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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,434

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2020 General Election Campaign Drinking Game

Drink every time Trump says something that isn't stupid, racist or boastful.

You're guaranteed to end up with at least as much beer as you started with.

MAGA Coalition trying to sue QAnon


Today, MAGA Coalition, Inc President Adam Gingrich announced pending litigation to be filed in a federal court to discover the identity of the author of 8chan posts written by “Q,” or “QAnon,” and pursue legal recourse on behalf of the non-profit. The case involves several posts on the 8chan board where “QAnon” anonymously promulgated a libelous attack on the MAGA Coalition, despite clear and publicly discoverable evidence to the contrary on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC.gov) website.

“Four months ago, a person or persons posting on 8chan under a unique trip code identifying as Q, made malicious and demonstrably false statements about our federally registered non-profit,” said PAC President Adam Gingrich. “These baseless claims were then blasted out in unison through several associated social media accounts to maximize the damage to our ability to function. We hold all these prominent Q accounts, along with the 8chan poster, accountable for the systemic re-publication of these defamatory claims.”

You have to admit this is pretty damn funny: two extremely pro-Trump groups going at each other's throats.

Is it only me, or do you do this too?

Every morning I wake up and think, "what has that asshole done now?"

The best part of the Presidential Seal Debacle...

...is that absolutely no one in the Trump Jugend knew what the presidential seal really looks like.

I am so scared...

I just got the most frightening of phone calls...

"Hello, this is a prerecorded telephone call. We are calling to inform you that the Social Security Administration is filing a lawsuit against you..."

If it hadn't been a "prerecorded telephone call" I would have asked the asshole at the other end what a life of crime was really like. But the sick thing is, lots of senior citizens could fall for this shit.

I have received the most interesting piece of spam

It is from Jerry Falwell's Madrassa, inviting me to "learn the value of a Christian education at Liberty University."

I guess if I wanted a job in the next Republican administration I might think about going to Falwell's hellhole, but that's not me.

The best weatherman you'll see this week

What might be fun, USWNT edition

You know how our ersatz president enjoys feting championship sports teams: with a meal of cold dollar-menu fast food.

I say we should convince the women who just won the World Cup to gather for a group portrait with burgers, fries and shakes at a McDonalds in their area. Be sure the trophy is in the picture. Then caption the thing “We’re Good, Mr. President,” add scanned autographs, and buy a billboard along the route from the Palm Beach Airport to Mar-a-Lago to display it on.

Help me out with my history here...

We’re the Revolutionary War Air Raids before or after the Bowling Green Massacre?

My medium format camera is dead. Long live the new one.

During the last part of June, I went on my Annual Huge Photo Expedition. This time I did San Francisco with my Mamiya RB67.

Sadly for me, when I was putting a new roll of film in it on Saturday, one of the legs on my tripod (not my Tiltall, a smaller 'pod I bought because the plan was to shoot on Alcatraz where the Mother of All Tripods cannot go) collapsed and the camera went straight down a set of concrete steps.

It lasted the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday before the light baffle stopped rising when the shutter button is pressed. (Fortunately for me, it completely quit working with only two frames left on the day.)

Bad news: the body is completely fucked and the mounting clip for the CdS metering prism won't hold the prism to the body.

Good news: except for the mounting clip (which can be replaced) the prism is in fine shape. The three lenses I have are all fine, as are two of the three magazines. The third magazine needs a cleaning, but it can be returned to full operating condition.

Best news: I was able to find a Pentax 645n and 55-110mm lens for a good price, and bought that. I'll be selling all the RB gear to KEH next week. I'm looking forward to the matrix meter it has (sorry purists, I freakin' LOVE matrix metering and the only medium format camera I've found that has it is a Pentax), lighter weight and 30 extra pictures per five-roll box of film.
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