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patrice's Journal
patrice's Journal
December 21, 2012

This board would be better for everyone if Usernames were real names. That's my honest assessment

of persistent issues (about 10 years of looking at this stuff in my case) associated with how people can credit any post to which a user refuses to relate their own personhood to the position they apparently think valuable enough to "share" with others. If you're here, should I not assume that you intend that I should at least consider adopting your position on whatever? If that's your intent and you REFUSE to identify yourself, if your position is somehow dependent upon anonymity, why should I even consider what you're saying? WHAT? IS? THE? POINT??? If what I want is the truth, doesn't your anonymity subvert my motives in finding it? And if that's not the case, then why IS there anonymity at all? What is it's purpose?????

Look at this in terms of violence in our culture: If we feel assaulted and hence FRUSTRATED by lies throughout our culture, media, churches, corporations, politicians, friends/families . . . everywhere, LIES, might it not be possible that this culture of lies is created by OUR OWN avoidance of responsibility, our own deviance from our own authentic behavioral identities? - of which anonymity is a negation.

Billions of refusals to stand PERSONALLY for the truth, as best each of us can, and be free enough to do that without a quid pro quo, free of any consequences/rewards/punishers other than more authentic realities, can confuse people, internally and in their relationships, so badly that they no longer know that they are confused, no longer recognize that there is something that they don't know, no longer entertain the possibility that what they don't know may be necessary to their own survival and that of anything/anyone else they care about. THIS is what gets our troops killed for nothing. This is what pollutes our land, air, water, and food. This is what spreads guns and kills children . . . .

Lost connections between who each of us authentically is and the courage to identify what we are or are not doing: NONE of those mis-givings EVER go away; profound blindness that we all share produces frustration that further and further oppresses each of us and drives us all increasingly away from the POSSIBILITIES of authentic discovery. I think the culturally shared effect is a realization of our inability to survive and despair that results in various, more or less active or passive, forms of suicide.

Please consider the effect of having the determination to put your own name on what you say and do.

Thank you for reading this. Have a good day.

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