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Member since: 2002
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Proof Trump is dumber than a damn rock

If you're going to slander someone with bogus claims...the wrong fucking guy to slander is the federal prosecutor who's already investigating you.

Trump plans to repeal the 14th Amendment with an EO


(Not sure about the reliability of the Times of India, but the Boston Globe is reporting the same thing. This was just the first link in my google search.)

Donald Trump intends to sign an order ending birthright citizenship, which is the principle where anyone born in the US, regardless of the citizenship oh the child’s parents, is a citizen of the US.

This will of course go to the Supreme Court, where it’ll have to be overturned. Trump says his advisors say he can do this. Is Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys, one of his advisors now?

The Red Sox should visit the WH for the traditional celebration

Normally I think sports teams who win championships should not be forced into the traditional meet-and-greet with Donald of Orange. But in this case, the Sox should make an exception. The whole team needs to visit the Oval Office for the traditional photo opportunity, bring him a Sox jersey with the number 45 on it and his name on the back, and serve a traditional New England luncheon of baked scrod and white clam chowder.

This has nothing to do with respect for the sacred traditions of our national pastime and everything to do with the fact Trump despises the Red Sox, who issued his Yankees a 15-run shellacking in Game 3 of the ALDS.

On a happier note, what if we do take back both houses of Congress?

Besides stopping Trump from putting any more Federalist Society judges on the Supreme Court and keeping the tax rate where it is, that is.

I would really like to see people with taxable income under, say, $75,000/$55,000 married/single be allowed to use both the standard and itemized deductions, and to deduct medical expenses regardless of how much they spent. (Right now, there's a limit: if you don't spend a fairly large percent of your income on medical expenses, you can't deduct them.)

There was also a suspicious package addressed to the White House

However! When the Secret Service determined the package was addressed to “America’s Greatest President,” the wrapper was streaked with Big Mac sauce, KFC grease and drops of Diet Coke, and the box contained a solid gold alarm clock engraved DJT, six empty toilet paper rolls stuffed with Play-Doh, and a note written in Trump’s own handwriting that said “Made by Hillary Clinton. Lock her up!” they cancelled Tiny Hands’ arts & crafts time for the next week.

Tax evasion guru gets 10 years in federal prison


A federal judge Monday sent tax dodger Winston Shrout, a prominent sovereign citizen with an international following, to prison for 10 years for issuing fake financial documents to banks and the U.S Treasury and failing to file tax returns from 2009 to 2014.

"You're 70 years old. This may well be a life sentence,'' U.S. District Judge Robert E. Jones said. "I'm well aware of that.''

Winston Shrout was one of the leading proponents of Redemption theory, which says the government has a secret account with tons of money in it on every American, and that you can use it to pay all your bills and taxes if you only know exactly how. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling information and seminars on this stuff. Hopefully this sends a message to all the people desperate enough to try something like this...and that message needs to be, "this doesn't work."

National Emergy?

I'm sitting here reading an AP story on our linguistically challenged president's recent tweetstorm about the migrants. Said he, at least according to the article, "I have alerted Border Patrol and Military that this is a National Emergy. Must change laws!"

Emergy. He didn't really fucking say that, did he?

Is the "migrant caravan" Trump's 2018 October Surprise?

Discuss among yourselves.

The ultimate book on Donald Trump was written by Poe 96 years before Trump's birth


In Poe's "The Business-Man" we find stanzas such as,

If there is any thing on earth I hate, it is a genius. Your geniuses are all arrant asses;the greater the genius the greater the ass- and to this rule there is no exception whatever. Especially, you cannot make a man of business out of a genius, any more than money out of a Jew, or the best nutmegs out of pine-knots. The creatures are always going off at a tangent into some fantastic employment, or ridiculous speculation, entirely at variance with the "fitness of things," and having no business whatever to be considered as a business at all. Thus you may tell these characters immediately by the nature of their occupations. If you ever perceive a man setting up as a merchant or a manufacturer, or going into the cotton or tobacco trade, or any of those eccentric pursuits; or getting to be a drygoods dealer, or soap-boiler, or something of that kind; or pretending to be a lawyer, or a blacksmith, or a physician;any thing out of the usual way;you may set him down at once as a genius, and then, according to the rule-of-three, he's an ass.

or this paragraph, which explains in vivid detail how Trump came to be allowed to buy Mar-a-Lago:

My strict integrity, economy, and rigorous business habits, here again came into play. I found myself driving a flourishing trade, and soon became a marked man upon 'Change. The truth is, I never dabbled in flashy matters, but jogged on in the good old sober routine of the calling;a calling in which I should, no doubt, have remained to the present hour, but for a little accident which happened to me in the prosecution of one of the usual business operations of the profession. Whenever a rich old hunks or prodigal heir or bankrupt corporation gets into the notion of putting up a palace, there is no such thing in the world as stopping either of them, and this every intelligent person knows. The fact in question is indeed the basis of the Eye-Sore trade. As soon, therefore, as a building-project is fairly afoot by one of these parties, we merchants secure a nice corner of the lot in contemplation, or a prime little situation just adjoining, or tight in front. This done, we wait until the palace is half-way up, and then we pay some tasty architect to run us up an ornamental mud hovel, right against it; or a Down-East or Dutch Pagoda, or a pig-sty, or an ingenious little bit of fancy work, either Esquimau, Kickapoo, or Hottentot. Of course we can't afford to take these structures down under a bonus of five hundred per cent upon the prime cost of our lot and plaster. Can we? I ask the question. I ask it of business men. It would be irrational to suppose that we can. And yet there was a rascally corporation which asked me to do this very thing;this very thing! I did not reply to their absurd proposition, of course; but I felt it a duty to go that same night, and lamp-black the whole of their palace. For this the unreasonable villains clapped me into jail; and the gentlemen of the Eye-Sore trade could not well avoid cutting my connection when I came out.

I am about to become an Alzheimer's caregiver

My dad is real bad off, and my mother is starting to show mild symptoms. (For instance, we were going to City Hall to pay their sewer bill. Before we left the house my mom was all "okay, you turn left here and right here and left here and it's about a block up on the right." (I already know where it is, so no big deal.) Once we're on the road, we get almost to the point where we made the second left and "no, you turn right here. That's what you do. You turn right here." Fortunately, you can see the building from that corner so I just pointed at City Hall and said, "is that it?" So, over the next month I'll be moving into their spare bedroom so I can take care of them better.

So...tactical question for people who've done this: Dad worked really hard all his life, and now he just wanders around the house getting in trouble and pissing Mom off. He can't remember anything that happened after 1958, so should I just get a bunch of stuff for him to work on like wood crafts kits and that kind of thing to keep him occupied?
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