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Hometown: Cleveland
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Bush conflated Al Qaeda with the Palestinians who are bombing Israel &that's why his lie worked

The neocons lumped Iran and Iraq's support of violent Palestinians with Al Qaeda and hence it became America's crusade to destroy all Moslem terrorists. We all know that Saddam was not helping Al Qaeda, but that real detail did not matter.

IIRC, Iran is still using Palestinians in a proxy war against Israel.

*Bombing: suicide bombers, rockets from Gaza, and whatever other means they can use to deliver nitroglycerin.

And, yes, I know about the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

The 100-or-more bystanders we have killed is a problem in the "tribal areas"

IIRC, we have killed over 1000 people and 140 were innocent bystanders, including that unfortunate wedding party.

It is creating a lot of resentment that will likely cause locals to join any force fighting the USA. It is possible that those unintentional deaths are totally negating the gains we have from the successful killing of our enemies in that region.

There is skepticism even within the military community. I don't know how to gauge whether the net gains from the program are positive.

I don't think the drone attacks are done casually. The President supposedly reviews every attack in advance.

I don't have any sympathy for an American who is a militant who is working with people who are plotting attacks against our military or civilian. I wish we could use manned aircraft to drop the bomb; then the live pilot could use judgement while on the scene.

The Sierra Club has accomplished the NEPA law,...

Five National Parks, and the Endangered Species Act, IIRC

They have blocked dozens of coal fired plants in the Ohio Valley, along with some partners.
All that you know about environmentalism is some crappy malaise you read at commondreams or counterpunch.

Federal judge rips Jon Husted for unconstitutional change to Ohio election rules

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

In a scathing 17-page ruling (Read the full ruling in the Document viewer below), U.S. District Judge Algenon Marbley said a directive on counting provisional ballots that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted issued on Nov. 2 was "a flagrant violation of a state elections law" that could disenfranchise voters.

"The surreptitious manner in which the secretary went about implementing this last minute change to the election rules casts serious doubt on his protestations of good faith," Marbley wrote.
Marbley noted numerous times that Husted, a Republican, set the new rules at 7 p.m. on a Friday.
"Ohio voters reasonably expect that the secretary of Ohio will abide by the General Assembly’s laws in administering a federal election," Marbley wrote. "For an executive of the state to (flout) state law in arbitrarily reassigning a poll worker’s statutory duty to a voter, with the result being disenfranchisement of the voter, is ‘fundamentally unfair and constitutionally impermissible.’"

Marbley, nominated to be federal judge by President Bill Clinton in 1997, has ruled on numerous issues regarding Ohio election laws in recent months. He has repeatedly stressed the importance of voting rights. "There’s nothing more important than the franchise and the right to vote," Marbley said during a hearing in June. "I grew up in the Jim Crow South and still remember the various mechanisms that were used to disenfranchise voters."

Read more: http://www.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2012/11/federal_judge_rips_husted_for.html

Attorney Subodh Chandra chided Husted for wasting public money in an appeal of Judge Marbley's ruling. Chandra is representing the homeless. They are a group that needs political representation. Huge numbers of Ohioans have been displaced in the "mortgage crisis". Drivers license requirements are obviously designed to prevent them from voting.

I don't know if the federal Department of Justice can go after Jim Crow Husted.

The ruling is viewable at the link for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


SPENT more than $11.7 million against President Barack Obama - NRA defeated

SPENT more than $1 million against Sen. Sherrod Brown, OHIO - NRA defeated

SPENT more than $626,000 against Sen. Bill Nelson, FLORIDA - NRA defeated

SPENT more than $610,000 against Tim Kaine, Virginia (U.S. Senate) - NRA defeated

SPENT more than $341,000 against Sen. Claire McCaskill, MISSOURI - NRA defeated

SPENT more than $320,000 against Tammy Baldwin, WISCONSIN (U.S. Senate) - NRA defeated

SPENT more than $48,000 against Chris Murphy, Connecticut (U.S. Senate) - NRA defeated

What additional evidence is needed for elected officials and the media to finally discard the myth of the NRA's power to influence elections?

--Brady Campaign/Facebook feed

Kucinich:FirstEnergy Incompetence Leaves 127,000 Residents without Power

Cleveland, OH, Nov 1 -

Cleveland, OH (November 1, 2012) -- Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following statement concerning FirstEnergy’s failure to return power to the people of Northeast Ohio. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that 127,000 area residents are still without power after FirstEnergy sent 200 linemen and nearly half its support staff to assist sister companies on the East Coast. Cleveland Public Power, by comparison, has only 1000 households remaining without power.

“FirstEnergy’s failure is frustrating on multiple levels and it raises serious questions about management of this Fortune 500 corporation. One hundred twenty seven thousand residents waiting in the cold is clear proof that FirstEnergy is unable to respond to a system wide emergency. With every merger and every expansion, FirstEnergy cuts staff to increase profits. They have cut so deeply, they are unable to respond to an emergency, leaving consumers to pay the price. We should not forget that this is the same company that caused a major blackout along the entire east coast because it was too cheap to maintain its tree trimming responsibilities.

“Secondly, FirstEnergy’s problem was foreseeable. Many of the residents who have called my office have raised questions about motivations. We had plenty of warning that a major storm was coming. FirstEnergy had time to send nearly 50 percent of its support staff to the East Coast. Why then did FirstEnergy not secure support staff from unaffected states before the emergency began? Media reports indicate FirstEnergy has requested support, but only after residents have been without power for days.

“FirstEnergy has a long and continued track record of incompetence. The company has a culture of cutting corners in order to increase profits. This is a company that owns nuclear power plants with abysmal safety records. We put our lives in the hands of a company that puts profits before safety.

“While I hope that all residents will soon have power, it is well established that global climate change will make severe weather more common. FirstEnergy needs to be held accountable. The people of Northern Ohio deserve better,” said Kucinich. “

Ohio S.O.S. Jon Husted forbids BOEs from calling or emailing voters about absentee ballot mistakes

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted issued a new, mind boggling directive on Thursday that adds even more confusion and potential slow-down to the process of handling absentee ballots.

According to newly-issued Directive 2012-48, Boards of Election wishing to notify a voter of mistakes on his/her absentee ballot can only do so “in writing by first class mail”. ”Notification may not be made via telephone, email, facsimile” or any other means.

This is a stark change from the policy under SOS Jennifer Brunner, who issued a directive in 2008 advising boards to “simultaneously use both email and first class mail” and which allowed telephone communication when other means were “impracticable or impossible”

The very first question on an absentee ballot request form is for Phone Number, which the form says is “Recommended”. And the online request form asks for both phone number and emails address. If they aren’t allowed to use the information to help speed up the process and help quickly notify voters of mistakes on their ballots, then why bother asking for it?

PlunderBund (http://s.tt/1pwM1)

We lost my little brother this morning

He had flu like symptoms for days and he was just staying in his room and waiting it out. He had been on anti-seizure medication for a year and might have been on other medications. He quit antidepressants a few years ago.

Youth brought him dyslexia and epilepsy. He was bullied. His learning disabilities and social phobia made his work prospects poor, but he toughed it out at jobs earning barely over minimum wage. Living with family helped. There was no money in the budget for good medicine. His orthopedic surgery three years ago was paid by hospital "foundation" funds; that's a bad way to run a health care system. I don't recall where he got treated when he did get treated. There certainly weren't a lot of doctors who had a lot of time for him, so he didn't go in. I suspect a drug interaction killed him.

Gone at 51. My mother grieves.

I am the one in ten
A number on a list
I am the one in ten
Even though I don`t exist
Nobody knows me
Though I`m always there
A statistic, a reminder
Of a world that doesn`t care

I know the people on this forum care, though. I've seen it on "the threads". Thanks for your thoughts.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted calls for uniform early voting hours

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Republican directed Ohio's 88 county boards of election to adhere to these hours of operation during the 35-day early voting period: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the first three weeks, and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the final two weeks.

But there will be no weekend voting when early voting begins on Oct. 2, Husted said.

"The bottom line is the antagonists have made an issue about the fact that voters aren't being treated fairly, that they aren't being treated the same," Husted said during a hastily called news conference at his office. "Today we're treating voters everywhere the same."

The secretary's order has hardly squelched the controversy as Democrats immediately issued calls of injustice over the lack of weekend voting hours, a crucial voting period for Democrats during the last presidential election in 2008.

Read more: http://www.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2012/08/ohio_secretary_of_state_jon_hu_2.html

The New York Times editorial stung Husted so he responded by eliminating "early voting" on the weekend before the election. Before this decision, Husted had been permitting rural and suburban counties to have longer hours than the voting hours in our urban counties. The 'pukes had been operating on a loophole that the SOS could break the tie when boards of elections split evenly between two Democrats and two Republicans over extended hours.

Suffrage takes another hit. John Brown's body is rolling in his grave.

Connie Schultz: Catholic Leaders Must Dial Down the Rhetoric

As a non-Catholic, I wrestled with an internal conflict over the birth control battle of the bishops.

Part of me has been so outraged over this all-male effort to undermine women's reproductive rights that I can barely string together words that are appropriate for family newspapers. The other part of me has wondered whether my not being Catholic renders this mess a whole lot of none of my business.

As of this week, conflict resolved.

On Monday, Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio — where Rick Santorum gave his I-almost-won primary speech earlier this year — announced it was canceling all student health care insurance because the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires coverage for "women's health services."

Translation: Blame the harlots.

"We encourage you to decide how you are going to provide for accidents or illnesses requiring visits to physicians, health clinics, or the hospital emergency room while you are a student here," the university said in a statement.

In a news conference, the university's president, the Rev. Terence Henry, said the Diocese of Steubenville had hired the top-gun law firm Jones Day to file suit against Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and President Barack Obama's administration. The diocese joins 11 similar lawsuits, all of them filed by Catholic organizations.

"Under no circumstances can Catholics be both in compliance with this new law and at the same time live that faith that we believe," Henry said. "This is not just a Catholic issue. It is an issue for all people. It attacks our basic religious freedom. ... This is a do-or-die issue for Americans."

And with that, I am done with any internal conflict over my non-Catholic status in America.

If the Roman Catholic Church wants to make this about all Americans, then this American is unequivocal: Access to affordable contraception saves lives, and there is no constitutional right to discriminate against the women who need it.

You don't have to be Catholic to be offended by a relentless campaign to cast sexually active females as God-defying, wanton women. And you don't have to be a woman to object to the bishops' attempts to keep women enslaved by their menstrual cycles.

Read the rest of this column by the Pulitzer Prize winning wife of Senator Sherrod Brown.
She cites some really incendiary quotes by clergy members who should show more discretion, to put it mildly:

I could not figure out how to edit this down to a few paragraphs and still have it "work", so I made the excerpt longish. Besides, she is a friend of mine and I am driving traffic to Creators' Syndicate.
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