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Too good not to share: Trump has something named after him

No link, but the Idaho Department of Lands had to fight nine small (under an acre) forest fires started by lightning over the weekend. They are:

Moses Mountain Fire, on the Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation
John-John Fire in the Johns Creek area
Hornet Fire in the Johns Creek area
Pine Strike Fire at Peterson Point
Vanderpool Fire near Emida
Charlie Creek Fire near Emida
Loop Fire in the Alder Creek area
Tribto Fire in the Alder Creek area


Cheeto Fire near Pierce Creek, outside Fernwood

Leading sovereign citizen guru gets 57 months


Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf (HATJ) started out life as an attorney. She lost her home during the mortgage crisis.

And then she lost her fucking mind.

HATJ started a group she called One People’s Public Trust (OPPT). On Christmas Day 2012, OPPT filed paperwork online with the District of Columbia Clerk of Court that claimed to foreclose on all banks, corporations and governments in the world. She gave the government 72 hours to respond. When they didn’t (because it’s gotta be a joke, amirite?) she declared the foreclosure had gone through. There’s too much after that to post here, but it reads like the worst fantasy writer in the world created it.

And then she fucked up. She helped Air Force vet Randall Beane try to rob the Federal Reserve and USAA (a financial services company for GIs) to the tune of $2 million. Then they tried to steal a motor home from a dealer so Randy would have something to drive to San Antonio to give his bank an education on secret accounts. HATJ tried to force her way into the White House to teach Trump about them.

Both of them were convicted. Today. HATJ was sentenced to 57 months plus two years supervised probation..

Trump's annual doctor's appointment was REAL cheap this year

The doctor came into the room.

"Mr. Trump, the results of all your tests are in...my diagnosis is you're a homicidal maniac."

"Me?" said Trump. "How can you say such things about me?"

"Mr. Trump," the doctor continued, "what is the thing you hate most in all the world?"

"I really hate large medical bills."

"Oh...I see...five cents, please."

What's the point of this "sale"?

Yesterday I wanted a container of ice cream. Off to Fred Meyer (the Northwest branch of Kroger) I go.

Regular price: 2 for $5
Sale price: $2.49 each

What does $700 a night get you if you're not buying lodging from an ICE contractor?

Donald Trump's friends in the Private Gulag business are pulling down $700 per day per child to house the kids Trump kidnapped. That's slightly high for the wire cage, concrete slab and space blanket accommodations Trump's hostages are enjoying...so I got to wondering, "if I were to spend $700 per day on lodging and dining, what would I get?" And I decided to get it in New York City.

I decided that a good separation of funds would be $400 for a hotel room, and $300 for meals. (Let's be real: if you're spending $400 a night for a room, in a city where there are a LOT of $200 per night rooms, you aren't going to subsist on halal food carts, McDonalds and Tad's Steaks. A hundred bucks a meal sounds just about right.)

Travelocity shows us the somewhat upmarket AKA Times Square, on West 44th St. For the low, low sum of $401 per night, the tasteful guest receives:

1 king bed in a 650-square-foot room with city views.
A separate sitting area
Free wi-fi and a flat-screen TV with premium channels
Egyptian Cotton linens
A kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, and hot beverage maker
A private bath with free toiletries
And access to laundry facilities

Here's the thing: How are the gulag guys justifying charging that much - and don't say "well, it's just the fucking asshole who charges the Secret Service for the golf carts they have to use to chase him around in"?

I can't believe I'm agreeing with the Turtle

As pointed out in EarlG's graphic for today, we should give the Kavanaugh approval process the respect and the dignity that it deserves.

Which is none.

Kavanaugh's nomination will not be stopped

I had thought, if the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee were to tell Trump, "find someone whose main qualification is not 'worked on the impeachment of Hillary Clinton's husband,'" that would do it. But no...Grassley LOVES him some Kavanaugh.

The reason they'd never do a Purge

A particularly nasty piece of right-wing whacking material called The First Purge is currently in the flicker-show houses of our divided land.

A reminder of what this trash is about: a political party the likes of which Trump’s minders wish they could form decides to cut down on its surplus gangbanger, poor people and liberal population by designating one night a year when everything is legal, in hopes that the “good people” of the land would kill off the bad people.

In reality, the gangbangers would declare a one-night truce and hold an all-gang party, the hard right would spend its time doing drugs, having sex with children and dumping hazardous waste, and the liberals would bomb churches, gun-related businesses, and GOP clubhouses, spring people locked up for non-violent marijuana offenses from jail, and smoke a lot of weed to celebrate.

Pruitt replacement shortlist, complete with their qualifications

Donald Adair: As owner of West Fertilizer Company, Mr. Adair managed to wipe the town of West, Texas, off the map on April 17, 2013, when the half-million pounds of improperly stored ammonium nitrate at his facility detonated.

Gary Southern: As president of Freedom Industries, Mr. Southern contaminated an entire river by allowing 7500 gallons of Crude MCHM, a soap used for washing coal, to leak through a one-inch hole in the bottom of a storage tank.

Tony Hayward: He was president of BP on April 20, 2010, the day the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blew up.

"This one, I just can't ignore." Kam Chancellor steps away from football

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