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The real reason Trump wants the citizenship question on the census

He is trying to suppress the response rate in California.

Trump’s handlers know the census decides the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives. If he can suppress California out of four or five of its seats, they can be moved to red states.

Of course, if that happens California will retaliate by gerrymandering their state down to maybe four Republican seats.

Always remember how unbelievably evil Trump is.

If we are going to impeach, it's got to be this year

I’ve seen some comments floating around here that we should wait till after Trump loses the election next year to impeach him.

No. One of the reasons to impeach is to stop his group from damaging the Republic any further. We need to open an impeachment inquiry NOW. We have the numbers, folks: we need 20 Senate Republican votes to get rid of the bastard and there are 22 Senate Republicans who do not want to have to explain to their voters why someone who supports a criminal traitor like Trump needs to stay in office.

Impeaching Trump after he loses the election is like shooting down an enemy plane after it bombs your headquarters: fun, but too late to do any good.

If it looks like we really will impeach Trump, he'll resign

There are a few very good tactical reasons why he'd go the Nixon route.

First...to paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson's character from "Jackie Brown," Trump ain't got a doin'-time disposition. If he resigns Pence can pardon him - and probably will pardon him the hour he's sworn in. If he's impeached, the Constitution makes that impossible.

Second, there are 207,800 reasons why Trump will not allow himself to be impeached. All of them have George Washington's portrait in the middle. $207,800 in annual pension, plus a staff and an office, are what a former president receives under the Former Presidents Act. Donald Trump is the kinda guy who wraps duct tape around his shoes glue-side-out to pick up pennies off the sidewalk. There's no damn way he's leaving $200,000 a year on the table.

Third, Trump knows Nixon ultimately became sort of an elder statesman in the years after his resignation. (That Nixon was one of the best foreign-policy experts we've ever had in the White House is why.) Trump knows he'll never be an elder statesman if he's the first man to ever be kicked out of the White House. And the sick thing is, there are people who believe Trump is the greatest president this country has ever had. If he resigns because he's "tired of the bullshit" they will still listen to him. If he's fired because he's the worst crook to have ever drawn a paycheck from the Secret Service expense account, they probably won't.

Fourth, an impeached president probably loses the right to build a monument to himself called a library. Trump really wants a library. It'll be full of exhibits on the grandeur of the Trump Administration and Trump's life before politics. Everything in it will be gold-painted, there'll be 50-foot-high portraits of The Great Man, and his display of golf paraphernalia will dwarf the collection at the World Golf Hall of Fame. All that goes away if Trump gets kicked out of office.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and Trump gets the hell out of Dodge. There's a reason he has a plane with transoceanic range.

Mueller Report, Page 9, second paragraph...


"No collusion," my ass.

The GOP is headed toward Decree 770

Decree 770 (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decree_770) was Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s anti abortion law. It required every woman to submit to a gynecological exam every month, tracked all detected pregnancies, banned both contraception and abortion, and forced a police investigation (by a special abortion police force that consumed half the country’s GDP) for miscarriages, which were treated as illegal abortions.

Incidentally, after the Ceausescus were executed (by a firing squad for which over 3000 soldiers volunteered) the first act of the new government was to repeal Decree 770. Its second act was to abolish capital punishment.

With news Texas wants to execute women who receive abortions, we’re headed right back down that road here in America.

The world is about to end

There’s no other explanation. The best team in baseball right now is the Mariners. I am very happy, but also confused: they’ve never been this good for this long, and 2019 was billed as a “rebuilding year.”

Best parody MAGA hat I've seen to date

I was in downtown Spokane on Friday when a guy crossed the street in front of me wearing a ball cap. It was blue, and it said "Make Weed Great Again" on it.
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