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Why does this seem like Trump's Reichstag Fire?

Dear President Trump:

President Obama urges all Americans to not attempt to use any of these things to treat coronavirus:

Chlorine trifluoride
Monomethyl Hydrazine
Perchloric Acid
Butyl Mercaptan

He especially urges that Americans not attempt to inject any of these things.

There's a nationwide shortage of acrylic sheet, Lexan and glass

My publisher wants to reopen the reception desks of the five newspapers in our media group. To do so we need to install shields for the protection of staff and guest alike. Up he comes to the wide format shop.

“Jim, do we have any clear acrylic in stock? I need you to pull five sheets, cut them in half, print the logos of our papers on them, build wooden frames and put the acrylic in the frames.”

“No sir...all we have is Opaque white and translucent.”

(We have an HP Scitex FB750 printer. It will print on 4x8 sheet stock up to 2 inches thick, it can be loaded with white ink for printing on clear media, and before you ask yes it does come with the settings to print on plywood, doors, sheet aluminum and anything else you want to put in it.)

So off I go to call Grimco, who sells me all my sign supplies.

“Hi. I need five sheets of quarter-inch acrylic, size 48x96, delivered tomorrow morning.”

“We need that too. No one in the country has any, and we don’t know when it’s coming back. There’s no more large sheets of anything anywhere in the US. We’re even sold out of quarter-inch Lexan, which normally sells very slowly because of price.”

Thinking of people who I'd like to see at one of Trump's "press conferences"...

I really wonder if we could convince Richard Sherman of the San Francisco 49ers to take a guest job at MSNBC?

Do you know what today is?

Today is May 10, 2020.

Or in numbers...

5 - 10 - 20

Your next YouTube obsession

Advanced Cleaning Systems.

The channel is run by this guy named Miles, who is the lead technician for a carpet cleaning company in Rome, Georgia. He is also the son of the founder. He is super enthusiastic about floor care. He is very skilled. He’s great on camera. And all this together makes him fun to watch.

I got a suggestion to watch one of his videos. A little while later I looked at my system clock and realized I had just spent three hours watching someone shampoo carpets.

Is there a statue of Donald Trump anywhere in the US yet?

If so, could someone please go over to it and paint the hands red?
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