress. Itís a matter of principle.....

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