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Profile Information

Name: Chris Bastian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,146

Journal Archives

Second outlier poll of the season...


BREAKING: Parliament defeats Boris Johnson; forces debate on anti No-Deal Brexit Bill

Passes 328-301

BREAKING: Parliament now voting on taking up anti-Brexit Bill

Breaking: NC State Court throws out State Legislature redistricting plans

New plans must be prepared for 2020


Parliament is wrapping up debate on taking up a Bill to prevent a no-deal Brexit

This is the equivalent of a Senate cloture vote to take up debate. Likely to pass, but Johnson has threatened to drop any Conservative who supports the resolution from a Party slate in the next election.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Trump has heart disease (CNN)

BREAKING: Anti-Brexiters just raised motion to force emergency debate to block no-deal

An SO24 is officially known as a Standing Order No 24.

According to the Parliamentary website, the rule enables an MP to apply to the Speaker of the House for an emergency debate between Mondays and Thursdays during sitting time.

The website states: “If the Speaker has given the MP leave they will have three minutes to make a speech after question time and any urgent questions or ministerial statements.


Live feed: https://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/ff02f7f6-014a-4a8c-9ef7-bd2cd9986e53

De Blasio logged a 7-hour work month at City Hall

New York Post

Mayor Bill de Blasio spent a mere seven hours — less than one full workday — at City Hall during the month he launched his bid for the White House, records reviewed by The Post show.

Hizzoner showed up at his office on just six occasions in May, taking part in two meetings, four events and five phone calls, one of which was his weekly appearance on WNYC radio, according to entries on his official calendar.

The 11 appointments amounted to a meager one-fifth of the 50 meetings, calls and other events at City Hall on de Blasio’s calendar for May 2018. He had a total 152 city events scheduled for the month.

Not necessarily a bad thing.....

Brexit: Tory MP defects to Lib Dems

Source: The Guardian

The Tory Phillip Lee has just issued this statement about his defection to the Lib Dems.

Over 27 years ago I joined the Conservative & Unionist party led by Sir John Major. Since 2010 I have had the privilege of representing the Bracknell Constituency. The party I joined in 1992 is not the party I am leaving today.

This Conservative government is aggressively pursuing a damaging Brexit in unprincipled ways. It is putting lives and livelihoods at risk unnecessarily and it is wantonly endangering the integrity of the United Kingdom. More widely, it is undermining our country’s economy, democracy and role in the world. It is using political manipulation, bullying and lies. And it is doing these things in a deliberate and considered way.

That is why today I am joining Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats. I believe the Liberal Democrats are best placed to build the unifying and inspiring political force needed to heal our divisions, unleash our talents, equip us to take the opportunities and overcome the challenges that we face as a society - and leave our country and our world in a better place for the next generations.

This means that Boris Johnson has lost his majority.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2019/sep/03/commons-showdown-looms-in-battle-over-no-deal-brexit-live

BREAKING: Boris Johnson loses Parliamentary majority

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