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brooklynite's Journal
brooklynite's Journal
April 24, 2024

Pennsylvania Primary: Attorney General (60% reported)

Eugene DePasquale
244,934 38.1%

Jack Stollsteimer
122,068 +19.0%

Joe Khan
100,644 +15.7%

April 24, 2024

Trump Says Roe's Demise 'Working Out Very Well'

Los Angeles Magazine

Former President Donald Trump took his boast about overturning Roe v. Wade to a critical swing state Tuesday, even as he was stuck in court in New York City.

Appearing remotely before going into court for his election interference trial, Trump told Philadelphia's ABC6 that his administration "terminated Roe v. Wade."

"When you look at it and you look at what's happening all over the country now, states are voting," Trump said. "Ohio just voted. All different by the way. It's tailor made, and it's really working out well for people and they're very, very happy."

Ohio voters voted last November to amend the state constitution to protect abortion rights with about 57 percent support. Similar efforts have also passed in red states like Kansas and Kentucky and appear headed for the ballot in Florida and Arizona this November.

April 23, 2024

Testimony of David Pecker in the Trump Trial

Source: Meidas Touch

Pecker resumed his testimony on Tuesday morning after Trump's gag order hearing. He said that he has known Trump since the 1980s and they had a "great relationship." He said that when Trump was doing The Apprentice, he would let him know ahead of time who was about to be fired so he could have the story first. He said they typically spoke about once a month, but that changed in 2015 and he spoke to him more often when Trump ran for president.

Pecker said that he visited Trump at Trump Tower on multiple occasions, and that he observed him at work reviewing invoices and signing checks. He said he was "detail oriented ... almost a micro-manager" about his business affairs. Pecker said he first met Michael Cohen at bar mitzvah.

He said that Trump introduced him to Cohen in 2007 and told him in 2015 that if anything came across his desk that pertained to him including any rumors about him that he should call Michael Cohen and let him know about it. He said that is when things started to get busy on the Trump front and he was contacted Cohen "almost daily" during the 2016 campaign.

Pecker said he was invited by Trump to his campaign announcement in June 2015 where he came down the golden escalator. In an email to Pecker, Michael Cohen wrote, "No one deserves to be there more than you."

Read more: https://www.meidastouch.com/news/testimony-of-david-pecker-in-the-trump-trial

April 23, 2024

The rise of the remote husband

The Economist

In Costa Mesa, a city in California’s wealthy, beachy Orange County, she is working her way up to becoming a partner in the local office of a major law firm; he is an executive at a tech startup based in the Bay Area, more than 400 miles away. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is writing code from their apartment just off-campus, while she attends her classes at Harvard Law School. She is an obstetrician, he works remotely for a tech company; she is an academic at an Ivy League university, he works for a crypto company. All over the country, among the well-heeled and well-educated, a new trend appears to be emerging. When the wives head out in the morning, to their offices, classrooms or hospitals, they are waving goodbye to their husbands, who remain at home.

This is hardly a gender-swapped 1950s revival. The men are still working, after all, not predominantly cooking, cleaning and caring for children. But it does reflect an underappreciated effect of the rise of remote work: the rise of the remote husband.

Men and women still specialise in different kinds of work. Jobs in industries like computer science and engineering are disproportionately performed by men. Teaching and nursing jobs are dominated by women. Professions like law and medicine may still employ more men than women, but the scales are tipping: more women than men are enrolled in law school and medical school. As such, among young couples, she is probably more likely to be going to be a lawyer or a doctor than he is.

Different occupations have also had to take different approaches to remote working. A minority of medical professionals may be able to work remotely, by taking telehealth jobs, but the vast majority have to treat their patients in person. Lawyers may be tied to a specific state or area by their licence and speciality. Meanwhile, the industries which reported the highest level of remote-work flexibility are coding and technology, architecture, engineering and business jobs. About half of people working in computer or mathematical jobs work remotely full-time.

The upshot is that, in aggregate, it is easier for men to work from wherever they please. A survey carried out by McKinsey, a consultancy, found that 38% of working men had the option to work remotely full-time, compared with 30% of women. Roughly half of women report being unable to work remotely at all, compared with 39% of men.
April 23, 2024

NYU pro-Palestinian protesters cleared out by NYPD, several arrests made. See the school's response.

Source: CBS News

NEW YORK -- A pro-Palestinian encampment at NYU was cleared out by police Monday night, resulting in several arrests.

The NYPD moved in on the demonstration at Gould Plaza near the Stern School of Business just after 8:15 p.m. and started taking down tents and making arrests.

CBS New York's Dan Rice reported at least two dozen demonstrators being taken to four police buses. While that was happening, protesters started throwing objects in the direction of police officers.

"We stand with Palestine and we stand with the liberation of all people," one protester said.

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/pro-palestinian-protests-erupt-outside-nyus-stern-school-of-business/

A NY POST article says that Faculty members attempted to block the police movement. When I was an NYC Faculty member, I would not have joined them.
April 23, 2024

Politico: Dems to Biden: Go big on IVF

Congressional Democrats are demanding President JOE BIDEN provide insurance coverage for in-vitro fertilization to all federal employees, arguing it would be one of the most concrete moves the administration can take after the Alabama state Supreme Court jeopardized access to such fertility treatments.

Currently, the insurance program that covers more than 8 million federal employees and their families across the country has limited coverage for IVF. That has forced many federal employees to assume tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical bills should they choose to pursue the treatment.

More than 175 House and Senate Democrats are now calling on the Office of Personnel Management to require IVF coverage in all Federal Employee Health Benefit insurance policies.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling — and the Alabama court decision which declared that embryos created by IVF should be considered children — Democrats are looking for ways to expand and protect IVF access.

April 23, 2024

Politico: The Pennsylvania House race testing the fallout from the Israel-Hamas war

PITTSBURGH — Few Democrats would seem to be more vulnerable to the political fallout of the Israel-Hamas war than Summer Lee.

The first high-profile progressive House member to face a contested primary this year, her Pittsburgh-based district is home to a tight-knit Jewish community that is grappling with the effects of the war. Last month, dozens of Jewish leaders signed an open letter to the Pennsylvania representative blistering her for her criticism of Israel’s government and “divisive rhetoric, which, at times, we have perceived as openly antisemitic.”

And in a district still stricken by the massacre of Jews at the Tree of Life synagogue by an antisemitic gunman, signs for her primary opponent Bhavini Patel, a small-town city council member, stand in many yards beside ones that read, “We stand with Israel.”

Yet for as much as the Israel-Hamas war has inflamed intraparty divisions on the left, the April 23 primary here is poised to test the limits of the conflict as an electoral issue.


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