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Oh, you folks are going to LOVE what Janice McGeachin did this time

Janice McGeachin is Idaho's lieutenant governor. If you're not yet aware of her, imagine either (1) Marjorie Taylor Greene without the Southern accent or (2) Donald Trump who knows how to apply makeup properly.

Well...we know the Republican governors are currently holding their convention. (This is the event that threw out Mike Lindell.) Idaho's governor Brad Little is a Republican, so he went to it and left McGeachin in charge of the state...and once the adults were out of the room, she wrote and signed an executive order banning local government entities from having mask mandates.


As you'd expect, Governor Little is royally pissed.

Ran into my first renovation-related disaster

They say you can't renovate a whole house without finding problems.

In my case, the house I'm renovating is only 14 years old, so not too many problems have arisen.

However, I did find one. The idiots who built this place put two bathrooms in it. One of them had a single-piece tub with surround. They didn't want to recess the nailing flanges on the tub into the framing, so the two long walls were curved. That works okay when you're just painting the walls, but my intent is to run porcelain tile from floor to ceiling...and that stuff doesn't bend. So, I tore all the drywall and the cheap-ass tub out, cleaned up the room, and am going to install a better tub without surround, then half-inch Hardibacker and tile over that.

This does something else good for me: I can move the electrical boxes for the lights, switches and receptacles out so they're flush with where the tile is going, and not have to use box extenders.

Kyle Rittenhouse's straw purchaser facing 12 years in prison


KENOSHA, Wis. — A man charged with illegally buying the gun Kyle Rittenhouse used in two deadly shootings during the Kenosha unrest last August appeared in court Tuesday.

Dominick Black, 19, of Racine, was charged with two counts of intentionally giving a dangerous weapon to a person under the age of 18, causing death.

We can't run the obvious Arizona attack ad in next year's election...

This would obviously have to be animated, but...

The scene: A beautiful desert landscape with a dead horse in the middle of it.

As the camera zooms in on the horse, suddenly five or six people wearing GOP or Qanon shirts and MAGA hats run up to the horse and start beating it with baseball bats.

The voiceover: "Arizona's schools need urgent repairs. Our roads are terrible. Our sewer and water systems need maintenance. But faced with all these needs, what did Senate President Karen Fann and the Arizona GOP decide to spend $10 million of your tax dollars on? Auditing the most secure presidential election in the history of the state because they didn't like who won it, and hiring a firm whose only qualification for the job is love of Donald Trump to conduct the audit."

The card at the end: "Vote Democratic in 2022. We don't beat dead horses."

I'm certain President Biden will be blamed for this too

The MAGAts have something new to complain about.


I was driving to work today and decided to put my radio on the NASCAR channel. The subject of discussion was numbers.

Since most of you don’t follow NASCAR...as Darrell Waltrip put it, what makes a car go fast is on the hood. Each team’s biggest sponsor is their hood sponsor. When the announcers talk about Kevin Harvick and the Busch Ford, or Jimmie Johnson and the Ally Chevrolet, they’re naming the hood sponsor. Hood sponsorship is really expensive...$15 to $25 million depending on the team and how good the race shop’s negotiator is. For their money, they get to advertise on the hood, both rear quarter panels and the bumpers.

Right now, each race car carries a number in the middle of the doors and on the roof. Keep that in mind.

In 2022 NASCAR is introducing a new car, the Next Gen. It features smaller rear quarter panels than the current car, so the teams have gone to NASCAR and asked them to push the side numbers back about a foot so that sponsor logos can go on the doors.

And as a result, two-thirds of our Trumpist population is up in arms.

The host of the show had some fun with this one guy who was really pissed...

“Are you calling into the show on a cell phone?” Yes.
“So you’re not calling from the wall phone in the kitchen?” No.
“Do you heat your house with coal?” No.
“Do you light your house with oil lamps?” No.
“Do you cook on a wood stove?” No.
“Did you ride your horse to work this morning?” No, I don’t even have a horse.
“Are you listening to this show on a Victrola?” No.

“Well then, I see you’re okay with change.”
“But I don’t want my NASCAR to change!”

So yeah, I figure that flake Marjorie Greene will post a tweet claiming that not only did Biden steal all the Chick-fil-A sauce, he made NASCAR violate the sacred Numbers In The Middle of the Door tradition at the same time. I heard he’s also responsible for athlete’s foot and excessive farting.

Heavy-duty short film about PTSD

I'm going to make a bold prediction about Congresswoman Greene

Sometime before the 2022 election, someone is going to flatten that waste of perfectly good semen because of some of the vile trash that comes out of her mouth.

She will soon thereafter learn all about the Chaplinsky Doctrine. She'll also learn what happened to Buzz Aldrin after he punched Bart Sibrel for claiming Aldrin was lying about having walked on the moon.

Today's bit of good news: Vimeo banned Mike Lindell


"Your account was terminated for violating Vimeo's Terms of Service…and Community Guidelines," Vimeo told Lindell, according to a screenshot of an email he shared with The Daily Beast. "We do not allow accounts that upload content created by or mainly featuring a banned user. As the purpose of your account is to promote content from a banned user, it has been removed."
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