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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,434

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Conjecture time: Why did The Mooch only last ten days?

Mine: He attempted to overthrow Trump. "Yeah, Donnie Two Scoops...you might think you're the president, but you're really not. I am now. You'll do what I say, sign what I say, say only what I tell you to say, and not tweet unless I say you can. I control you. I am your new master now."

Not even Trump could stand that.

Question for DU's lawyer contingent

Does immunized testimony protect against perjury?

No For Instances here. If the Senate brought either of Trump's sons in on a subpoena and immunized their testimony to compel same, then started asking very pointed questions about Donald, Ivanka and Jared, and they perjured themselves to protect the family, what effect would it have on them?

After Seatgate and Foolgate, I don't want to hear the word "snowflake" ever again

"I showed up fashionably late for my airplane flight and someone else was sitting in my seat. So I'm going to spend the next three weeks complaining about the airline."

"You made a dessert called Orange Fool? I'm a-gonna kick your ass for hating on our president!"

Question for all: Which has a thinner skin?
A) A Trump supporter from Vidalia, Georgia


B) An onion from there?

How to talk to your teen about colluding with Russia, by Tom Russell


"Understand Your Teen Will Likely Experiment at Some Point

"Parents must be realistic and remember that despite their best efforts their teen will try colluding with Russia at a party, in their friend’s basement, or even in a hotel room after the prom. Your teen should understand that if he has been out late colluding with Russia he should never, under any circumstances, get in a car — especially a nondescript windowless van with diplomatic license plates. He should understand that you will come get him and give him a ride home no questions asked!"

(On edit: Fixed author.)

Revealed...transcript of Trump's Paris speech

Thank you for that warm welcome, my French friends.

Today we celebrate Bastille Day, when people from all over France went to the polls to Make France Great Again. Last November we in America had our own Bastille Day, so we know the joy of making things right again.

I have to tell you, I love French food. Your French fries? Just fantastic. Best in the world. Especially when you get 'em with ketchup. And your French toast? Incredible.

Your new president ran on a platform of getting all the Muslims out of France. Wonderful suggestion. We in America will give you all the help you need to accomplish your goals.

I love the French approach to justice. You introduced the guillotine centuries ago and still use it today. My advisors tell me the French people love the guillotins as their greatest national symbol. By the end of my second term we in America will follow France's lead and have guillotines in place all over the United States to give criminals and traitors exactly what they deserve.

But you have to be careful. There are some people who do not support your new president's plan to make France for Frenchmen. These cheese-eating surrender monkeys must be stopped. Use your guillotine to punish them. Five years in a guillotine, that great prison system only the French could have created, will teach them to love France.

I will be here all week learning about your great system. Have a great day, and va te faire enculer.

Why is the US WOMEN'S Open at P-grahher's golf course?


From July 13 to 16, the stars of women's golf will compete at one of the premier events of the game, the US Women's Open...on a golf course owned by a sexist pig who brags about assaulting women and has been accused of at least one rape.

In short, what the hell is wrong with these people? There are plenty of very fine golf courses in the US that would be thrilled to host such an august event. This should have been pulled from Trump's course the instant the "grab 'em by the pussy" tape surfaced.

How does Donald Trump Jr. stack up against other famous Juniors?


He didn't do so well.

The members of the Hobby Lobby Bible Museum board


Allon Lefever: The page says he is an entrepreneur and business management expert in the agricultural, industrial and business industries. Says he founded more than 20 companies but doesn't list them.

Anne Beiler: Founded Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

Carlos Campo: President of Ashland University, which is affiliated with the Anabaptist Brethren Church.

Rick Warren needs no introduction. If you've been a DUer for longer than a year, you know about him.

Robert Cooley: is professor emeritus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Important: "has overseen excavation projects in the US, Palestine and Egypt."

Gregory Baylor: Senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, a very litigious far-right Christian law firm.

Harry Lee Crisp III: owns Crisp Container Corp and Pepsi MidAmerica.

James Moore Jr.: Beverage industry consultant. Was chief operating officer of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, which serves the Carolinas.

Mark DeMoss: runs a PR firm that serves only faith-based organizations and causes.

Mary Banks: another consultant. She does executive and life coaching and leadership development.

Bob Hoskins: founded international ministry OneHope.

Steve Green: runs Hobby Lobby

Some disasters much worse than Trump

I have been told Trump is the worst disaster in the history of the world. Not really true. There are far worse. In no real order:

1. BASF Oppau's Ammonium Nitrate Pile

In the early 1900s, BASF - who normally knows better - was producing ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate fertilizers at their Oppau, Germany, chemical plant. They put the mixed salts in a big pile on the edge of their site...where it turned into a rocklike lump, too hard for pickaxes to penetrate. So...they did some tests, found out the mixed salt was insensitive to detonation, and commenced breaking up the pile, when needed, with dynamite.

On September 21, 1921, the inevitable happened.

The huge crater at the bottom of the picture is where the ammonium nitrate pile used to be. An estimated 450 tons of ammonium nitrate was in this pile; its detonation killed 561 people.

2. The Texas City Disaster

In April 1947, longshoremen at the Port of Texas City reported the bags of ammonium nitrate they were about to load onto the SS Grandcamp (approximately 2200 tons of AN) and onto the SS High Flyer (951 tons of it) were "warm to the touch." They were ordered to load them anyway. The inevitable blast killed at least 581 people and leveled the entire town.

This anchor is the centerpiece of a park, located over two miles from the harbor, that was built to memorialize the disaster. The anchor is displayed exactly where it landed after being blown off the side of the ship.

3. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

A shirtwaist was a women's blouse popular around the turn of the 20th Century. They were made in a New York City sweatshop that caught fire March 25, 1911. 146 workers, 123 of whom were women, were killed in this disaster. Strangely enough, the building in Greenwich Village where the Triangle Waist Company was located was very proud of its "fireproof" rooms.

4. Imperial Sugar Refinery Explosion

On February 7, 2008, Imperial Sugar's Port Wentworth, GA, sugar refinery suffered a dust explosion in its packaging area. 13 people died and 40 were injured in the blast.

5. The PEPCON Disaster

The Pacific Engineering and Production Company of Nevada (PEPCON) made the chemical Ammonium Perchlorate, which is an oxidizer for solid rocket fuel. On May 4, 1988, it blew up for reasons never discovered. Two people were killed and 372 injured. Both the PEPCON plant and a nearby marshmallow factory were leveled by the explosion. Windows were broken ten miles away by the shock wave.

6. The Bhopal Catastrophe

On the night of December 2-3, 1984, water was pumped into a tank at Union Carbide India Limited's Sevin insecticide plant. The tank contained 42 tons of methyl isocyanate - a chemical you do not, under any circumstances, mix with water. The 2259 people who died the first night were, as it turned out, the lucky ones. The final death toll is disputed, but it's somewhere between less than 4000 and over 16,000.

7. The Teton Dam Collapse

In 1963, the geniuses at the US Bureau of Reclamation decided what South Idaho needed was a dam across the Snake River. Which was true. They decided the best way to build this thing was to make it out of compacted dirt with no concrete in its construction. This was NOT true. It collapsed while they were performing the initial fill of the reservoir. 11 people and 13,000 cattle were never seen again.

8. The Exxon Valdez

On March 24, 1989, a comedy of errors led to the decidedly humorless dumping of 1.25 million barrels of Alaskan crude oil into the pristine waters of Prince William Sound, Alaska.

9. The Chinese Melamine Scandal

In the libertarian paradise we call Communist China, an enterprising entrepreneur discovered you could fool the protein test being used in China at the time by adding the industrial chemical Melamine to the food you were testing. A lot of it wound up in food for people and animals, and many deaths occurred.

10. The Great Boston Molasses Flood

Boston's Purity Distilling Company built a 2.3-million-gallon tank to hold molasses which they distilled into ethanol. They built it so cheaply no one in Boston bought sugar; why would you when you could just stick a bucket under the leaky tank and get all you wanted for free? On January 15, 1919, the tank finally got around to collapsing. A wave of fermenting molasses 25 feet high roared down what is now Commercial Street. Twenty-one named people are known to have died but the true death count is far higher; many were so thoroughly coated in this crap they were either unable to be identified, or they were swept away in the molasses tsunami never to be seen again.

Planned Parenthood of Spokane needs a digital media specialist


Qualifications: normal digital media person stuff, bilingual English-Spanish, willing to move to the Spokane area. It's in the Redoubt but that doesn't change that it's not too bad here.
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