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Won Delegates Clinton 1112, Sanders 806

Delegates won.



It's a much closer race than the media is reporting (1599-844), since the actual delegates won matters more than the totals with Super-Delegates. The purpose of tacking the "Supers" on there is to depress Sanders folks, to make people think it's all over, it's already a runaway.

There are thirty more States coming, and many are in areas of the country Sanders won by margins like 60-40. And in the end, if Sanders catches Hillary, and moves ahead to restore a more liberal Democrat to the party, perhaps saving it, and maybe pulling Republicans back from the brink?--well the normal practice for Super Delegates is to reverse their support, and put it in the leaders camp.

Not doing that, spells disaster for the Democrats in the general election.

There is still time. Hillary does worse in polls against Trump than Sanders. Heed. Thirty more Sanders supporters--truth is, last night wasn't too bad--did better in NC, tied in two big norther States, and a lot of independents that usually fall for Sanders, switched and put Kasich ahead in Ohio.
Posted by liberalmike27 | Wed Mar 16, 2016, 10:28 AM (30 replies)
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