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Member since: 2002
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If you have to look here than you haven't been here long enough to know.

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An open letter to folks who cannot in good conscience vote for Obama


Go spew shit somewhere else.

Obama isn't good enough? He broke a lot of promises? Yeah, what else is new?

You don't have Dennis to kick around any more?

Sorry your ideal candidate isn't running this time. What are you going to do in 2016, bitch and moan again when YOUR candidate isn't running, or the candidate running isn't to your satisfaction?

The sign on the door says DEMOCRATIC Underground, not waffling Underground, not almost a Dem but maybe next time Underground, it's FUCKING DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND and Obama is our President.


What is wrong with you. You want Romney? Oh I don't like him and I'm not voting but you should. Whimsy whimsy whimsy.

Bullshit, stop trying to persuade people to your point of view. Either vote for him or go elsewhere and join the freak parade.

Sit on your hands, do it sit it out, but don't come back here preaching your shit to us when you're still unhappy.


Spoiled Romneys.

A LETTER TO MY RESCUER (written by Julile Chadwick )

my body is old my body is weak
I've spent my life in a backyard alone
...The kids are playing in the house
Why can't I come inside

My body is frail my spirit is pale
I've spent my time wandering around alone
Why don't they love me
They did when I was a puppy

My love is strong but what did I do wrong
I would still defend you but you still pretend
You love me and I wonder is this really love

Then the day comes and I'm so happy
We are going for a ride in the car now
Finally you love me - Maybe not so much.
Where are we?

I can smell other dogs I can smell fear
I am scared I am afraid You walk away
Where are you going
I hear what you tell someone
"he got too old,I don't want him anymore"

I am in a cage with other dogs barking
We are all scared we can smell death
We know what lies ahead
When will it be our turn next?

Then a miracle happens
Someone walks past my cage
She stops to give me kisses and love
I think they call her a rescuer
We are all in awe of this person

She says "I'll take this baby out now"
Wow , yay, yipppee I'm getting out
She puts me in her car and takes lots of
What they call "freedom pics"
Im so happy now - getting love, getting hugs
For the very first time someone loves me

Ahh but I see my rescuer crying now
I ask Whats wrong with my eyes
She says to me "I'm so sorry someone failed you"
You see I am very sick and dying
And soon will be going to a place called
The Rainbow Bridge!

Cry not brave rescuer
For you gave me love
You gave me life for the first time
You gave me dignity and a soft bed of my own
You let me come inside and sleep on your bed
I got to eat soft food, and lie my head on your lap!
I even got to watch something called "Animal Planet"

All the love you gave to me
I will take with me whereever I go
All the hugs and belly rubs I will never forget
Just make me one promise dear rescuer

Never give up!

Please continue to save my brothers and Sisters
In a scary place they call the animal shelter
Don't ever doubt yourself that you didn't make a difference
You saved me from the worst fate - dying alone in the shelter
I will forever love you and watch over you like an angel!

Love from the little old dog you rescued!

Posted by DainBramaged | Fri Sep 7, 2012, 08:11 PM (5 replies)
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