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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,400

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The Wisconsin pharmacist who destroyed 570 COVID vaccine doses has been arrested


"Grafton detectives indicate that the individual knew the spoiled vaccinations would be useless and that people who received the vaccinations would think they had been vaccinated against the virus when in fact they were not," police said in a statement to WISN 12.

They're not releasing his name until formal charges have been filed.

570 doses of COVID vaccine intentionally destroyed by hospital employee


GRAFTON, Wis. The FBI and the Food & Drug Administration are investigating the person who left 57 vials of the Moderna vaccine out of a pharmacy refrigerator at Aurora Medical Center-Grafton.

Advocate Aurora Health now says it was an intentional act.

After an internal investigation, it was first believed to be human error.

The person in question Wednesday admitted they intentionally removed the vaccine from refrigeration.

The employee has been fired.

The most adorable Christmas song you'll hear all year

Jason Mraz' "Christmas in Quarantine" is the song you didn't know you needed.

Oh lord..."Trump 2nd Presidential Inauguration" is scheduled


Some of Trump's supporters are holding a "second inaugural" ceremony online, are setting it up via Facebook, and are trying to getr President 021 to attend the fake ceremony instead of President-Elect Biden's real one.

I think we're going to have to dump about 500 pounds of Haldol in the city water supply.

The "Candy Bomber" has COVID


Lieutenant Gail Halvorsen, US Army Air Forces, was assigned to fly C-47s and C-54s during the Berlin Airlift, which the Army called "Operation Vittles." Without authorization from his superiors, he started making little parachutes to drop candy and gum his crew bought with their own money to children who gathered near Tempelhof Airport. When Lieutenant General William Tunner, the Airlift commander, found out what this man was doing he immediately ordered his clandestine operation to be expanded to the full-blown "Operation Little Vittles." Candy companies across America donated product, housewives made the little parachutes and schoolchildren tied candy to them. By the end of the operation, aircrews had managed to drop 23 tons of sweets via parachute - a massive show of support for the beleaguered Berliners.

Colonel (Retired) Halvorsen is now 100 years old, and he has just been diagnosed with COVID.

I did a little math recently and the answer disgusts me

It indicates that since Trump decided to start ignoring the COVID pandemic, one out of every thousand Americans have died of this disease.

It is time for the Supreme Court to act...

Here's the deal: Every court in the United States is part of a chain of courts. For instance, in Idaho we have Small Claims Court, Magistrate's Court, District Court, the Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court. Those courts feed into the federal district courts, which feed into the Supreme Court of the United States. A court has jurisdiction over every court under it...so, if the Idaho Court of Appeals makes a ruling, it is binding on all the courts below it but not on the state supreme court.

Would it be possible for the Supreme Court of the United States to announce that it has found no evidence of election fraud sufficient to nullify Biden's win over Trump, and order every court in the land to stop accepting election fraud cases concerning the Trump-Biden contest?

Watching Mellissa Carone, one thought occurs to me...

The only substantive difference between her and a Valley Girl is the absence of loud gum chewing.

One change I like when going from Trump to Biden...

...is that the Biden team isn't permanently pissed off like the Trump team is.

No honor among thieves: NC GOP group under investigation for selling fake Trump signatures


The Lower Cape Fear Republican Women, a GOP group based in Wilmington, N.C., held a fundraising auction at which one of the exhibits was a pair of red MAGA hats said to be hand-signed by Mr. Trump. Someone bid $1600 for them.

After he got them home, he examined the hats more closely and determined the signatures were digitally printed, not signed with Trump's hand.

To this I have three questions:

1) Why does the Latin phrase "caveat emptor" spring to mind?

2) Or a slightly more modern saying about fools and their money.


3) Should I buy one of those printers? (They're $17,000.) I could make just so much fucking money if I had a printer that would print on a hat.
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