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A Presidency Stalled And Sputtering

Since the Republican health care bill collapsed a little more than a week ago, President Trump's White House has struggled with a path forward. Trump is dealing with finger-pointing and infighting that threatens to derail his agenda, as well as nagging Russia investigations on Capitol Hill that are raising more questions than answers about his team.

And Trump has a real perception problem with the American public — he has the lowest approval rating at this point of any president in more than half a century.


My 2 cents:

The conservative movement will die if there's no one to hate & demonize. Some people need that "us vs. them" mentality. When the Cold War ended, the political right didn't have the Soviets or the Commies to kick around anymore, so they turned on their fellow Americans.

My 2 cents:

I grew up in SWPA, & there were quite a few coal miners in my family.

Coal is all these people know. They don't want retraining. They want to be well compensated for doing a filthy, dangerous job. They don't want to hear that their way of life--a high school education followed by a career mining coal--is gone forever. They would rather cling to the past than try for a better future. They're in denial that natural gas and automation took their jobs. Trump saw that, & exploited it. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear. He won't be able to deliver what they want. Then the real shitstorm will begin.

After massive crowds at women's marches, what's next?

JANUARY 23, 2017 NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON—When Anna Afshar started seeing all the Facebook posts about the Women’s March on Washington last week, she was intrigued.

But when she arrived at her local protest in Indianapolis Saturday, she was shocked by the energy and turnout, and she left feeling newly inspired. About 5,000 people gathered with her in Indianapolis, joining an estimated 4 million others who marched in the nation’s largest cities on Saturday, protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump the day before.

“I was amazed at the attendance, amazed at the turnout of our state, which is pretty conservative,” says Ms. Afshar, an artist and mother who came to the United States 25 years ago from Russia and is married to a Muslim man. “Especially the speakers who spoke at the march, they inspired me to do more than just talk on Facebook with friends. Now I regret I didn’t take more time participating during the campaign.”

Across the country, liberal-leaning Americans who attended Saturday’s marches are still buzzing, many talking about the exhilarating sense of solidarity they experienced – as well as newfound purpose to get more involved in politics.

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