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The NASCAR Xfinity race on July 17 is named "Get Vaccinated 200"

Most of the races on the schedule are named after a corporate sponsor. The Ambetter health insurance company bought the July race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and named it the Ambetter Get Vaccinated 200.

No word on if they’re vaccinating people at the event, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

NFL player Carl Nassib comes out


Carl Nassib plays defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders. He played two seasons for Cleveland and two seasons for Tampa Bay before signing with the Raiders in 2020.

Wisconsin pharmacist who destroyed 500 doses of vaccine gets three years in the federal pen


Steven Brandenburg, 46, was also given three years federal probation after release, and ordered to pay $84,000 in restitution to the hospital he worked at.

Prosecutors recommended 51 months. Max sentence was 20 years and a $500,000 fine.

In addition to being antivax (at one time, he evaded getting a mandatory flu shot by affixing a label from a bottle of flu vaccine to a syringe of saline solution), he liked to bring guns to work in a rolling briefcase, believes the world is flat and thinks he's a prophet.

Miriam Adelson wants to add a Book of Trump to the Bible


The intelligent person believes Trump to be a shining example of how not to live, but his supporters don’t see it that way.

Idaho GOP disavows Ammon Bundy's run for governor


Bundy, a far-right activist who legally can’t step on Idaho Capitol grounds or be in the building, filed paperwork to run in the 2021 Primary election to be Idaho’s next governor. In a statement released Friday, Idaho GOP Chairman Tom Luna said Bundy’s intent to run in the party requires a response.

“First, Mr. Bundy is currently not registered to vote in Idaho, and he is not even registered as a Republican,” Luna said in the statement. “Furthermore, we do not support his antics or his chaotic political theater. That is not the Idaho Republican Party, and we will not turn a blind eye to his behaviors.”
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