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brooklynite's Journal
brooklynite's Journal
January 31, 2023

2 other Memphis officers were relieved of duty, and 3 fire department workers are fired

Source: CNN

A total of seven Memphis police officers were relieved of duty the day after Tyre Nichols was beaten by officers and hospitalized, police said Monday. Five officers have since been fired, and two other officers are still subjects of an internal investigation.

Earlier, police named Officer Preston Hemphill as one of the officers who remains on administrative leave.

Also, three Memphis Fire Department personnel who responded to the beating have been fired, the department said Monday.

Fallout from the deadly police beating of Tyre Nichols now includes a sixth Memphis officer removed from duties, demands for more criminal charges against officers and calls for nationwide police reform.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/30/us/tyre-nichols-protests-monday/index.html
January 30, 2023

About 1,000 US flights canceled as winter weather snarls travel

Source: CNN

Nearly 1,000 Monday flights have been canceled in the US as winter weather moves through the middle of the country.

Most of the cancellations so far are affecting Dallas Love Field and Dallas-Fort Worth International airports in Texas.

As of about 4:30 p.m. ET, about 990 flights within, into or out of the US had been canceled Monday, according to flight tracking site FlightAware, with more than 3,600 delays.

About half of those cancellations are Southwest Airlines flights. The Dallas-based airline, which had an operations meltdown over the holidays, had canceled about 12% of its Monday schedule – about 480 flights, according to FlightAware.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/flight-cancellations-delays-monday-winter-weather/index.html
January 30, 2023

Matt and Mercedes Schlapp Off the Air at Fox News After Groping Allegation


The Daily Beast first reported on Jan. 6 that an unnamed staffer on Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign accused Schlapp of groping his crotch non-consensually while the two shared a car in Atlanta last October.

Schlapp, who organizes the influential Conservative Political Action Conference, denied the allegations through his lawyer. The accuser, described by the Times as a longtime Republican political aide, is now suing Schlapp for defamation and conspiracy over the alleged sexual assault.

Since the Beast story broke, Matt and Mercedes, who were regulars on Fox News and Fox Business, have disappeared from the air. Mercedes, who served in former President Donald Trump’s White House and on his unsuccessful 2020 campaign, was last on the air the morning of Jan. 6, while Matt hasn’t appeared on either network since Jan. 4.

Fox has yet to cover the groping allegation. The network did not respond to a request for comment on the absence of the Schlapps from the air.

January 30, 2023

Guess who's suing whom?


PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, 45th President of the United States of America, in his individual capacity,
Civil Action Number:
SIMON & SCHUSTER, INC., a New York corporation, ROBERT WOODWARD p.k.a.
BOB WOODWARD, an individual, and PARAMOUNT GLOBAL, a Delaware
corporation f/k/a VIACOMCBS, INC., a Delaware corporation, f/k/a Viacom Inc., successor by merger to CBSCorporation,
a Pennsylvania corporation f/k/a Westinghouse Electric Corporation,


Nature of Action

“The media today probably does not dig deeply enough or spend sufficient time on stories. The best way to ensure that sources will be open and honest is to treat them fairly.” This is an excerpt from a response provided by journalist Bob Woodward posted in a Questions and Answers section on his website, bobwoodward.com. When it came to treating President Trump fairly, Mr. Woodward talked the talk, but he failed to walk the walk.

This case centers on Mr. Woodward’s systematic usurpation, manipulation, and exploitation of audio of President Trump gathered in connection with a series of interviews conducted by Mr. Woodward. Said audio was protected material, subject to various limitations on use and distribution—as a matter of copyright, license, contract, basic principles of the publishing industry, and core values of fairness and consent. In usurping, manipulating, and exploiting such material, Mr. Woodward has acted in concert with (i) SSI, a major publishing company which brings the work of many authors, including Woodward, to hundreds of countries and territories, and (ii) SSI’s parent company, Paramount. Individually and collectively, these entities have systematically, blatantly, and unlawfully usurped President Trump’s copyright interests, his contractual rights, and the rights he holds as an interviewee,1 through the publication of an audiobook (and other works, as set forth below) predicated upon the subject audio—solely for their own financial gain and without any accounting or recompense to him.

January 30, 2023

For 'Amtrak Joe' Biden, Baltimore rail tunnel visit personal

AP News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Ulysses S. Grant was still president when workers finished the Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel, which connected Philadelphia and Washington through rail travel for the first time.

But 150 years later, the tunnel that runs under some of Baltimore’s residential neighborhoods is more of a chokepoint than a lifeline. There’s only one tube, and trains need to slow down to just 30 mph (48 kilometers per hour) to navigate a tight turn on the southern end.

It’s a problem that President Joe Biden knows well, having commuted from Delaware to Washington on Amtrak for decades while serving as a U.S. senator. Last week he recalled walking the length of the tunnel, illuminated only by lights on a string as water dripped from the roof.

“There’s a great worry,” he said, “that part of it could collapse.”

This is why there will never be "real" high rail in the northeast corridor. You have to build completely new infrastructure for trains running at 250-300 mph, not jury rig something that's 175 years old.

January 29, 2023

Politico: Hochul faces tough choices on her rejected chief judge pick. None are good for her.

ALBANY, N.Y. — She could simply pull the nomination, admit defeat and move onto the next news cycle. Or she could continue to delay, threaten a fight and keep an unwanted mess alive.

Either way, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul continues to twist over what to do after her own party last week rejected Hector LaSalle as chief judge of the state Court of Appeals — New York’s highest court — an embarrassing loss for the Democratic governor in the initial weeks of her first full term.

Hochul has been far from decisive on her next steps, warning reporters Tuesday not to make assumptions about her contemplativeness. A fight over a chief judge nomination in New York is unique and reminiscent of the fights over U.S. Supreme Court nominees in Congress — not in a Democratic-controlled statehouse.

“You’re jumping ahead in your own analysis,” Hochul said after an unrelated event in Albany. “You’re making an assumption that I have not stated to be factual that we’re going down a certain path. I recommend you don’t do that because you will all know everything you need to know in due process and due time.”

January 29, 2023

Nadhim Zahawi sacked as Tory party chair over tax affairs

Source: The Guardian

Rishi Sunak has sacked the Conservative party chair, Nadhim Zahawi, after he was found to have breached the ministerial code by failing to declare the HMRC investigation into his tax affairs.

An investigation by the prime minister’s ethics adviser, Sir Laurie Magnus, concluded that Zahawi had made a “serious breach” of the code by not telling officials he was under investigation by the tax body when he was appointed chancellor by Boris Johnson.

He had also failed to officially declare that he paid a settlement to HMRC for tax avoidance when he was given cabinet positions by Liz Truss last September and when Sunak made him Tory chair and minister without portfolio in September.

His departure comes after a damaging few weeks for Sunak, who had pledged “integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level” of his government on entering No 10 but was facing growing calls to sack Zahawi over his tax affairs.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/jan/29/nadhim-zahawi-sacked-tory-party-chair-tax-affairs-rishi-sunak

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