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Gender: Female
Hometown: Florida
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 88,114

About Me

Retired teacher who sees much harm to public education from the "reforms" being pushed by corporations. Privatizing education is the wrong way to go. Children can not be treated as products, thought of in terms of profit and loss.

Journal Archives

Snopes got the video. They were shouting out "neutral".

Here is the Twitter page of the Snopes content manager.


She has found a video of the incident at caucus about Bernie folks shouting at Huerta.

I can understand the calls for a neutral translator after the things Huerta has said about Bernie this week.

Snopes now upgrades it to a FALSE.


The guy from Kansas who is behind the Official Transcript Clock...waiting for Hillary's disclosure.

If you have not seen the iwilllookintoit website...take a look at the countdown.

The AP has an article today about the man behind the site.

The 40-year-old Kansan behind the Clinton-knocking website

WASHINGTON (AP) — Jed McChesney awoke Friday morning to find that his website had crashed. When he glanced up at MSNBC's "Morning Joe," he learned why: Bernie Sanders had tweeted it to his 1.5 million followers.

McChesney had made the site, iwilllookintoit.com, earlier this month, after hearing Hillary Clinton say those words in a Democratic presidential debate. That was her response when asked whether she would release transcripts of her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and other big banks.

Clinton's speeches were on McChesney's mind. A day earlier, she'd seemed dismissive of the six-figure fees the banks had given her when she said in an interview that's what they'd offered her.

"To me, it was the equivalent of her saying, 'Let them eat cake,'" McChesney said. And that's when the 40-year-old web developer in Olathe, Kansas said he became a fan of Sanders, whom he calls "genuine" and "the real deal."

Within a few days, McChesney had donated $650 to the campaign and created the now-famous website. It's exceedingly basic, with red text on a white background and a running timer showing how long it has been since Clinton uttered the "look into it" promise.

How Bill Clinton cussed James Clyburn out at 2 am after Hillary lost SC in 2008.

James Clyburn is an intelligent man, a respected politician. He is far more forgiving than I would be.

In a new memoir, the South Carolina congressman recounts a late night tirade by the former president.

In a new memoir -- “Blessed Experiences: Genuinely Southern, Proudly Black” -- due out this spring, Clyburn recounts how an irate Bill Clinton called him the early morning after the January primary at 2:15 a.m. to take him to task.

“If you bastards want a fight, you damn well will get one,” Clinton thundered.

As Clyburn tells it, the former president phoned to pin blame on the congressman, vent his frustration and seek an explanation on how his wife got whipped so badly.

Clyburn reminded Clinton he had pledged neutrality to the Democratic National Committee as a condition of them authorizing the South Carolina primary.

“I had kept that promise. I asked him to tell me why he felt otherwise. He exploded, used the word ‘bastard’ again, and accused me of causing her defeat and injecting race into the contest,” Clyburn writes.

In 2008 Clyburn also protested Bill Clinton's remarks strongly.

Black Leader in House Denounces Bill Clinton’s Remarks

In an interview with The New York Times late Thursday, Mr. Clyburn said Mr. Clinton’s conduct in this campaign had caused what might be an irreparable breach between Mr. Clinton and an African-American constituency that once revered him. “When he was going through his impeachment problems, it was the black community that bellied up to the bar,” Mr. Clyburn said. “I think black folks feel strongly that that this is a strange way for President Clinton to show his appreciation.”

Mr. Clyburn added that there appeared to be an almost “unanimous” view among African-Americans that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton were “committed to doing everything they possibly can to damage Obama to a point that he could never win.”

At one point before the South Carolina primary, Mr. Clyburn publicly urged Mr. Clinton to “chill a little bit.”

Clyburn has chosen to endorse Hillary Clinton. He is one of the politicians I have most admired, and I am sure he has his reasons.

I think Brian Fallon's tweet about Shepard Fairey's Bernie design is rude.

Brian is Hillary's press secretary.

Brian Fallon ‏@brianefallon 21h21 hours ago

Brian Fallon Retweeted Bernie Sanders

Diss Obama by day, do poor man's imitation of 2008 campaign by night.

Brian Fallon added,
Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders
Acclaimed artist and actvist Shepard Fairey has a new design in the Bernie Store: http://bernie.to/ShepardFairey-Tshirts


Here is the link to his Twitter feed.

Lordy, with Brian Fallon and David Brock as attack dogs....she needs no one else.

Bernie has many ideas to deal with racial issues. A comparison side by side.

A comparison:

Videos show Capehart totally exuberant over his great find...he's nearly jumping for joy.

This is exactly why it is important for Bernie's supporters to call out such things and push for a correction. He is showing a total lack of neutrality, which of course Chris Matthews and his thrilled leg gave up years ago.

Capehart sounds like a little child seeing a lighted Christmas tree on Christmas morning. His Twitter feed is even more upsetting. @capehartj

Jonathan Capehart has still not posted a mea culpa.

ALSO here's more Capehart exuberance with Andrea Mitchell. He's like a child with a new toy.

The photographer speaks out. "John Lewis, Bernie Sanders, “What is the Truth?”

From his website:

John Lewis, Bernie Sanders, "What is the truth"

Usually this blog gets from twenty to forty people a day looking at it. 47,851 have visited this site since we posted the pictures I made of young Bernie Sanders two days ago. They came looking for the truth. Three major news organizations have used a photograph I made of young Bernie Sanders as a twenty year old student at the University of Chicago to attack his campaign and to denigrate his early place in history.

In 1962, a few months before I made the pictures of Bernie as an early civil rights activist, I made another picture of another young man sitting quietly in the back of a church in Cairo, Illinois. I have published that in my book, Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement. I knew who John Lewis was when I saw him that morning because of his unparalleled bravery as a freedom rider. The year before we met, the Freedom Rides had made John Lewis a hero to all young, caring and politically engaged students. I was one of them, and I’m sure Bernie was another. It was 1962, over fifty-three years ago.

Bernie chose to organize in the North. I went south. I became the principle photographer of the southern civil rights movement, John Lewis’s roommate in Atlanta, and a paid staff member of the SNCC. In 1962 there were very few white northerners that went south. In many ways SNCC did not want them to come. Integrated groups in the deep South seemed to incite violence. Finally, in the summer of 1964, SNCC and CORE recruited students from the North, and a thousand, mostly northern whites came to Mississippi. Within days, just as Freedom Summer began, three were murdered. Andrew Goodman, Mickey Schwerner, and James Chaney. They were taken into the woods and lynched. Goodman and Schwerner were both from New York City. They were both Jewish, as I am. As Bernie Sanders is. Since the time of Roosevelt there had been a real effective political alliance between African Americans and Jewish Americans. The children of immigrants that had fled lands where they had been persecuted and discriminated against as a despised minority identified with and fought for the rights of American blacks. It was a natural and powerfully affective alliance.

.....The worst thing about Congressman John Lewis’s embrace of the Clintons and his attack on Bernie Sanders is that John Lewis is a pacifist. It is one of his most endearing and courageous qualities. Congressman Lewis never votes for a military appropriation. He is one of only four or five congressmen, out of five hundred, that votes this way. His Christmas card shows John and his friend the Dali Lama, touching heads and praying in Peace. He means it. John told me “war is outmoded”. John is right. But the crushing “politics as usual” of the Democratic Party has John supporting Hillary, who is a Hawk, and attacking Bernie Sanders, who is a much more peaceful politician.

In the last campaign when Hillary ran against President Obama, John supported Hillary. I was fishing on the Hudson when I reached John on my cell. “John” I said, “You’ve got to switch. You can create the first black president of the United States.” John said he’d been getting a lot of calls and there would “be an announcement soon.” A week later John switched his support to Barack Obama.

Danny Lyons makes clear his support of Bernie Sanders, but he shows his respect for John Lewis as well.

I understand Time Magazine is still not taking his word for who's in the picture. Looking for that link now.

PHOTOGRAPHER says he took the pic of Bernie leading the sit-in. I believe him.

I have been stunned to see how this has escalated. Bernie Sanders has been known for his credibility and honesty.

Do we believe the photographer or the reporters who were not there.

Bernie Sanders Leads 1963 Sit-in

That winter at the University of Chicago, there was a sit-in inside the administration building protesting discrimination against blacks in university owned housing. I went to it with a CORE activist and friend. The sit in was in a crowded hallway, blocking the entrance to the office of Dr. George Beadle, the chancellor.

I took the photograph of Bernie Sanders speaking to his fellow CORE members at that sit-in. Bob McNamara, a close friend and CORE activist, is in the very corner next to me in the picture. Across the room from me is another campus photographer named Wexler, who taught me how to develop film. I photographed Bernie a second time after he got a haircut, as he appeared next to the noble laureate and chancellor Dr. George Beadle. Time Magazine is now claiming it is not Bernie in the picture but someone else. It is Bernie, and it is proof of his very early dedication to justice for African Americans. The CORE sit-in that Bernie helped lead was the first civil rights sit-in to take place in the North.

Editing to add that the photographer used the word "slander".

SLANDER is the word civil rights photographer is using for those that question Bernie's involvement

The slander that Bernie was not a very early leader for African American civil rights got so outrageous that persons went into the archives of the University of Chicago and changed captions on Danny Lyon’s 1962 photos, claiming it was Bruce Rappaport standing in Bernie’s clothing leading the demonstration in the Ad Building. These newly discovered pictures, including close up photographs of the student activists show us exactly what Bernie was and what he remains.

Here is the About page from that site:



Danny Lyon is a photo-journalist, writer and filmmaker. His website is bleakbeauty.com

Among his many books are The Bikeriders, Conversations with the Dead, and Knave of Hearts. His latest non-fiction book is Like A Thief’s Dream, PowerHouse Books. Daniel Joseph Lyon was born in Brooklyn , New York on March 16, 1942. Roosevelt was President. World War Two was on going in Europe, Africa and Asia. Segregation was the law of the land in 13 southern states. Native Americans were not allowed to purchase alcohol in New Mexico. Most blacks could not or did not vote in the deep south. Lyon attended NYC public schools in Kew Gardens and Forest Hills, Queens, and in 1959 bought his first camera, an Exa SLR in Munich, Germany during a summer trip, then entered the University of Chicago, where he eventually majored in philosophy and ancient history. In 1963 he became The Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee’s (SNCC) first photographer . Danny Lyon’s photographs are in Museums and collections through out the world. His most recent one man show was at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. He regularly shows at the Edwynn Houk Gallery in NYC.

Video: Bernie rips Kissinger in a beautiful way.

Wow! David Brock's Blue Nation slamming Bernie supporters over John Lewis. Hateful stuff there.

I have never been in a campaign in which the supporters of a candidate were treated with such disregard and disdain.

It wasn't pleasant being a Deaniac, but this is far worse.

I do not think John Lewis should have said what he did about not remembering Bernie. It made it sound like he was questioning his honesty. He should have just endorsed Hillary.

Here's the page from David Brock's newly acquired Blue Nation Review. Don't forget to read the comments. Some are almost threats.

NEW LOW: Civil Rights Legend John Lewis Getting Trolled by Bernie Supporters

By Leela Daou
February 11, 2016

Positively mind-numbing to see anyone trying to question the integrity or judgment of a giant like Rep. John Lewis. See the instant outcry below (and we’ve included a few heinous examples to illustrate how low these trolls will go).

Jose Antonio Vargas


You best not come for John Lewis. Regardless of whom u support (#feelthebern or #ImWithHer) do not come for the walking hero.
12:15 PM - 11 Feb 2016

230 230 Retweets

omar durazo @duraznomar

whew, if ppl try to come for john lewis #onhere…guys, there’s a chance today could be really unpleasant.
12:59 PM - 11 Feb 2016

mani Gandy

John Lewis who got his ass beat in the 60s by cops is establishment bc he's in Congress, but Sanders who's also in Congress isn't?
The jig.

I will not quote some of the others.

I am sad to see the racism and smears about Bernie's honesty that are going on right now.

There is no need for it.

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