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I find it both precious and highly suspect...

...that Trump's "you won't have to live next to those people EO" and his proposal to suspend the election happened during the week-long period of mourning for a civil rights and voting rights icon.

Another GREAT reason to wear a mask

Masks seriously piss off Trump supporters.


I had to go to the courthouse yesterday to register my new car (2020 VW Tiguan, and yes it is very nice), and this massive anti-mask protest was going on in the parking lot.

The cutest thing is, there were about as many signs claiming "tyranny" as there were signs supporting Donald F. Trump. It's so cute when someone who thinks being told to wear a mask is tyranny supports a man who's an actual tyrant.

What is your favorite conservative movie?

Today we learn that a right winger is founding a new movie studio to make movies Hollywood wouldn’t touch. So...what is your favorite conservative movie?

My choice: Nice Dreams. It is the heartwarming tale of two hardworking young men who run a successful small business, and lose it all thanks to the evils of drug use and the corruption of socialized medicine. (And you thought it was about two hippies who sell defective weed out of an ice cream truck.)

I just hit a milestone...

There was once a Quora question, "What screams, 'I'm low class!'?"

I posted a picture of Trump in front of a table covered in fast food for the Clemson football team.

It just broke 12,000 likes.

What MASH character said it?

In the vein of Red Dog's movie quote threads, this one is movie and TV quotes...but they're all from either the movie MASH or the TV show MASH. You just have to name the character who said it.

1. "With any luck, he'll forget the whole damned war."

2. "I have a deeply personal question...what is your name?"

3. "You wore your soldier hat!"

4. "I am damned cute!"

5. "I may not know all the medicine in the world, but I can read an X-ray with my eyes closed."

6. "What's a beach party without a beach?"

7. "I must have lost my punch. I never expected the son-of-a-bitch to get up!"

8. "His ringer spotted our ringer."

9. "It's the job that counts, not the rank."

10. "I'm going to sandbag you, General."

11. "Why don't you save that rapier-like wit for the clamdiggers back home, Hawkeye?"

12. "I didn't see which way they went. I'm just glad they're gone."

13. "Anyone who buys this crummy ring deserves a break."

14. "Have you ever heard of the Malaysian chest implosion torture?"

15. "I happen to be an officer only because I foolishly opened an invitation from President Truman to come to this costume party."

16. "You're a skilled, talented, drunken surgeon. Maybe you could work door-to-door."

17. "Frank Burns has no lips."

18. "You're a tough act to follow, John Francis."

19. "Baby needs...a lawyer."

20. "We're not asking for a jukebox or a pizza oven." "Those I can let you have."

I am cooking funeral food. Ask me anything.

The service will be tomorrow and my family is not formal, so we're going to have cold meats, finger foods and breads.

I roasted two pork tenderloins and one small beef roast. Normally I roast meat at 350 degrees and go by time. This time I did something a bit different: I set the oven to 250 and inserted the probe of my remote oven thermometer, then roasted the pork to 160 degrees and the beef to 150. Never again cook meat at 350. The flavor of the slow-roasted meat is incredible. I mean, yeah it takes a little longer but it's worth it. I also have a pre-cooked ham that I sliced up. After these meats cool, I will be putting them on my meat slicer. (I have the $140 Cabela's slicer and like it a lot.)

After dinner I will be making potato salad (pretty simple recipe - potatoes cubed and boiled, hard-cooked eggs, pickles, onions, celery salt and pepper, held together with lite mayo), and cutting & stuffing celery. Some of it will be stuffed with Cheez Whiz and some with peanut butter. I got carrots and sugar snap peas to dip in either bleu cheese or ranch dressing. I have Extra Sharp cheddar and Swiss. I have hoagie rolls, green and black olives, little pickles...to drink I am going to mix lemon-lime soda and apple juice, and for dessert we have cherries, grapes and German cookies.

And after all is cleaned up, I will begin to completely renovate the kitchen.

I may be a suspicious sort...

...but I can’t help but notice that the “Kanye West for President” thing happened just a couple of days after the FBI arrested someone who knows the full extent of Trump’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.

Eight people are believed to be dead after two planes collided over Idaho's Coeur d'Alene Lake

Source: CNN

(CNN)Eight people are believed to be dead after two planes collided over Coeur d'Alene Lake in Idaho and then sank, Kootenai County Sheriff's Office Lt. Ryan Higgins said.

A call came in for two planes that had collided over the lake around 2:20 p.m., Higgins told CNN Sunday.

Two victims, both deceased, were recovered from the air crafts before they sank, Higgins said.

The remaining six victims are still unaccounted for but are believed to be dead, Higgins said. They include adults and children but no further details were available.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/05/us/idaho-plane-collision-coeur-dalene-lake/index.html

CNN is reporting that one plane is a Cessna TU206G but the other plane is unidentified. KXLY (https://www.kxly.com/i-saw-the-rest-of-the-explosion-and-all-the-debris-falling-down-witness-describes-deadly-coeur-dalene-plane-crash/) and my own newsroom are reporting that the second plane is a de Havilland DHC-2.

I believe the DHC-2 is one used for sightseeing flights over the lake. I know they've got one of them, and in this area I don't think there are more than one.

CDA Press preliminary report: https://cdapress.com/news/2020/jul/05/marine-units-coast-guard-respond-to-report-5/

I'm building a home bar for entertaining. Could use suggestions.

So far I have:


1 bottle Maker's Mark

1 bottle Beefeater gin

1 bottle Absolut vodka (unflavored)

1 bottle Bacardi gold rum

One small bottle each sweet and dry vermouth

1 bottle triple sec


Mixing glass (a standard pint glass)

Rocks glasses

Wine glasses

It was a good day in the world of sport

At the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race, which this weekend was sponsored by a hand-sanitizer company:

My favorite driver, Kevin Harvick, won the race. He also holds the series points lead by 85 points.

Bubba Wallace came in 9th, a very good finish for this young driver.


The fucking Trump 2020 car was scored 39th out of 40 drivers after a Lap 15 pile-up on Pit Road.
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