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Name: Chris Bastian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,790

Journal Archives

Biden is still leading in the polls, and voters say he won his first debate against Trump

Source: CNBC

Democrat Joe Biden came into the first debate ahead of President Donald Trump in the national polls. If voter reactions to the first debate are any indication, Biden is likely to keep a hold on the lead after the face-off, too.

Here’s what some of the national polling trackers said Thursday morning:
* The NBC News national polling average had Biden up 7.9 points over Trump. That figure is based on an unweighted average of the 10 most recent reliable public opinion polls.
* The RealClearPolitics general election polling average showed Biden with a 6.6-point lead over Trump.
FiveThirtyEight’s national polling tracker gave Biden a 7.6-point advantage.
* Three polls asking who won Tuesday night’s debate show Biden coming out on top – though respondents, along with most commentators and even the moderator himself, gave dismal reviews to the contest itself, which appears to have changed few minds.

A CNBC/Change Research poll conducted Tuesday night and Wednesday found 53% of likely voters nationwide said Biden did a better job in the debate, compared with 29% for Trump. The poll also found 45% of those surveyed saying Trump performed worse than expectations, while 11% said the same for Biden.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/01/biden-leads-polls-voters-say-he-beat-trump-in-first-debate.html

BREAKING: Trump rejects debate rule changes?


Biden campaign going on air (Statewide) is GA, TX, OH


After pandemic delay, Biden launching in-person canvassing

Source: AP News

NEW YORK (AP) — After months of avoiding direct contact with voters because of the pandemic, Joe Biden’s campaign is about to launch in-person canvassing efforts across several battleground states.

The decision comes amid growing concern from Democratic officials on the ground in key states who fear that Biden has been giving a significant advantage to President Donald Trump and his Republican allies, who have been aggressively courting voters at their doorsteps for months. The reversal also reflects a sense of rising urgency as polls tighten in key states just a month before Election Day.

Biden’s campaign, which detailed the new effort to The Associated Press, insists that its existing phone and online voter-outreach operation is effective. The new plans will build upon what’s already in place, not replace it.

“Our voter contact operation is the most innovative and technologically advanced of any presidential campaign in history, and it has been thriving in this unprecedented environment,” Biden campaign manager Jenn O’Malley Dillon said.

Read more: https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-virus-outbreak-joe-biden-donald-trump-elections-1e4e392fff3fed0a7925ef9cd9ca33e1

Trump's ex-national security adviser says president is 'aiding and abetting' Putin

Source: Politico

“I agree that he is aiding and abetting Putin’s efforts by not being direct about this, right? By not just calling out Putin for what he’s doing,” McMaster said.
“You know, Putin gets away with, I mean, literally murder or attempted murder … because people don’t call him out on it,” he added. “And so they are able to continue with this kind of fire hose of falsehood, to sow these conspiracy theories. And we just can’t be our own worst enemies.”

McMaster was referring to the president’s complaints about mail-in balloting and claims of widespread voter fraud in the closing months of the general election campaign. Trump has repeatedly said Democrats are sending millions of “unsolicited” ballots to Americans and that the outcome of the election may not be known for months, if it is ever determined.

But only nine states are automatically mailing all voters ballots this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, and five of those states regularly mail every voter a ballot. Experts acknowledge there are some slightly higher fraud risks associated with mail-in voting compared with in-person voting, but only when proper security measures are not in place.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/01/former-national-security-adviser-trump-putin-424458


Friends -- see below for today's Dose of Joe.

Yesterday, Jill and Joe Biden embarked on the “Build Back Better Express” train tour to travel across eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania— areas that went to Trump in 2016. Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden launched the tour in Cleveland, Ohio where he gave remarks on what’s at stake in this election, how Donald Trump has failed working families, and what Biden will do as President to rebuild the middle class. You can watch full remarks HERE.

Doug Emhoff will travel to Virginia during early voting. He will visit an early voting location in Henrico County with former Governor Terry McAuliffe and Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, and then will attend a Jewish Americans for Biden meet and greet with Filler-Corn and other Virginians. Mr. Emhoff will then visit an Alexandria early voting location with Governor McAuliffe and Congressman Don Beyer (VA-08), and they will wrap up the day with a visit to La Cocina with Latino small business leaders.

Yesterday, the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) endorsed Joe Biden for President. And on Monday, former Montana Governor and Republican National Committee Chair Marc Racicot endorsed Biden as well. And Governor Marc Racicot endorsed Joe Biden during a Yellowstone Public Radio interview.

A new Ipsos poll conducted for Thomson Reuters has Biden leading Donald Trump nationally 51-42%. And a new YouGov poll has Biden leading nationally 50-42%.



@JoeBiden: Last night, I went toe-to-toe with Donald Trump and laid out my vision for a stronger, more inclusive America. Check out a few of the top moments from the first debate:

@JoeBiden: Chip in to help us take this train all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave: https://joe.link/36kuCpH

@JoeBiden: Listening to folks and discussing how we can make their lives better. It’s what our Build Back Better Express Tour is all about — and it’s what I’ll do every day as your president.

Biden campaigns raised $21.5 M in one day


What I learned at DU this evening...

Chris Cuomo DESTROYED Ted Cruz!!!

Ted Cruz WALKED ALL OVER Chris Cuomo!!!

Listen to What Trump 2016 Swing-State Voters Had to Say About the Debate

The Bulwark

On Wednesday night I checked back in with a focus group of female 2016 Trump voters in swing states that I’ve been tracking to get their reactions on the debate. And there’s no sugar-coating it: Whatever Donald Trump was trying to do last night backfired with this group spectacularly.

TX Voter: “Donald Trump was one of the most obnoxious and rude people in the universe. I have to hand it to Joe, he held his wits better than I thought he would. I guess my question is: Do I really have to vote? I don’t know but I want to, but it was discouraging. I don’t think either one won.

FL Voter: “That was the one thing that moved the barometer in the debate for me. I found that appalling. I still don’t know if I have a reason to vote for Biden, but that closed the door on voting for Trump. It really was appalling. It shut the door on me feeling like I could vote for him. I don’t feel like I have an option to go to from there. How he handled the issue of systemic racism and every question related to that was appalling.”

TX Voter: “I don’t know if I am going to stick with him. That was awful last night. I’m moving more towards the fence, I really am. It was despicable behavior, the way he attacked Joe’s sons, one of whom is dead, it was terrible.

Today's Google search term...

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