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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 52,887

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Kushner owns the Mark of the Beast?

Today, 666 Fifth Avenue appears to be the most troubled of the projects Kushner left behind for his family to manage. With one-fourth of its offices empty, lease revenue does not cover monthly interest payments, according to lending documents. A $1.2 billion mortgage, with escalating interest rates, comes due in 18 months. A ratings agency has classified a $115 million portion of the loan as “troubled,” and company officials decline to say whether it will be fully repaid.

Irmas now Cat. 2 as per cnn. no link.

Dumb Stuff Said On TV About Irma thread. I'll start:

Some guy on MSNBC, I forget who:
"This surge water will be SALT water. That's different from FRESH water."
Uh, yeah. It's got salt in it.

Please contribute.

Link to fantastic interactive weather map.


Have a hat

It was a cold winter night in Anchorage.

The snow was two feet deep.
I slid into my favorite dive bar, Darwin's Revenge.
I sat down at the small U shaped bar and asked the bartenderess for a beer.
Darwin's staff was all female.

Half way through my beer a guy on the other side of the U shouted "RED HOTS! FOR THE BAR!"

The bartender started pouring shots.
Turned out it was cinnamon schnapps.
Then she slugged each shot with a generous dollop of Tabasco.
And passed them out.
They tasted just like the red hot candies.

Try it on a cold winter night.
You'll like it.
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