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Name: Chris Bastian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,040

Journal Archives

Pete Buttigieg 4th Qtr fundraising explained

Klobuchar: I'm well-positioned to win

Conway Daily Sun

CONWAY — Democratic presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar visited the Mount Washington Valley this week, drawing 200 people to Kennett Middle School for a town hall on Sunday and telling a Conway Daily Sun editorial board on Monday that she is well-positioned to beat Donald Trump in a general election showdown thanks to her moderate Midwestern style of politics and ability to get things done.

The U.S. senator from Minnesota is in a crowded field of Democrats who will be competing in the Feb. 11 New Hampshire Primary. Others include former Vice President Joe Biden; South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg; and fellow U.S. senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg and entrepreneur Andrew Yang are still in it, as well as Cory Booker, John Delaney, Marianne Williamson, Deval Patrick and Tulsi Gabbard.

In an editorial board that was live-streamed on the Sun’s Facebook page on Monday morning, Klobuchar said that while Trump captured Midwestern states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa in 2016, Democrats came “roaring back” in the midterm elections of 2018.

“I can appeal to independents, too,” she said, reminding the room that Minnesota was the state that voted professional wrestler Jesse Ventura into office as governor.

Tulsi Gabbard goes after the critical dude vote...


Israel's Netanyahu seeks immunity from corruption charges

Source: Politico

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday he would seek immunity from corruption charges, likely delaying any trial until after March elections, when he hopes to have a majority coalition that will shield him from prosecution.

Netanyahu was indicted in November on charges of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust. After failing to assemble a governing majority following back-to-back elections last year, he will get a third shot at remaining in office in March.

Wednesday’s announcement essentially turns the upcoming election into a referendum on whether Netanyahu should be granted immunity and remain in office, or step down and stand trial. A recent poll indicated that a majority of Israelis oppose giving him immunity.

In a nationally televised address, Netanyahu repeated his assertion that he is the victim of an unfair conspiracy, lashing out at prosecutors, the media and his political enemies. Claiming credit for a series of economic and security achievements on his watch, he said he would seek to invoke the law that would protect him from prosecution as long as he remains in office.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/01/01/israel-netanyahu-corruption-charges-092228

Australia fires: Race to evacuate thousands before conditions worsen

Source: Axios

Australian authorities are racing to evacuate thousands of people stranded in the states of New South Wales and Victoria, with the military helping people escape the deadly wildfires by sea.

The latest: A naval ship with a 1,000-person capacity docked off the coast of Malacoota, Victoria, is set to evacuate some of the 4,000 people sheltering on the beach from fires, authorities said.

The NSW Rural Fire Service issued a "tourist leave zone" ahead of the arrival of dangerous conditions Saturday from fires expected to stretch over 150 miles along the South Coast to the state border with Victoria.

The NSW Police opened a major highway northbound Wednesday night to enable thousands of tourists who'd been stranded from Milton to Batemans Bay, an area stretching some 35 miles, to leave, per the Daily Telegraph, which reports major power and communications outages in the area caused by the fires.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/australia-fires-race-to-evacuate-thousands-24985267-e213-470e-99b7-cb190db1a217.html

Something to consider with respect to Iowa...

Unlike New Hampshire, where a vote for a marginal candidate who gets less than 15% is essentially wasted, Iowa Caucus voters get two bite at the apple: after the first round, candidates without 15% support are dropped and their voters can join a second candidate group.

The latest Iowa Poll (12/12-12/16) has:

Buttigieg 24
Sanders 21
Warren 18
Biden 15
Klobuchar 4
Booker 3
Steyer 3
Yang 3
Gabbard 3
Castro 1
Other/Undecided 5

Where will those extra votes go? I'd say:
- Klobuchar goes 2/2 for Biden and Buttigieg
- Booker goes 2/1 for Biden and Buttigieg
- Steyer goes 2/1 for Biden and Buttigieg
- Yang goeds 2/1 for Sanders and Warren
- Gabbard goes 3 for Sanders
- Castro goes 1 for Warren

That gives us:
Buttigieg 28
Sanders 26
Biden 21
Warren 20

Cold War Between Biden and Mayor Pete Suddenly Burns Hot

The Daily Beast

For months, former Vice President Joe Biden and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg have avoided any major direct confrontation during the sporadic gloves-off skirmishes of the Democratic primary. Biden, the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Buttigieg, a veteran of the Afghanistan war, have each sought to make cogent commander-in-chief cases on the campaign trail—hardly ever at each other’s expense.

But with just over a month until caucusing commences, the unpredictability of the political cycle has turned the notion of an inevitable winner upside down, with two of the leading contenders—a 77-year-old established politician and a 37-year-old Beltway neophyte—now on a collision course over one of their most powerful shared interests.

The two men have markedly different approaches to highlighting contrasts with their rivals. Biden, who has reliably topped national polls since launching his campaign in April, tends to employ a simple approach: Stay (mostly) out of the fray; attack (mostly) only when attacked; and try, with varying degrees of success, to stick to the script.

Buttigieg, whose final term as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, officially ends at noon on Wednesday, prefers the opposite. When Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) hesitated for weeks to release financial details of her health care proposal, for example, the mayor made sure to note that resistance during a televised debate in front of millions of viewers. When Warren hit back in a subsequent event for Buttigieg’s frequent appearance at high-dollar fundraisers, he reminded viewers she’s the “wealthy person”—not him.

Now, with the two moderate Democrats just three percentage points away from each other in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two early voting states that tee off the nominating contest in mere weeks, Buttigieg has gone on a rare offensive against Biden. The mayor has criticized the former senator’s Iraq War vote—a favorite line of attack from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who was opposed to the effort—and changed his tone on Biden’s son Hunter, who has been the subject of a coordinated misinformation campaign from President Donald Trump.

BERN NOTICE: Bernie vs Biden On Having a GOP Runningmate

Bernie 2020
Bern Notice is a production of the Bernie 2020 campaign.

During the holiday week Joe Biden told an audience that if he wins the Democratic primary, he is open to putting a Republican on the ticket. At an Iowa press conference yesterday, Bernie drew a contrast, declaring that if he wins the Democratic nomination, he will not have a Republican as vice president.

Biden’s comments are only the latest in a series of declarations in which Biden has touted and boosted Republicans:

Those comments underscore how Biden has repeatedly broken with Democrats and helped Republicans in the Senate. Biden undermined congressional Democratic opposition and voted with Republicans for the Iraq War, welfare cuts, mass incarceration, financial deregulation, the bankruptcy bill and corporate-written trade deals. By contrast, Bernie led the fight against those policies.

Tulsi Gabbrd raised $3.4 M


Buttigieg campaign announces $24.7 million raised in fourth quarter ahead of primaries

The Hill

South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced in a statement that his presidential campaign raised more than $24.7 million in the fourth quarter early Wednesday morning. The total exceeds the $19.2 million he raised in the last three-month period.

The presidential hopeful's press secretary, Chris Meagher, said that the campaign received over 2 million donations from more than 733,000 individuals in 2019, bringing the total of his fundraising efforts to over $76 million for the entire year.

Noting enthusiasm for the mayor's campaign, Meagher said, "..it's clear the American people are responding to Pete's message of rallying our country together around bold solutions that will build the coalition we need to beat Trump and usher in a new era the day after Trump leaves office."

The statement also reported that the majority of contributions made to Pete for America were less than $200, the average donation was $38.
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