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Art of rejoinder: Trump lashed out at the Academy. Their response tho...


Caroline Casey
Art of rejoinder

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Trump lashed out at the Academy. Their response tho…

I spy with my little eye...a rover.🧐 See if you can spot @NASAPersevere in this image taken by the #Ma


I spy with my little eye…a rover.🧐
See if you can spot @NASAPersevere in this image taken by the #MarsHelicopter during its third flight on April 25, 2021. Ingenuity was flying at an altitude of 16 ft (5 m) and ~279 ft (~85 m) from the rover at the time. http://go.nasa.gov/ingenuity

🚨Alabama AG Steve Marshall pulls out of National Attorneys General Association


Jennifer Taub

Brandon Richards
🚨Alabama AG Steve Marshall pulls out of National Attorneys General Association

Just so we’re clear, MARSHALL is:

—>Staying CHAIR of the org that SPONSORED & PROMOTED the Jan 6 deadly insurrection

—>Leaving the org committed to stopping hate crimes

Insurrectionist Spotlight: William Rogan Reid aka Blumpkinvice



Ryan J. Reilly
"you’re not going to incarcerate me, motherfuckers. The 6th was a warning,” Reid said in an Instagram video posted under the name “blumpkinvice.”

Kyle Cheney
JUST IN: Prosecutors seeking the detention of 1/6 riot suspect William Rogan Reid say they couldn't find his cell phone when they searched his home. But they did find this message he posted to Discord that might explain things >>>

Ryan J. Reilly
Apr 27, 2021
Replying to @ryanjreilly
Classic April Fool’s Joke! https://documentcloud.org/documents/20692018-reid-memo

Ryan J. Reilly
The FBI said they might’ve had trouble finding Reid’s cell phone because he’s a hoarder.

"the Residence was filled with an excessive accumulation of items, consistent with a persistent refusal to discard or part with possessions…”

The Crazy Case of Gaetz Wingman's Fraudulent COVID Relief Loans


Joyce Alene
Gaetz buddy Greenberg’s fed’l charges include 6 counts related to fraudulently obtaining around 400K in Covid loans by bribing a recently hired Small Business Administration official to overlook federal regulations. No word on whether Gaetz knew.

The Crazy Case of Gaetz Wingman’s Fraudulent COVID Relief Loans


Among the 33 charges Joel Greenberg is facing—including sex trafficking—are allegations that he bribed a government official and obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL). According to the indictment, Greenberg, with the help of unnamed co-conspirators, bribed a newly hired Small Business Administration official in order to skirt federal regulations that would have otherwise prevented him from accessing disaster relief money set aside for businesses hurt by the pandemic....

Prosecutors say Greenberg, with help from a “Recruiter Conspirator,” conscripted a government loan officer to override the SBA’s automated system. Among the list of criteria that the co-conspirators faked was revenue in the preceding year (a combined $1.2 million), the number of employees (12), operational dates, and, rather remarkably, that Greenberg was not under criminal indictment at the time. He applied for the loan on June 24, the day after federal law enforcement arrested him on charges of identity theft and stalking a political opponent.

But for Greenberg, the son of a wealthy Florida dentistry mogul, that apparently wasn’t enough. On July 21, he received roughly $300,000 from two additional EIDLs, bumping his total to more than $400,000, according to the Project on Government Oversight's COVID loan tracker. He paid the SBA official $3,000 for her trouble, using the online payment platform Cash App, and his friend and co-conspirator pocketed $16,000, according to prosecutors.

The scheme netted six new counts against Greenberg, including defrauding the government, bribing a government official, theft, and wire fraud. Prosecutors want him to forfeit the full $432,700, and it’s unclear what he did with the money.

"Pfizer at-home Covid pill could be available by year-end, CEO Albert Bourla says"


"Pfizer at-home Covid pill could be available by year-end, CEO Albert Bourla says"

Pfizer's new at-home pill to treat Covid could be available by end of the year, CEO hopes

🚨ALERT: Sixth Lawsuit Filed Challenging Georgia Suppression Law


Democracy Docket
🚨ALERT: A SIXTH lawsuit has been filed against Georgia's #SB202 by @adv_project, @proctorconf, @cbcatl, @ConMijente, @GLAHR_, @FIAnational and other churches. The lawsuit claims that the bill places undue burdens on voters, violating the 15th Amendment.

Sixth Lawsuit Filed Challenging Georgia Suppression Law

"What's the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?" (Brecht)-minor drug dealing compa



Caroline Casey
“What’s the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?” (Brecht)-minor drug dealing compared to big pharma? Gonna execute the Sackler family?

Daily Mail US
REVEALED: North Carolina police shooting victim Andrew Brown 'had been selling cocaine and meth weeks before death'

Read more: https://trib.al/bvNUNoI

Donald J. Drumpf
If there’s one thing I teach my kids: It’s easier to get away with telling a $100-million lie than it is to spend a fake $20 bill.

In sworn testimony in inauguration scandal case, Donald Trump Jr. made apparently false statements

George Takei for the win


George Takei
Vaccines, delivered free and to everyone, are a good example of how universal health care could work if we had the will and the heart to enact it.

Insurrectionist Roundup: a light snack before dinner



Sedition Track
When the FBI interviewed a family member, "... W-2 stated that he/she was not surprised to learn that KELLY was at the U.S. Capitol building"

Kenneth Kelly charged on April 21, 2021
seditiontracker.com https://t.co/9eIrgOsNig

Sedition Track
Apr 27, 2021
[UPDATE] Daniel Phipps has been indicted by a federal grand jury on *SIX COUNTS* http://seditiontracker.com/suspects/by_status

Sedition Track

Sedition Track
This guy was so excited about the first insurrection that he texted a friend that he would bring a helmet for the next one #SeditionTrack #CapitolRiots https://seditiontracker.com/suspects/daniel-phipps

Link to this morning’s roundup https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215377860

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