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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 39,191

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If you have to look here than you haven't been here long enough to know.

Journal Archives

Dear Mitch McConnell


I think I'll add it to my list:

Olive Garden, AppleBees, Cigarettes, breastfeeding, circumcision, narwhals, pit bulls, smoking bans

Elliot Spritzer, High school bands, soda pop, pornography, toilet paper dust, and Natalie Wood's untimely death

We didn't start the poutrage, if you don't recycle they'll drum you out of the neighborhood, we didn't start the poutrage, if you aren't concerned about the Patriot act you better be

food stamps, kids on planes, drinking caffeine, bombing the moon,

tax fast food, Rapture, PETA, Vaccinations, orange juice, and Jessie James

we didn't start the poutrage, and the penis size is once again in the news

Ipads, PayPal, Michael Vicks, and Octomom, unicorns Charlie Sheen, Jesus Christ we had good times

we didn't hate the Weiner, 2 Broke Girls are the new screaming kids in restaurants, we didn't include the spare tire....... and the Dugger mom is popping out another one......

we didn't start the poutrage, if you own a hot car you must be a total dick.........we didn't start the poutrage, because the world has worse problems than we will ever experience.........
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