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Realistically, what happens next if Boofanaugh withdraws?

My thought is he's got backups.

His first choice will be Amy Coney Barrett...who's about six notches to the right of Benito Mussolini, wants to overturn Obergefell, Roe and Griswold, and the Religious Right likes her a lot, but who isn't too likely to eradicate the Separate Sovereigns doctrine.

If Barrett falls through for whatever reason - like that he can't stand the thought of putting someone on the Supreme Court who might put him in prison - Jay Sekulow is always available.

Didn't we have to get rid of President Clinton because of "the children"?

How the hell are we going to explain to The Children that we're actually considering putting on the Supreme Court of the United States a man who thought that vodka enemas were a good way to get drunk?

If we take back the Senate and Kavanaugh withdraws...

we need to send Mr. Trump a very simple message: "We will not consider any judicial nominee for any level of the federal court system who is 'approved' by the Federalist Society. We will not consider any Supreme Court nominee but Merrick Garland."

The latest Kavanaugh talking point: "No presumption of innocence"

That's right. We're not "presuming Kavanaugh innocent." So he must be, right?

Considering all the times the GOP has convicted Democrats in the press without a shred of evidence...you know, like how they decided John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were running a child sex slavery ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor THAT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A BASEMENT!!!, they get what they get when it comes to Kavanaugh, the Drunken Frat Boy Gambling Addict Sex Fiend and Probable Serial Rapist.

Good news: No Lower 48 grizzly hunt this year

A federal judge returned Yellowstone-area grizzly bears to Endangered Species Act protection and permanently blocked grizzly hunting seasons in Wyoming and Idaho on Monday.

"Although this order may have impacts throughout grizzly country and beyond, this case is not about the ethics of hunting and it is not about solving human- or livestock-grizzly conflicts as a practical or philosophical matter," U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen wrote at the start of his 48-page ruling. "This court's review, constrained by the Constitution and the laws enacted by Congress, is limited to answering a yes-or-no question: Did the United States Fish and Wildlife Service exceed its legal authority when it delisted the Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear?"


Here's the decision: https://missoulian.com/lifestyles/recreation/yellowstone-grizzly-esa-ruling/pdf_a1981a7b-b8f5-5932-b56c-486486964f55.html

Ryan Bundy's campaign website

As we know, Ryan Bundy is running for governor of Nevada. Although there's almost no possibility he'll actually win, here's his campaign website.


His platform:

1. Abolish all business and professional licensing. I assume this also means getting rid of medical licensing.
2. Legalize all drugs.
3. "Drain the swamp."
4. Have private law firms prosecute crimes, not just defend them.
5. Death sentence for rape.
6. Use the Nevada National Guard to remove the federal government from Nevada.
7. Get rid of public education.
8. Remove chlorine from the water supply.
9. Create a gold-backed cryptocurrency.
10. Eye-for-an-eye justice.
11. Eliminate driver's licenses.

The real reason the GOP loves Kavanaugh

It's because of his role in the Starr Chamber attacks on Bill Clinton.

Forget all the terrible things that, to be very honest, Kavanaugh will do to the people of this country if he ever gets the chance. This is just one more finger in Hillary Clinton's eye.

Did you know 9/11 was 70 years ago?

According to Hannity, it is:


I figured out how to do the Trump movie

Follow along to the end for maximum effect.

The part of Donald Trump will be played by John Daly. All he'll have to do is get on and off a 747 wrapped to look like Air Force One, and play golf. All of Trump's dialogue will come in the form of his real tweets, which appear at the bottom of the screen at appropriate times.

The movie will focus on Mueller's team as they work to lock Trump and his minions up.

Public opinion poll time

Trump's tax cuts will crater the economy next year. That's what they're designed to do: crash the economy in front of a new Democratic congressional majority, so Trump can blame it on us.

How long do you think it'll be after Trump does this that the inevitable "it's all Obama's fault" tweetstorm hits the wire?
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